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Raj | Australian Labradoodle | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Meet Raj! He is a seven month old Australian Labradoodle who has joined us for our Three Week Board and Train Program. He is here for basic obedience and jumping to greet. Over the next three weeks, this friendly, loving pup will work on his off leash conditioning to become a well behaved pup. Check in to see his progress!


Raj and I spent the afternoon at a local park working on his Heel around dog distractions. During our walk, Raj did get a little ahead of me a couple of times, but by asking him to Heel, he would come right back and walk right next to me. We had some playtime after our session and headed home shortly after. Raj has settled in nicely and it is great having him back!


Raj and I met up with other trainers today and worked around dog distractions without the use of his prong collar. He was introduced to the E-Collar in which he responded very well at a low level. We worked on his Place with dog distractions around him, and with another dog placing on the same object as Raj. As we move further along, I will increase my distance from Raj and work with a longer lead. He will also work on increasing his Extended Sit, Down, and Place from one minute and a half to two minutes.


Raj and I worked on Heel and Sit today. Raj knows that when we are in a Heel and I come to a stop, he is to Sit until I ask him to Heel again. This time I went with a different approach and began to teach Raj to Sit while in a Heel as I walk away from him and increase distance. Raj caught on fairly well and is understanding it more with every session that we work on.


Raj and I drove out to Home Depot today and worked around different distractions that included forklifts, shopping carts, and customers all over the store. Making our way through the aisles during our walk, I noticed Raj was a little unsure about some flatbed carts that were being pushed by a few customers. I went out and grabbed one and asked Raj to Place and Sit on it. Once he was on, I slowly began pushing the cart forward but Raj would jump off. We reset a couple of times until he was able to Sit as I began to push. He was able to remain on it as we made our way through the aisles and was then able to Heel right by them while taking a lap throughout the store.


Raj and I took a trip to the Outlets in Orange today. We began practicing his Down and increasing distance with a longer lead. At the moment, Raj is doing great and maintained his Down for one minute at a twenty foot distance. Raj was also introduced to Under which is a technique that can be of great use for outdoor dining and even park tables. It is the opposite of Place, so instead of getting onto an object, Raj will go Under an object. He did have a little trouble distinguishing Place from Under due to him already knowing Place, but with a few sessions and repetition, Raj is understanding what I am asking!


Raj and I took a stroll down the Pier in Santa Monica today and had a good session with a lot more people and dog distractions. He is doing great with his Heel and is improving his Sit as I walk away. His Come to Sit needs a little cleaning up as he sometimes sits a little sideways but we are working on it to get it just right. Raj is doing well with Under the more we practice it, and moving into the weekend, Raj will begin training with his leash dragging to prepare him for his off leash experience.


Raj and I took a walk around my neighborhood today to begin practicing his Heel while letting his leash drag. Although Raj did get ahead of me a few times, I went the opposite direction and got him back on track. I also worked on distancing myself about twenty feet without the use of a long line as he sat patiently waiting for me to Break him. Raj had a successful session which ended with some playtime in my backyard.


Raj and I went out to a local park today and he was introduced to a couple of different techniques. The first one we worked on is known as Come to Heel. This consists of having Raj Sit or Down at a distance and then proceed to having him come towards me into a Heel when I pat my left leg. Raj also worked on Send Away to Place which consists of asking him to Place on an object from a distance. Raj did very well and continues to thrive in his training.


Raj and I had a cookout today for Memorial Day. I had guests over and he had a great time playing with my son and nephews. He also had some playtime with his buddy Char and I had both work on their Sit and Place together while being each other’s distraction. They enjoyed running around in my backyard and had a nice dinner outside.


Raj and I did a little off leash work today at a local park to see how well he can do without a leash on. He worked on Heel, Come to Sit, Extended Down, and Come to Heel. Raj did get a little ahead of me with his Come to Heel and also sat in front of me on his Come to Sit, but we reset, tried again, and he followed through. Raj was very impressive with his off leash session today.


Raj and I met up with other trainers today and he assisted them by working as a distraction while also practicing what he knows. From circling dogs in a Heel, to an Extended Sit and Down next to them, Raj did really great. I enjoy watching him progress and also seeing how much potential and work he puts in.


Raj and I had a very good session today working off leash with more distractions around him. He worked around a few dogs and people at an outdoor mall. Raj did great throughout our walk around the shopping center and is doing much better with his Send Away to Place and his Come to Heel. His Under still needs a little leash guidance but we are working on it to have him follow through.


Raj received a lot of attention at the Santa Monica Pier today for his good behavior. He continues to do great with his off leash conditioning, and it is amazing to see how in any high distracting environment, Raj maintains his composure and remains in training mode. We worked on a longer Come to Sit and a farther Send Away to Place and it is looking good after a few minor adjustments. Raj was given a lot of praise in every section of the Pier we worked on, and people would also stop just to get a few photos of him.


Today my son and I took Raj for a walk around my neighborhood and I had my son work with him. We had a couple of practice runs in my backyard so Raj can get used to him and he adjusted quickly. There were a few times that Raj would come to me when my son would ask him to Come and Break, but we worked Raj through it and he began working with my son very well.


Raj has been working on his Door Manners since the day I picked him up. He knows to Sit and wait for my cue whenever I open a door. At times Raj would come out of his Sit and start following me out, but after a few resets, Raj began to catch on. His time has increased from ninety seconds to two minutes and with more consistency, Raj can go beyond that and Sit patiently longer.


Raj and I drove out to a local park today and worked on what he knows at a longer distance than usual. His Send Away to Place was a little tricky for him as he would come straight to me and then Place on the bench. I worked him through it and Raj showed a great result! His Come to Heel and Come to Sit are looking much better, and it was a great session to start preparing Raj for his Final.


Raj and I met with other trainers today and went on a pack walk to see how well he does around other dogs working the same commands. The Heel was done very well, but when I asked him to Sit, he sat down, got right back up and followed me. I brought him back to where we stopped and asked Raj to Sit again. We then proceeded to work on Down and increased distance as the pups maintained their position next to each other. Raj did really well and has shown that he has the ability to work together with other dogs.


Raj and I worked on Place today in objects of different texture and size. We practiced on a narrow park bench and a park bench where the seats recline a little. Both were unfamiliar to Raj which made him a little hesitant, but with some assistance and guidance, Raj began to gain confidence and followed through. His Under needed a little clean up, so we practiced a few times, made adjustments as needed, and is getting better with every rep we work on. Everything is coming together and Raj is just about ready to put on a show!


Raj and I took a trip to Home Depot today and did a little desensitizing around loud noises. He did really well in the lumber area of the store as he worked through customers loading materials onto their flatbed carts. Walking through one of the aisles, we stopped and waited for a forklift to pass through, and Raj sat patiently as it passed by beeping its horn. His Under was also cleaned up after a few more reps today, and Raj is looking great the more he works on it.


Raj has been working on his food manners and has been doing very well since day one. There were a few times where he would move in slowly and try to be sneaky to get to his food, but Raj has learned not to do that anymore and has been more patient since. He had a ninety second goal that has now increased to two minutes or more due to consistency in his training. I can also be out of sight and trust in Raj to remain in a Sit while he waits for my cue. Expectations for Raj were high, and it is great to see how much he exceeds them.


Raj has completed his Three Week Board and Train program and is ready to come home. Raj and I became great friends and he will truly be missed. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be his trainer once again. It was a pleasure working with him and I really enjoyed his companionship. Raj was outstanding and put on a stellar performance, and I am looking forward to showing you what he can do!

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