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Ricky | American Bully | Canyon Lake, CA | In-Training

Meet Ricky! Ricky is a 12 month old American Bully from Canyon Lake, CA. He‘s joining us for our One Week Board and Train Program. Ricky pulls heavily on leash, struggles with basic obedience and is easily distracted by people and dogs. Overall, Ricky is a super sweet and lovable boy who is ready to learn! Check out his 7 day transformation.


Pupdate 3/27/2022

Ricky and I spent the day getting to know each other. He is such a sweet boy but struggles coming close to me. We spent some time at a local park where he was able to get lots of love. We then had our first lesson where we worked on his ‘sit’ and ‘come’ command. He did get a little spooked by the e-collar and wanted to pull me. He ate half of his dinner and went potty like normal. He is adjusting really well to his kennel! Overall, Ricky is being a good boy. He’s just a little shy and timid.


Pupdate 3/28/2022

Ricky went to Home Depot to work on his ‘heel’ and ‘sit’ today! He was really nervous and timid at first but soon warmed up to his new environment. He is so sweet and is such a fast learner. It was raining today so some of the paint on his fur came off. He does get really anxious in the car and can’t settle for a couple of minutes. He is really great over all. His ‘heel’ is getting better but he tends to stare at people as they pass. He’ll slow down and watch them or completely stop. We ended our training session by introducing ‘place’! He ate majority of his breakfast and dinner.


Pupdate 3/29/2022

Ricky went to Petsmart today to work on all of his commands. He was really overwhelmed in the beginning. He would jump up at me or try to nip at his leash. After sometime he seemed to relax but was still hesitant when other people would walk by. He seemed spooked when other dogs passed him and would lose a lot of his focus. He is doing better at his ‘heel’ but still required a bit of leash pressure to get him to stay at my pace. Overall, he is doing a good job and is slowly learning.


Pupdate 3/30/2022

Ricky went to Cheviot Hills Park to work on all of his commands. We worked on his ‘heel’ and ‘come to sit’ which he did great at. He still struggles with doing his commands around distractions and other dogs. He gets really timid when he has to pass other dogs and will stand still and not move. At times he will get overwhelmed and will get a bit nippy with his leash! We introduced ‘down’ today and he seemed to struggle with it a bit. He didn’t want to go in a down and was a bit unsure of what to do. After a couple of reps he was able to get the command. He still needs a lot of leash pressure and me helping to push him down. He ate all of his breakfast and dinner and went potty before bed.


Pupdate 3/31/2022

Ricky went to Wilderness Park to work on all of his commands. His ‘come to sit’ is getting a lot better but he still struggles around distractions. He is a lot better at working around other dogs but still gets a bit timid if we pass by them. He does like to stare at men as we pass still but is doing great and keeping my pace. We worked on his ‘down’ today and he was able to do it with minimal leash pressure! He is such a good boy and has improved so much! Overall, Ricky is doing great and is eating all of his food.


Pupdate 4/1/2022

Ricky worked on all of his commands at The Block of Orange today where he was around a lot of people and dog distractions. He did such a great job and wasn’t as timid as we was before. He did get a bit spooked when a dog barked at him but he did great recovering. He is so smart and is doing great with his ‘down’. Overall, Ricky is such a good boy. He ate all of his breakfast and dinner.


Ricky worked on all of his commands today at a local park! We worked on his ‘food’ and ‘door’ manners today! He did such a great job and has learned so much! We spent the rest of the day lounging in my home and playing with some of his toys! He ate all of his breakfast and dinner and even had a treat before bed!


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