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Riley | Belgian Malinois | Carlsbad, CA | In-training

Meet Riley, she's a 6 month Belgian Malinois from Carlsbad, CA. She's here for a Two Week Board and Train. Riley is too friendly with strangers, barks at new people, tends to pick up objects she shouldn't, and has anxiety in public. She's a super sweet pup, and I'm looking forward to working with her. Stay tuned for her training journey!!


Pupdate: 10/03/2021

I took her to a Boys and Girls Center. There was a birthday party going on in the background, but we were still able to introduce walking in heel and staying seated in the proper position. Happily ate all her chow, and drank lots of water. She also had lots of playtime with my personal dog. Seems happy to be in her temporary home!


Pupdate 10/4/21

Today Riley and I worked on quite a lot of her commands! We worked this morning on engagement, drive, and positioning for Here (Come), Sitz(sit), Platz(Down), and Fuss(Heel). Later in the afternoon we went to Thousand Oaks Park and worked really hard on Toy Drive, Ous(Out), Platz(Down) and Fuss(Heel). In the video, you will see me getting Riley super driven/engaged with me using a toy yet at the same time teaching the foundation for Ous(Out)(drop or let go of the item in Riley's mouth!) In the video you will also hear me give her the Ous command and only when she disengages or Sitz(Sit) then I will immediately reward her by re-engaging with the toy! This is very important because it makes dropping items for Riley more fun instead of a punishment. She is honestly such a spunky and amazing dog to work with and I'm super excited to watch her progress!


Pupdate 10/5/21

Today Riley and I worked on Blibe(Place) Platz, Here, and Fuss during an hour walk around the neighborhood. She was super sharp with her commands and very responsive! When we got home from the walk, we continued working on Blibe(place) while I did some house cleaning and she was very calm and mentally tired! Once we took a few hours to relax we went to Westfield outdoor Mall and worked on her Fuss, Platz, Here, and Blibe while she dragged a longline. Letting her drag the longline is important for her to get less leash dependent! She was awesome and performed great! Super awesome job Riley!


Pupdate 10/6/21

Today Riley and I started the day with a morning hour walk where we worked on Fuss, Platz, Here, and Sitz. Riley did super well during our morning work session! After we got done with that, we worked on Blibe (place) while I got some work done around the house. She managed to remain on place for a full 30 minutes! Huge for Riley! Once I was done, we went to Northridge Mall and worked on Here, Platz, Fuss, and Sitz. We even added duration for Platz, Sitz, and Blibe! Riley is an amazing dog who is so eager to work and perform fast! Once we got home from the mall we played an hour of tug while also working on Ous(out/ drop it) She is getting a lot faster at letting go of items! We also took another hour walk around the neighborhood later in the afternoon and continued working on Platz, Fuss, Here, and Blibe! I’m so happy with Riley’s progress these past few days!


Pupdate 10/7/21

Today Riley and I started the day with a morning hour walk where we worked on Fuss, Platz, Here, and Sitz. Riley was super eager this morning and performed super sharp with all of her commands! Then we went to a tennis court and practiced working on Ous, Platz, Here, and Fuss! We then ended the session with some fetch and Blibe! Once it got later in the afternoon we went on another hour walk around the neighborhood and worked on Here and Fuss! I am so excited with Riley’s progress so far! Keep it up Riley!!!!!


Pupdate 10/8/21

Today Riley and I had a slightly relaxing day with a few hikes and trip downtown to work on putting Riley through higher distractions! She was such a Rockstar and very well behaved! We primarily worked on duration with her Platz and Blibe commands. We also worked on door manners since she loves to rush ahead out the door! She was really respectful with that and super sharp!


Pupdate 10/9/21

Today Riley and I went to Santa Monica Pier and worked on sharpening all of her commands! She was super sharp and very in tune and attentative with me and performed all of the commands very well! This week I’m gonna be focusing on distractions and locations! Riley has been such a blast to train and I can’t wait to see what this week brings!


Pupdate 10/10/21

Today Riley and I went to REI to work on placing her on new objects! We also took a long walk and she was extremely good! Im super proud of Riley’s progress and cant wait to see what this week brings


Pupdate 10/11/21

Today Riley and I went to a Mall to work on her reliability with all of the basic commands! She did really great and is super amped up while working! We then went to a grass field and really tested her Here command while incorporating her Ous with the tennis ball! She has been incredible to work with and is super sharp!


Pupdate 10/12/21

Today Riley and I worked on transferability with a second handler! This is super important for her because Riley needs to understand the rules apply to whomever is handling the leash or giving the commands! She did amazing and even walked with another dog! Riley has been a blast to work with and is progressing extremely well!


Pupdate 10/13/21

Today Riley and I had a pretty chill day mostly working on her offleash reliability around my neighborhood and strengthening Door Manners! Her Here command is super sharp and even if you let her roam near by off leash she is very responsive to her command! With her Door Manners she was very respectful and calm while performing and didn’t get overly excited! For the rest of the afternoon we hung out around the house and watched some TV! Riley has come so far and I’m beyond proud of her progress!!!


Pupdate 10/14/21

Today Riley and I went to Venice Beach and worked on more exposure as well as finalizing all of her commands! She was a superstar while bikes, skateboards, and roller-skaters cruised by! After spending a few hours there we went home and worked on just basic house manners such as people coming in and out of the house while remaining calm! Later on in the day we did a lot of offleash walks around the neighborhood, and letting her just roam and practicing random Here commands! She is super sharp and very eager to perform her Here command! GOOD WORK Riley!


Pupdate 10/15/21

Today Riley and I started this morning with an hour walk to help her get her energy out. We worked on Offleash Fuss, Platz, Here, and Blibe. She has gotten extremely sharp and very focused during her work sessions! Later in the day we went to Janns Marketplace and worked on Fuss, Platz, Sitz, Blibe, and Here. Its super important for Riley to get worked multiple times a day due to her breed and high energy! She thrives off working and her mind gets tired! Riley has been an incredible dog and is so much fun to train! Good girl Riley!


Pupdate 10/16/21

Today Riley and I had a very relaxing day! We went on our usual morning hour walk to practice everything Riley has learned the past two weeks and she was a superstar! Then we went to a mall near my house and continued practicing her commands. She has so much drive and desire to perform and work and she loves training! Then we worked in the front of my house on all of Riley’s commands for about an hour! After she was mentally tired we went inside and watched some Netflix while she fell asleep on a dog bed. With Riley being a high driven Malinois, its super important to continue building on that working relationship between you and Riley. I would highly suggest finding time through out each day to spend just training with Riley, because this not only will keep her super sharp but also strengthen your bond with Riley! I will also go over all this again when we meet if you have any questions about anything! Riley has been truly a blast to work with and teach! She can’t wait to show you guys what she’s learned soon!


Pu 10/17/21

Today Riley and I started the morning with an early work session to solidify all of Riley’s commands! She was super amped up and ready to work! Later in the evening we took a long hike! During the hike, I mainly had Riley offleash to work on her Here, Platz, Fuss and Blibe commands! She was really sharp and performed each command really well! Once we got home I had Riley relax on a dog bed while we watched TV! Riley can’t wait to show her new skills!


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