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Pit Bull - Dog Training | Saint | Alhambra, CA

Saint, a Pit Bull from Alhambra, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Two Week Board & Train dog training program. Saint was trained by dog trainer Amanda Lascari in La Habra Heights, CA.

Saint, a 3 year old Pit Bull, has joined Offleash SoCal for our 2 week board and train program. Saint is a sweet and energetic boy who is loves attention and giving kisses. He easily excitable and likes to jump to greet people. When going on a walk, he tends to pull his owners. Over the 2 weeks Saint will be working on his off leash obedience and manners. Check in to see his progress.


Pupdate 7/6/2020

Today I took Saint to the park to start his training. I introduced him to the e-collar and got him conditioned to it. We practiced a few commands: come to sit, place, and down. He did very well; caught on quick. He is doing well with being in the crate. He is sleeping in it thought out the night and does fine in it while in the car.

morning meal: ate 1/2 of meal

midday meal: did not eat

night meal: ate all of meal


Pupdate 7/7/2020

Today Saint and I practiced his commands at home. He is doing a great job with his training! Such a fast learner!


Pupdate 7/8/2020

Saint working on his loose leash walking. He did very well today. It’s still a work in progress, but Saint is walking a lot better now; hardly pulls on the leash now.


Pupdate 7/9/2020

Today Saint and his buddy, Meeko, went for a long walk and practiced commands around the neighborhood. He is doing a great job with the heel command! The only time Saint pulls is when he wants to walk up to people and other dogs, but once I correct him he comes right back to my side. I noticed he had little diarrhea this morning, so I add white rice with chicken broth to his midday and night meal to help his stomach. I will keep an eye on it and see how he feels in the morning. Weight: 60lb

morning meal: 11/2 cup, did not eat

midday meal: 1 cup, ate all of meal

night meal: 11/2 cup, ate all of meal




Pupdate 7/11/2020

Saint working on the place command



Back to the park again to work on commands with distractions. Today we worked on duration down. Saint did very well. People and dogs walked by, while he was in the down command, and he ignored them. We also worked on the heel command. i was able to walk him without holding on to the leash. I let the leash drag and Saint stayed right at my side. After training we went over to a friends house for a doggie pool party. Saint didn’t want to swim, but he would go onto the first step to cool off his paws. morning meal: ate all of meal

midday meal: ate all of meal

night meal: ate all of meal

weight: 60lb




Pupdate 7/14/2020

Today I took Saint to the park to work on his off leash heeling. He still gets a bit distracted by dogs and other animals but once I give him a correction he is back to focusing on me. He is doing a great job! Saint has a little rash/irritation on his neck right now, so I have been putting a scarf around his neck so his collar doesn't irritate it more. I bathed him with medicated shampoo and conditioner to stop the itching and applied a skin soothing balm.

morning meal: did not eat

midday meal: ate all of meal

night meal: ate all of meal


Pupdate 7/15/2020

Today i took Saint to a local elementary schoolyard to work on commands. His off leash training is coming along great! A wan and her dog came into the schoolyard, walked past us, and Saint just sat and watched them walk by (while off leash). He didn’t try to go greet them; he just sat and observed. Saint still has the rash around his neck and now a little on his belly. i have been putting the soothing cream on every few hours and bathing him with the anti itch shampoo and conditioner.

morning meal: ate all

midday meal: did not eat

night meal: ate all

weight: 62lb



Pupdate 7/17/2020

Today Saint and I went to the park to work on his off leash obedience. He has done an amazing job with all his obedience training, he can't wait to go home and show you all he has learned. We walked past dogs, even ones barking at Saint, and he walked right by them without a care. Saint is doing much better with his rashes. The shots and medication have really helped. The inflammation has gone down a lot and he is no longer scratching.


Pupdate 7/18/2020

Saint took his last day off from training. He took a bath and spent the day having fun, running around and playing with his friends. Saint is ready to go home and show you how well mannered he is now!


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