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Murphy| Belgian Malinois | Camarillo, CA | In-Training

Meet Murphy, a sweet, loving, and playful 1 year old Belgian Malinois from Camarillo, CA! She is with us for the Offleash Two Week Board and Train Program! Murphy will be working on Leash Manners, Distractions, Basic Obedience! Stay tuned for her Two Week Transformation!


Pupdate 8/22/21

Today Murphy and I walked around the neighborhood to sniff around, and get comfortable with her surroundings! Murphy was super affectionate while we sat in the grass and very relaxed! Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!


Pupdate 8/23/21

Today we went to a quiet park and started building the foundations for all of Murphy’s commands! She is a very smart pup who wants to do the best possible! Once it was too hot outside we worked on Place inside! Murphy is such a great girl!


Pupdate 8/24/21

Today we went to the park and worked on Heel, Place, Down, and Come with huge distractions! Murphy is coming out of her shell and showing her spunky side! She is also a VERY smart girl who wants to learn!


Pupdate 8/25/21

Today Murphy and I went to Lowes and worked on Place, Down, Come and Heel! Every day she is coming out of her shell more and more! Murphy LOVES to learn and conquer new things!


Pupdate 8/26/21

Today we went to the Mall and worked on Heel, Place, Down, and Come! Murphy also got to practice transferability with another handler during that time! This is to help with when she goes home understands that whomever is holding the leash or working her is in control!


Pupdate 8/27/21

Today we worked on door manners to help Murphy control her impulses! She is an extremely smart dog who is super eager to learn!


Pupdate 8/28/21

Today we went to REI amd worked on duration, Place, Down, Come, and Heel while people walked around! We also practiced some more door manners to keep working on Murphy’s impulse control!


Pupdate 8/29/21

Today we went to a Mall and worked on Sit, Come, Down, Heel with lots of kids running around! Murphy is such a sweet girl who is super smart! She loves to snuggle during her downtime!


Pupdate 8/30/21

Today we went to the Mall and worked on Place, Down, Come, and Heel! Murphy has been doing really well with her commands! When we got home we then did some Place inside the house around other dogs!


Pupdate 8/31/21

Today we went to Griffith Observatory and worked on all of Murphy’s commands! Murphy has come so far the past week and is progressing very nicely! She loves praise and is a huge cuddler!


Pupdate 9/1/21

Today we went to Century City Mall and practiced all of Murphy’s commands With distractions! Murphy is all about praise and affection which will be super important to continue once she goes home! Murphy can‘t wait to show off her new skills to her parents on Sunday!


Pupdate 9/2/21

Today we went to Santa Monica Pier and worked on commands with distractions! Due to the fact that she LOVES affection, its extremely important that she still listens EVEN if strangers or friends are distracting her! In the video you will see that I am the only one giving her praise/ affection but once Murphy is released from her training ONLY THEN she is allowed to get praise or affection from the other trainer! This will help her be more eager to work for you (owners)! She is doing amazing and is a very smart pup!


Pupdate 9/3/21

Today we went to Rodeo Dr and worked on Murphy’s final video with all of her commands! She has been such a joy to work with and train! Great job Murphy!!!!


Pupdate 9/4/21

Sneak Peak to Murphy’s Final Video!!!!! Honestly Murphy has been such a joy to work with and train! She has come such a long way from day 1 and achieved a lot during her two week stay! Murphy can’t wait to show off her obedience tomorrow and impress her parents!

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