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Poncho | Australian Cattle Dog | Los Angeles | In-Training

Meet Poncho, a 2-year-old Australian Cattle Dog from Los Angeles, CA. He is joining us for our 2 Week Board & Training Program. Poncho comes to us understanding his basic obedience, he is good with people and dogs, but will have a habit of doing stuff at his own will in a misbehaving way. Poncho will also jump or pull on leash to approach another dog when he sees them. Throughout the next two weeks of this training program Poncho will have leash manners, improved basic obedience on and off leash, and overall, a well-mannered dog to society. Check in to see his two-week transformation!


Pupdate 7/31/22

Poncho went on a walk today in Hillcrest Park in Fullerton, CA. Cristian and Poncho were taking time getting to know each other being outdoors just going on a walk. After a while Cristian started to put Poncho into training, having him learn his Heel command to keep Poncho in a safer position for a walk. Poncho was very open to listen and started to heel at an okay rate with his handler, but each day will get better. Poncho also showed his knowledge with the place command being able to jump on obstacles. He is adjusted to being in his new home for the next two weeks.


Pupdate 8/1/22

Poncho went to a park in Downey CA today. He got his exercise and was introduced with the place command. Poncho was willing to get on benches and tables but would often get up right away. Cristian decided to focus on one bench for Poncho to engage with having Poncho focusing & extending his place command. He also worked on his heel around the park with minor distractions bothering him.


Pupate 8/2/22

Poncho went on a 1 hour walk with Cristian and his personal dog in the morning. After getting food and water Poncho started to work on his Come to Sit command. Cristian uses hand gestures to help cue Poncho when and where he's supposed to go. Poncho struggled a bit from time to time as he would sit but then immediately break his command and get up. After some time Poncho started to pick up the cues and would do what was asked but still have trouble keeping his composure. Poncho went on a 2nd walk later on that day again with a 2nd Come to sit Practice.


Pupdate 8/3/22

Poncho went to the local Home Depot in Anaheim, CA for some training. Poncho did good with most of the noises and traffic of people who were shopping today. The only scenario where Poncho was scared was when a forklift passed by him. Cristian worked on Ponchos basic obedience and heel command also while being in the store. Poncho was also greeted by 2 workers who asked to see him. He would try to rush up to jump on them but was redirected by his handler and maintained holding his position this time. They were able to greet Poncho after that and he did good!


Pupate 8/4/22

Poncho went to the Citadel Outlets today in Commerce, CA. Poncho's heel has improved and worked on his basic obedience around the shopping center. Poncho has been practicing his down but today's focus was on his extended down with distractions. Poncho made it hard to work with this command in the beginning of the week but now he worked through that habit of always getting up and made it possible to keep himself down when asked. He was rewarded with a lot of pets and worked the remainder of the time he was in the shopping center.


Pupate 8/5/22

Poncho went to the Fashion Island shopping center in Newport Beach, CA. Poncho has shown an improvement with his obedience and leash manners today. Poncho's heel was pretty good being around the other trainers. As well working amongst another Poncho is starting to show confidence in his obedience so he should be ready soon for leash dragging. Overall experience today was pretty positive for Poncho.


Pupate 8/6/22

Poncho has been working on his door manners since he's been at his handlers house. Poncho's obedience towards doors now is pretty good, he tends to be lazy going into a down at times but when he's seated in front of a door now he shows no interest to leave. When Poncho was first over each time a door would open he would always try to bolt through but now he has shown a difference just in a week. He also had daily exercise twice today once at Hillcrest Park in Fullerton and John Marshall Park in Anaheim. Towards the night Cristian also worked on come to sit with Pancho before going to sleep.


Pupate 8/7/22

Poncho went to the Outlets of Orange in the morning to do some training and greeting manners. He had a lot of guests who wanted to greet him so with his handlers permission Poncho was asked into a sit and let his guests greet him. Poncho practiced his extended sit & down inside of a couple of stores before leaving and he did pretty well with the amount of people coming in and out of the stores especially in Vans.


Pupate 8/8/22

Poncho went to El Dorado park in Long Beach, CA today. He focused on his Heel command today with leash dragging. He does ok for the most part, he just has a tendency to stay back a little behind his handler right now. He doesn't show any signs to walk off today when practicing the leash dragging since he did stay in the area Cristian wanted him to be placed in.


Pupate 8/9/22

Poncho has been working on his food manners since he's been at his handlers house making it an everyday practice to have Poncho more patient for his food. Before Poncho would run around, bark, and yelp just to get to his food bowl. Now Off leash he will just find a spot to sit down and wait until he is given his break command to get his meal. Cristian even tries to instigate certain situations to see if Poncho would walk up to his food, but he didn't! Poncho worked on his house manners and basic obedience later that night.


Pupate 8/10/22

Poncho went to a park in Rowland Heights, CA to practice his OffLeash walking. He did pretty well except when he walked off once to try to pee but other than that he maintained his position heeling even when a dog passed by. Poncho practiced his basic obedience as well being at the park, working on his place, extended down, and come to sit.


Pupate 8/11./22

Poncho got some early exercise and training in before it got too hot. Poncho went on a hour and a half walk, rested for a minute then was focusing on his load up/car manners. Poncho does pretty well going inside the crate inside the vehicle, but he will take his time deciding whether or not to run in the car so he will pace himself. This practice was done with leash dragging just in case of any scenario Poncho decides to wander off. Overall, he did well!


Pupate 8/12/22

Poncho went to Huntington Beach, CA today to work on leash dragging and off leash walking. He did pretty good overall walking through the streets, shopping areas, and alongside the beach walkway. The only time Poncho would do anything incorrect off leash was during his place. Poncho was going under a certain bench rather than over; but his handler would redirect him and work him through that threshold. He eventually worked through it and was able to enjoy the rest of his day at the beach and working at home at his handlers house.


Pupate 8/13/22

Poncho and his handler spent the day out with his personal dog hunter Off leash walking around the neighborhood and local park. Poncho focused on his off command making it a habit to learn what and when is it ok to grab stuff. This command will work for anything Poncho isn't supposed to have or engage with learning to control himself in a better manner. Just with a toy Poncho can use this practice to learn what's of value and when something is allowed for him to grab.


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