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Golden Retriever - Dog Training | Piper | Costa Mesa, CA

Piper, a Golden Retriever, from Costa Mesa, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train dog training program. Piper was trained by dog trainer Haley Giwoff in Costa Mesa, CA​

Meet Piper! She is an 8 month old Golden Retriever from Costa Mesa, California. She is a happy sweet girl who wants to make everyone happy. She is with us for our Two Week Board and Train Program to learn how to walk nicely, recall when called, stop begging, and get ready along with her older sister for a new two legged sibling thats on the way! Stay tuned for her 14 day transformation!


Pupdate 12/13/2020

Miss Piper is all settled in! She explored the backyard with her sister and was very excited about all the new smells! She already has a favorite toy, a blue rubber chew, is a calm quiet happy camper in her kennel, and is very interested to meet the resident pup Nico! I am so excited to get started with her!


I had so much fun with miss Piper in her first lesson! She got down the basics of everything but Heel, which we will focus on heavily tomorrow and is just a happy girl! If you haven't watched Zoey's video, head over to her page, because Pipers will make significantly more sense that way! I do mention in the video I have begun to make all of Zoey's commands just the straight words (Sit, Down, Come, Heel, etc) and Pipers her name and then command (PiperSit, PiperDown, PiperCome, etc). If you guys would like me to switch, or do both with them Name_Command let me know! I can still change it in the next few days. Big Piper ate all her dinner, is going potty in the right places, and is getting used to the kennel. She does have some light anxiety in there (mostly when other pups are out without her), but overall is doing awesome!


Pupdate 12/14/2020

Miss Piper is coming along! She made some huge progress with her Heel command today. Her first lesson she was bolting all over the place, chasing leaves, jumping on me and generally having no focus whatsoever. During her second we got her to the point where she is getting the idea for Heel, making a ton of eye contact, and starting to learn her Auto Sit when I come to a stop. She loses focus here and there so she needs reminders but overall I am so proud of how much progress she made on her first day!


Pupdate 12/15/2020

Miss Piper is getting so much better about her eye contact! We practiced a bit of everything today! She is a little slow on her Down in public and still needs a lot of help with her heel when it comes to being in high distracting environments, but her Recall, Sit, and Place are coming along really great! We've also been working on not bolting straight out of the car the second its open! She is starting to offer up a Down anytime she wants out of the kennel!


Pupdate 12/16/2020

Miss Piper is coming along! She is much higher energy and excitable then her sister but is still picking up everything super quick! We did a bit of everything at the back bay today. She was incredibly scared of getting on the rock as place so I went up there with her! I am still working her through her occasional bolting behavior so I still am holding the end of the lead but for the most part I am transferring her off of needing any direction with it for the commands! She is having some loose stool. It is most likely due to stress, most of the Covid puppies we are getting these days have this same reaction a few days in. I am keeping an eye on it though and will add some pumpkin/rice to her food tomorrow if the problem is persisting. Otherwise she is doing so great!


Pupdate 12/17/2020

Miss Piper is working hard! We did a park session working on her Heel, Recall, and Place then we did a long living room session in the evening with miss Zoey girl to work through not whining when big sister has something we want! I purposefully gave miss Zoe the "higher" interest treat stick to encourage Piper to want it and then worked her through staying on her cot with her toy. At first Zoey wouldn't even touch anything I put on her cot, looking at Piper to see if she was going to try and take it, but once she saw that I was keeping Piper on Place across from her she happily dug in! Miss Piper did need a reminder every so often but did settle in and enjoyed the bone on her cot. After she did well for a while she got a special treat stick too!


Pupdate 12/18/2020

Miss Piper worked hard today! It was the first time the girls were working together! Miss Piper has a hard time figuring out how much room she needed to give to miss Zoey while still Heeling, but after some practice she really started to figure it out! We did some individual work on her reactivity to quickly moving stuff (small kids, skaters, scooters, etc. Towards the end of this particular video she does an awesome job maintaining eye contact with me while a scooter rushes right by and I was so proud!

Pupdate 12/19/2020

Piper is doing really well. We did two long sessions today. One at a not so distracting park where we worked on making all of her commands stronger and tighter. Then we went to the duck park to up the difficulty! She had several scooters, small children, bikes, and ducks that she managed to completely ignore and I couldn't be prouder!


Pupdate 12/20/2020

Piper helped me make you guys a video about her and Zoey's Heel command! I apologize for the sound quality in both videos, the skate park in the background was significantly louder in post! If any of it doesn't make sense or needs clarification feel free to ask questions!


Pupdate 12/21/2020

The girls did such a great session at the park today! They worked together really well and did all of their commands! We had several bystanders stop and stare at us with how great they are looking.


Pupdate 12/22/2020

We went to the outdoor mall today! It was a bit more crowded than we had anticipated so we did our best to stay six feet from people and sanitized everything when we got back to the car. However, they both did so great! Piper was definitely anxious about the new sights and sounds but got dialed in pretty quick!


Pupdate 12/23/2020

Piper was so tired after today!!! She worked so hard! She is looking really awesome though. While not as high a count as her sister (mostly because she went first and they didn't realize I was a trainer until later) she had 4 seperate people come up to me to inquire about dog training. She conquered Place to Place today which is when you can stand in the middle of two objects and point at each to get her to switch between them. She is really starting to enjoy the training, constantly smiling, wagging her tail, and getting excited about celebratory cuddles!


Pupdate 12/24/2020

We went back to the same outdoor mall as yesterday (it's one of the only ones around not packed with last minute holiday shoppers! ). We got a good chunk of miss Pipers final video filmed today! She is such a happy pup, we are so sad she will be heading home soon, but she is going to be so excited to show off all her new stuff to her parents!


Pupdate 12/25/2020

Miss Piper did awesome today! We did a very long walk and some extra cuddles today to celebrate the holiday! She has come so far in the last two weeks, I am so proud!


Pupdate 12/26/2020

These girls are going to be so missed! They finished up filming today and are all packed up to go home tomorrow. We are sad to see them go but so excited we got to be apart of their journey!


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