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Why Balanced Canine Training SoCal for Your Dog Training Needs

While all dogs are not the same, all dog trainers are not the same either. We are incredibly fortunate to live in Southern California, giving us access to unparalleled resources for making our daily lives enhanced. Balanced Canine Training SoCal is one of those enhancements.

When you choose Balanced Canine Training SoCal for your dog's board and train program, you're not just opting for a service; you're becoming part of a community that believes in creating strong, lifelong bonds between owners and their furry companions.

Moreover, our training approach is designed to accommodate dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages, so you can rest assured knowing that our experienced trainers are well-versed in handling a wide range of canine personalities and behavior patterns. We don't believe in a "one size fits all" solution – we tailor our methods to match your dog's unique needs and characteristics.

Balanced Canine Training SoCal offers various board and train programs, providing flexible options to suit different lifestyle needs. We understand that every dog and owner situation is unique, and we have designed our programs with that in mind. Whether you prefer a three-week, immersive off-leash program, or a one-week, on-leash training- we've got you covered.

We provide our clients with world class foundational canine training so that our client’s lives are enhanced by expanding their ability to live more freely with their canine companions. This is more than just basic obedience training; it is lifestyle expansion for the canine owner.

With Offleash SoCal’s training our clients are able to go and do more than ever before with their canines. We not only provide the foundation training, we proof our work, then demonstrate to our clients what they will want to do to continue, and even move the training further.

What is Different About Offleash SoCal Dog Training

From top to bottom, what Offleash SoCal does 365 days per year is different from the other trainers. From the housing of the canine, to the methods that we employ for training, Offleash SoCal offers its clients the best in training.

Since we are dog lovers first, we set your pup up for success before your dog comes to us. We provide our clients hand-picked trainers that are certified in our training methods, CPR, and canine first aid. We require all client canines to be fully vaccinated, participating in a flea and tick management process, and submit our New Client Form before any work can start.

For the safety and security of our clients canines, we only transport and house our client’s canines in crates and kennels. There are no unexpected accidents with Offleash SoCal. Our Roto-molded, one piece design crates, are crush proof rated to two tons, and with the pups safely tucked in each night, there aren’t the problems of unexpected canine attacks as with other companies.

Additionally, our clients pups live inside our trainer’s homes while they are doing the work. This gives your pup plenty of one-on-one training, from a singular consistent human, in addition to the aspect of being able to work beyond regular business hours. Our trainers are dedicated to making your pups experience the best that it can be.

  • Hand picked trainers with diverse backgrounds, trained our way, with safety in mind first

  • Comprehensive programs with short, efficient, timelines

  • Programs tailored to each individual canine

  • Customized communication between trainer and owner

  • Work that is proofed before being returned to the client

  • Obedience training, socialization, and distraction training all in one

  • Personalized owner training

  • An industry leading guarantee that nobody else can offer

We recognize that we get the privilege of working with our client’s ‘furry little children’. We understand and empathize with the trepidation that comes with giving your pup to a stranger. For this we do more than provide text updates, phone calls, or offer a static single camera. We provide a custom Pupdate post for each of our client’s canines that come to Offleash SoCal.


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