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10 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles

Dogs have really become our best friends. The dog-friendly trend continues to grow in popularity as pet ownership in the U.S. skyrockets, and pet parents continue to view their pets as family members and spend most of their time with them. Warm weather days and ample open spaces make Los Angeles the country's mecca for dog lovers. On top of that, the plenty of patios throughout the city means that dog owners can bring their canine companions along for a meal or craft beer. From dog-friendly eateries that offer cute branded doggie bandanas to hotspots with full-blown doggy décor and specialty dog menus, you'll love these dog-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles.

Tail o' the Pup

Tail o' the Pup is L.A.'s hottest dog stand and dates back to 1946. It sits on the iconic site where the Doors recorded the hit "L.A. Woman." For years, celebrities, tourists, and locals have clocked to the giant hotdog-shaped building to have their pictures taken with the iconic life landmark. Artists have painted, sculptured, and sketched beautiful works honoring the legendary hot dog stand. Besides the iconic landmark, Tail o' the Pup is known for classic hot dogs, gluten-free corn dogs, burgers, and various vegan-friendly options. On top of that, their famous bun-free Doggy Dog and built-in watering troughs make Tail o' the Pup a dog owner's paradise. That, plus plenty of outdoor seating area, is everything any dog owner would ask for.


Tallula's has always been a pet-owners paradise with dog-friendly spaces and employees who consistently come over to give your dog treats and plenty of love. The addition of Sunday dog brunch and full-time dog menu offers all week has elevated Tallula's status among dog owners in Los Angeles. Your dog can feast on chicken tacos, watermelon bites, or the classic wolf's feast, a bowl of steamed vegetables and raw-grass-fed steak.


Hermanito is a bar-forward Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Sawtelle. It is one of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles after the owner converted the rear parking lot and driveway into a new dining area complete with doggy doors. The dining area has plenty of room for your dog to lounge as you enjoy their classic five-spice duck or house-made Sonoran-style tortillas with a Mexican cocktail.

Etta - Culver City

Etta is an affordable neighborhood dog-friendly restaurant serving delicious wood-fired food. From family-style shared pig and lobster picnics to delicious crave-worthy pizza, crisp seasonal salads, and warm focaccia, Etta is the ideal spot to hang out at when in L.A. The staff will bring a bowl of water and a branded doggie bandana to any diner who comes in with their four-legged companion. Attached to the Shay Hotel, which is also dog-friendly, this Culver City hotspot is perfect for a date night or any other special occasion that your dog can't miss out on.

Highly Likely Café

Highly Likely Café is an all-day café located in West Adams and is the perfect spot for patrons looking for unrushed, unequivocally weekday and weekend breakfasts. Dogs are welcome to dine with their patrons, something your furry friend will immensely enjoy. The staff is always seen petting and passing delicious treats to the dogs as they walk by. Indulge in squishy-roll bodega breakfast sandwiches or flaky chocolate croissants.

Lady Byrd Cafe

Lady Byrd Cafe is a cozy Echo Park neighborhood spot perfect for those looking to enjoy the moderately priced all-day fare. Their delectable lemon poppy seed pancakes are to die for, and if that doesn't convince you, maybe the tables set up in tiny greenhouses and a charming patio will. Enjoy cold-pressed juices, a full espresso and tea bar, fresh pastries, or a quaint weekend brunch after a refreshing walk with your pup at the nearby Elysian Park.

Bike Shed Moto Co.

Bike Shed Moto Co. is a rustic indoor-outdoor space with huge doors that open up on the street side to give an airy feel when the weather is right. The open-air setting and the expansive lounge seating areas make it fully pet-friendly. Leashed dogs are welcome to hang out at the Bike Shed as the owners share their passion for motorcycles with other patrons and gobble on juicy burgers.


HomeState can be described as a Texas Kitchen in Southern California. Briana "Breezy" Valdez founded the restaurant in Los Angeles in 2013 with a dream of sharing her Texas identity through food and hospitality. The restaurant boasts a spacious patio and pet-friendly seating area where well-trained pups can hide from the hot sun.

Lazy Dog Café

If you and your pup feel a bit hungry after a few hours on the road, head to the Lazy Dog Café in Los Angeles. Playful touches inspired by man's best friend litter the restaurant, from a paw print sculpture on the ceiling to dog photos and paintings. The location has a dog-friendly patio that serves tasty beef and chicken brown for your canine companion.

The Fat Dog

The Fat Dog is a dog-themed gastropub in North Hollywood featuring upscale bar food, a bulldog mascot, and a tree-lined patio. Their hot wings, grilled street corn, cheese boards, craft brews, "four-legged" Quadri beer flights, and cocktails with creative names like Off The Leash, Tail Wagger, and A Walk In The Park are just the more reason to stop by with your four-legged friend.

What To Consider When Dining with Your Dog

Grabbing a quick drink, breakfast, brunch, or dinner with your dog makes for a very fulfilling weekday or weekend. As more and more dog owners continue spending more time with their dogs, more dog-friendly establishments are coming up, and existing ones are adopting dog-friendly policies that allow dog parents to tag along with their furry friends. Los Angeles is a haven for dog owners with plenty of dog-friendly restaurants so you and your pup can enjoy the best of what Hollywood has to offer.

While dining with your dog is what we would all want to get up to, sometimes it is easier said than done. Case and point, nobody wants to dine with a dog who keeps barking at other patrons and their dogs, knocks things over, or doesn't calmly stay in one place. It takes a well-trained dog to make every dining experience bliss.

If that's not your pup, then it's about time you considered professional dog training. Off Leash SoCal Dog Training is Southern California's #1 Dog Training Company. We offer one-of-a-kind off-leash dog obedience training with distractions, behavior modification training for dogs with aggression and separation anxiety, plus board and train programs that focus on obedience and elimination of behavioral issues within a week, two, or three.

All our programs are designed to give you a dog with the same level of obedience as most military and police dogs – a dog who listens to commands, doesn't get distracted easily and is well-socialized to handle dining at one of these great dog-friendly restaurants in L.A.


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