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Soli | Samoyed | Chino Hills, CA | In-Training

Meet Soli, a 1 year & 4 month old Samoyed from Chino Hills, CA. Soli comes to us for our 2 week board & train program for some obedience training towards letting things go, distractions, greeting manners, and an improvement on her obedience that she already knows. Soli is sweet and calm so over the next 2 weeks Soli will condition and improve her obedience to be a better well mannered dog to her family. Check out her progress with us!


Pupdate 10/30/2022

Soli met with her handler Cristian who took the time to get to know her walking her around a park in Placentia. Soli was very energetic when meeting Cristian, so he had to walk her and practice some heels to help calm her down. She was very vocal but as they walked and got exercise Soli started to settle, walking at a better pace and not being as vocal. Once they arrived at his house, Cristian took her for one more walk around his neighborhood to let her get familiar with the area. Soli got water and settled in the crate Cristian had for her, giving out a couple cries but eventually laying down to take a nap.


Pupdate 10/31/2022

Soli focused on conditioning her heel today in the morning with Cristian. Soli does well on her right side heel, but likes to press against Cristian body towards the left. Soli saw a dog in the morning that got her excited enough to cry out, so to keep her engaged and calm Cristian just kept walking her in any direction focusing on the heel. This engagement while she cries seems to work at keeping her focused and non-vocal. Cristian kept Soli heeling at a fast pace when he would turn left or right but not as much when they would walk straight helping Soli become more aware of what Cristian wants rather than trying to lead. Cristian took Soli to his brothers school to pick him up, once they got there Soli was excited to see everyone leaving the school so Cristian would heel Soli to a specific spot near the school while waiting for his brother, focusing on the heel with people as distractions, Soli didn't cries out as much once she started working but was distant from people. She will be visiting the school often to work on getting closer around more people and distractions.


Pupdate 11/1/2022

Soli went to the local PetSmart today in the morning to work on her obedience around distractions. She was very excited to be there but when it came to training she started to want to do what she wants. When Cristian focused on the place command with Soli, she would keep breaking her position and try to get off a bench she was on but was redirected consistently until she was given her break. After twenty minutes of training inside the store Soli did settle and was fine walking around but when asked for a sit or down she would let out her cry. Cristian always had Soli continue her obedience each time a cry was let out, keeping her focused and more relaxed without crying.


Pupdate 11/2/2022

Soli went for a walk in the morning to get some energy out and started to engage with Cristian's personal dog Hunter, playing only for a moment but still smelling each other getting to know one another. Cristian wanted to work on Soli's door manners since she has the habit of trying to be the first one out since she's been at his home. Cristian started off by keeping Soli in a sit then engaging the door in different ways. Cristian wants Soli to think more independently when making a good choice so he will leave the door slightly open but will break her in different directions to see where she wants to go. It's obvious Soli will go for the door first, but Cristian redirects her with the remote the closer she gets trying to step through completely. Soli did listen and started to follow through more breaking towards Cristian. Soli's random yelps have started to settle.


Pupdate 11/3/2022

Soli went to the Block of Orange to work on her obedience around distractions. Soli's behavior in public was really good, she was well behaved listening to Cristian focusing on commands. Soli would break from her commands and let out some small cries but it wasn't anything extreme or too vocal. Soli practiced her greeting manners with some of the other trainers with offleash and was able to hold her sit after a couple repetitions of the practice. She will still try to smell someone's hand as she's being petted but Cristian keeps redirecting Soli every time it happens. Soli's habit of being overstimulated when she's being greeted has to be taken very seriously because if she breaks command the practice is all for nothing. Soli also focused on her heel around the shopping center, also doing well with some mistakes but as the week passes she will be more adjusted to being situated on her obedience.


Pupdate 11/4/2022

Soli started this morning with a walk with Hunter, going around the neighborhood as always since they first met. They haven't socialized until today, Cristian noticed when Hunter started to give signals so Soli to play, she finally showed interest but doesn't fully know how to play yet from what it seems. Soli didn't seem bothered by Hunter with today's experience but as the days go on they will pick up the habit of playing with each other more. Soli focused on her obedience training later in the day focusing on come to sit and extended sits.


Pupdate 11/5/2022

Soli had some play time in the morning with Hunter and went for a walk around the neighborhood as always. Soli and Cristian ended up passing by a house of people who were selling puppies so Cristian kept Soli distant to keep her from getting too excited. A family who bought a puppy met Soli and complimented on how mellow she was. The woman asked to say hi to Soli so with Cristians permission he said yes and Soli was able to greet someone. As Soli greeted her she did get up from her sit and was redirected back into a sit to continue the greeting manners. Soli was calm and only barked once during the visit. Cristian brought Soli back home to focus on her come to sit, which would be recall. Cristian did this practice only rather than most of the other obedience commands to focus and condition the recall.


Pupdate 11/6/2022

Soli went to a local park that has a dog park next to it, to work on distractions around dogs by practicing her basic obedience. As Cristian and Soli were at a small park next to the dog park, Soli was comfortable doing all her commands even practicing leash dragging. Once they arrived by the dog park they stayed in the outside area to work on Soli's obedience. Soli was minimally distracted by the dogs, even not caring being in front of them but when Cristian would ask for a sit, down or heel she would bark only. Once she was committed to keeping a sit, down or heel she remained calm and quiet. There is also a train next to the dog park, once it passed by Soli was confused by the noise, so Cristian decided to play audio of random noises of all kinds to desensitize Soli once they got back home.


Pupdate 11/7/2022

Soli went to a Home Depot for some indoor training due to the rain. Cristian and his fellow coworkers were together at Home Depot desensitizing the dogs around each other, working on obedience training with every variable of distraction. A lot of people were trying to make cute noises towards Soli which she didn't mind nor did she bark anytime she having someone being vocal to her. When Soli did practice her greeting manners she would get excited but was always redirected with obedience. Soli also worked with another trainer from offleash, practicing all obedience and not being as vocal but would still try to break command at times.


Pupdate 11/8/2022

Soli worked on conditioning her crate training since the weather is still raining. Soli had a lot of play time with Hunter in the morning, also sleeping next two each other. Cristian's first experience with getting Soli into the crate was fine in the car, but once they got home she did refuse to enter by all means. As they worked together once they met Cristian always left food in the crate or would block off the crate in a corner and cover the area that was spacious and run towards the crate to make it seem fun and joyful as Soliu approached it, not being able to go anywhere else. Once she was used to it Soli would go into the crate when she was asked. Now Soli likes to be in there even if the door is open she would keep herself in there at times. Cristian taught Soli to back up just with body pressure, new but something she is still getting used to when asked. Soli can now heel out of the crate and start her walk indoors by her handler.


Pupdate 11/9/2022

Soli went to a local park in Fullerton today to work on leash dragging. Soli did well staying close to Cristian's side, even walking between him and Hunter as a pack walk. Soli had no problems keeping herself in a heel, but when she saw the other trainers with their dogs she started to get excited but was still redirected with a sit or asking for a heel. Soli got to work for a little with a trainer she's worked with before, and still did her obedience with Alyssa without a problem. Soli was asked to hold a place for two minutes and she did, even though she kept her position she did become vocal momentarily out of excitement. After she was given a down in between trainers and their dogs, and Soli was quiet the whole time.


Pupdate 11/10/2022

Soli worked on her off leash obedience most of the day with Cristian, walking around the neighborhood next to his side. Cristian noted that Soli's obedience is good overall but when she is recalled she can still get side tracked or gets stuck looking at something for too long. A simple use of the remote in case of any of those situations occurs, she does respond well to coming back Cristian. Cristian had his brother also walk Soli once he was home from school to see how her obedience is with children. Soli loves children but needs to also know how to respect them when around or being walked by leash. Soli was willing to break command once she was close to Cristian but Nick is very educated on the remote and obedience training since he helps train his personal Shepherd. Nick remains calm and asks for heels or off during the practice, ending it with a short extended sit.


Pupdate 11/11/2022

Soli went to Santa Monica Beach today to work on her off leash walking. In the beginning Soli was excited to be in a new area again but settled quickly within ten to fifteen minutes. After practicing leash dragging Soli was walking on the pier off leash, at time she would try to drift almost bumping into people but was always redirected by Cristian keeping her close to his side as they walked. Soli had multiple people who said hi to her, Soli was quiet when greeted but would still try to lean forward or lift her buttocks up as soon as she felt like it was ok. As the day went on Soli was keeping herself still while being greeted.


Pupdate 11/12/2022

Soli has learned all of her obedience so Cristian thought it would be a good idea to teach her a new obedience command. Cristian took the time to make the exercise fun for Soli, placing her under a table challenging her to see if she would get up from it. Soli kept herself leaning almost on her belly, so Cristian redirected Soli to be properly placed by spatial pressure if not the use of the remote. As Cristian signaled Soli to be placed properly he would walk up to her getting in her space also giving hand signals to go back. Cristian implements this movement and teaches Soli back up as well. When Cristian moves out of Soli's view she does get up but as far as Cristian is, Soli can still be held accountable from getting up without her handler being as close as she wants him to be.



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