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Roko | 1.5 Year Old | Pitbull | Oxnard, CA | In Training |

Day of Drop off

Meet Roko, OffLeash SoCal’s newest 2 week board and train. He is 1.5 years old Pitbull and weighs over 100lbs. Roko is every bit of a Beast. When he is let off leash in the backyard he tends to knock people over, only follows his dad‘s commands when it’s suitable for him, and has an expensive chewing habit. Roko’s main goals with this training is to be off leash, listen to his commands, and be the family dogs his owners have always wanted. Check back for his amazing transformation.


Pupdate 04/06/2020


Pupdate 04/07/2020

Roko doesn’t like when it rains either. We are staying dry and working on what we can while stuck indoors.


Pupdate 04/08/2020


Pupdate 04/09/2020

Staying dry and working ok duration sit with other dog distractions.


Pupdate 04/10/2020


Pupdate 04/11/2020


Pupdate 04/12/2020


Pupdate 04/13/2020

Roko is the pack leader for sure! He does the best with his commands, over the other pups. The one thing I will say he still needs work on ignoring other dogs when on a walk. With the 1200 E-Collar I am able to maintain control over Roko and he is much more manageable now.


Pupdate 04/14/2020

Roko was able to get some great training in while practicing social distancing, at Lowe‘s. He stays very close when we heel through the isles.


Pupdate 04/15/2020


Pupdate 04/16/2020

Roko is putting in some work getting ready to go home. We walk by all the houses with dogs to get him as used to dog distractions as we can at this time of this crazy pandemic.


Pupdate 04/17/2020


Pupdate 04/18/2020

Roko is enjoying some puppy play time on his last day of training.


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