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Quinn | Pitbull Mix | Marina Del Rey, CA | In Training

Meet Quinn! She's a Five month old Pitbull Mix from Marina Del Rey, California, here for our Two-Week Board and Train program. She is very playful and sweet! However, she does have some issues pulling on her leash, jumping and following basic commands. She also needs potty training, and she loves playing keep away when she gets ahold of something she shouldn't have! Check back here for Quinn's fourteen day transformation!


Pupdate: Saturday, June 11th 2022

After picking up Quinn, we went to a local park! We spent most of the rest of the day playing and bonding. She is extremely sweet and loves to cuddle! In the above video, I just did a quick overview of what Quinn seems to know already. She was able to sit for me, after asking a few times, which is a better start than a lot of dogs have, so props to Quinn! After the park, we went home and I let her sniff around my residence to get used to me! She seems to like me so far! Also, Quinn is apparently not potty trained yet, but she hasn't had any accidents thus far!


Pupdate: Sunday, June 12th 2022

Quinn and I went to Magic Johnson Park today! I started working on her Heel command. For this command, I'd like her to walk nicely at my left side with her ears in line with my legs. She's starting to get the hang of it, although she still wants to spin around and play sometimes! Quinn is also known to be a big barker. She barked a few times when I put her in her kennel to go to sleep last night, but she stopped after only a minute or so. After that, she seemed to sleep soundly through the night!


Pupdate: Monday, June 13th 2022

Quinn went to Legg Lake today! Her Heel improved dramatically, and we also started working on her Come To Sit command. For Come To Sit, I want Quinn to come to my right side, around my legs, and sit on my left side. She is picking this up surprisingly well! As you can see in the above video, she still wants to jump and spin around from time to time, but she seems to be very responsive! I'm trying to make sure I give her lots of praise and affection every time she does something correctly, which seems to be working well with her! She did piddle in her kennel a little on the way to the park, but it was only a small amount, so I believe it was more due to her excitement rather than her fully emptying her bladder because she couldn't hold it.


Pupdate: Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

Quinn went to Almansor Park today for training! She started working on her Place command. For this, I want Quinn to hop up onto an object such as a bench! This can help boost her confidence, and can also be used in the home. For example, if Quinn has a bed at home, you can show her that this is her "Place" and send her there or have her stay there whenever you want! Today I had Quinn Place on a few different objects. The most difficult one for her was the bleachers. It took a few tries to get Quinn to hop up confidently, but she finally did!


Pupdate: Wednesday, June 15th 2022

Quinn went to Pan Pacific Park today for training! We kept working on the commands that she knows so far, and also introduced the Down command! For this command, I want Quinn to go from a standing or sitting position, to laying down with her elbows and stomach completely on the ground. At first, she didn't want to lay down at all, she just wanted to play. After awhile she started to get the hang of it! In Quinn's video for today, you'll see her performing the Place command on several different objects! She's starting to get good at this one!


Pupdate: Thursday, 6/16/2022

Quinn went to The Grove to train today! She's getting pretty good at each of her commands. Her Down command is still the one she's struggling the most with, but it's improving each time we try it! Quinn has consistently been nice and quiet in her kennel at night. She has been getting tons of exercise, so maybe she's been tired enough not to bark or whine when I put to her in her kennel. The only time she starts whining in the kennel is if she hears me wake up in the morning and I don't immediately take her out to pee! Speaking of potty time, Quinn hasn't had any accidents inside! She has, however, had two or three accidents in her kennel in the car. Because this is the only time she's having accidents, I think it might be due to excitement about going somewhere, or due to nervousness.


Pupdate: Friday, June 17th 2022

Quinn went to Santa Monica Pier today for training! She behaved much better than I expected! The pier is a fairly challenging location for most dogs, but Quinn did a great job today! She was around several different types of distractions, and didn't seem too bothered by any of them! For her video today, you can see her perform the Come To Sit command a few times, and then the Down command! She gets up from her Down once, but other than that, she did a great job all day! Also, no accidents in her kennel today!


Pupdate: Saturday, June 18th 2022

Quinn went back to Santa Monica today! She did a great job yesterday, and it wasn't too hot today! She continues to improve, both with her commands and general behavior! Today, the only distraction that really got her attention was a fisherman fishing off the end of the pier. She found that particularly interesting, although she didn't break any of her commands to go to the fisherman! Great job!


Pupdate: Sunday, June 19th 2022

Quinn and I went to Almansor Park today for training! I started working on her commands with the leash dragging. This allows me to get an idea of how she might act off leash while still having the leash available if needed! She did a pretty good job with this! As you can see in the above video, she gets a little turned around a couple times, but overall she does a great job!


Pupdate: Monday, June 20th 2022

Quinn was off leash at Legg Lake today! She did really well for her first day fully off leash. She still definitely needs a lot of work perfecting each of her commands, but I'm pleased with her performance today! I'm excited to see how she does in an area with a few more distractions later this week!


Pupdate: Tuesday, June 21st 2022

Quinn was off leash at Almansor Park today! She improved on everything since yesterday. In the above video, you'll see Quinn perform a few of her commands off leash! The only mistake she is consistently making now, is she wants to get right in front of me and sit/lay on my feet. To prevent this, I stick my left leg out to keep her from going too far around! She's getting better with this each time she tries it, though!


Pupdate: Wednesday, June 22nd 2022

Quinn and I went to Pan Pacific Park today for training! There were plenty of dogs and people around to serve as distractions, but Quinn did a really good job ignoring them! Today we worked a lot on her "extended" commands. For her Sit, Down and Place commands, I want Quinn to be able to hold each position for at least two minutes. She did very well with this today, and she was able to hold each position without moving!


Pupdate: Thursday, June 23th 2022

Quinn went to the Outlets at Orange today! Overall she did a good job. Toward the beginning, she was very excited and all she wanted to do was play! She had an especially hard time holding her positions during her Place command. After a bit of warm up time, however, she got back into her groove and the above video is showing that! She Heels with me almost perfectly, and holds her Place and Down commands for her full two minute durations! You can even see someone stop to appreciate Quinn while she's holding her Place! For Quinn, today started out "ruff" but by the end she was getting a round of "a-paws!"


Pupdate: Friday, June 24th 2022

Quinn went to Citadel Outlets today for training! Much like yesterday, she was a little bit excited when we first got there. However, she ended up doing a very good job regardless! Even when she gets a little excited, her Heel command remains nearly flawless. She only shows her nerves when I ask her to hold a position for an extended period of time in a populated area. She did have more admirers today! A few children came up wanting to pet Quinn, and she sat nicely and allowed them to pet her without fussing!


Pupdate: Saturday, June 25th 2022

Quinn went to Almansor Park today for her last full day of training! For her video today, I wanted to showcase some of the manners we've been working on. For food manners, I want Quinn to sit and wait when I place food in front of her, without trying to gobble it up immediately! For door manners, I want Quinn to wait at the door when I open it, and not rush through! For car manners, I want her to hop up into my car and walk straight into her kennel. I'm extremely proud of Quinn's improvements over the last couple weeks. She is becoming so well behaved, and I'm going to miss having her around!


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