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Tyson| Pitbull| Woodland Hills, CA| In-Training

Meet Tyson, a 2 year old pitbull from Woodland Hills, CA! Tyson is joining us for a One Week Board and Train Program to help learn a few things! Tyson is a very big boy who loves to pull his family around while on walks and wants to smell EVERYTHING! Tyson is such a love bug and adores affection! During his stay, Tyson will be learning Leash Manners and Basic Obedience! Stay tuned for Tyson’s One Week Transformation!!!


Pupdate 4/17/22

Today we spent most of the time taking walks around the neighborhood so that Tyson could get acclimated to his new surroundings! He enjoyed exploring a kids playground and smelling the bushes. He was very cuddly and loved getting body rubs while sitting on the grass! I will be starting my training with Tyson tomorrow because I don’t want to stress him out due to just arriving today! He has been very quiet when spending time in his crate and is over all a great boy!


Pupdate 4/18/22

Today Tyson and I started our morning with a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood to start teaching Heel. I used a slip lead instead of attaching a leash to his collar because I wanted to have better control so he wouldn't pull me so much! He responded actually very quickly to being on that and walked very nicely right next to me! Later we went to a quiet park and worked on learning Place and Come! Tyson is a very smart boy and picked up those commands in very little time! Throughout the rest of the afternoon, Tyson and I went on a handful of walks in my neighborhood! So far Tyson is acclimating very smoothly and is enjoying learning new things!


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