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Muncy | Labrador Retriever | Lakewood, CA | In - Training

Meet Muncy! A 10-month-old Black Labrador Retriever from Lakewood Ca has joined us for our Three week Board and Train Program! Muncy is loving, friendly, and affectionate, but with that much love and affection comes a lot of excitement and jumping. Although Muncy is a loving pup, he does have something he needs to work on! Over the next three weeks with me, Muncy will learn all of his obedience on and off the leash along with all of his manners such as greeting manners, door manners, car manners, and food manners. Tune in to watch Muncy's transformation throughout the next three weeks!


Pupdate 1-1-2023

Today Muncy and I went to the local park by my house in San Dimas Ca, to get some training in! Muncy is super food motivated, I used that to my advantage by luring him into positions along with pairing it with some leash pressure from the prong collar. Overall just teaching him what leash pressure is and how to properly shut that pressure off. Upward leash pressure for “sit”, and downward leash pressure for “down”. Muncy seemed to pick things up quickly, but at times I do notice he gets fatigued quickly as well. After our session, we had a play session with the flirt pole just having him chance the toy and get some energy out, along with some exercise!


Pupdate 1-2-2023

Today Muncy and I went back to the park by my house to get some more training! Today we focused on pairing the leash pressure along with the ecollar stimulation together for his “sit” and “down” commands, along with teaching him the “heel” command. Muncy is a fast learner, he already knew the “sit” and “down commands, but he would only do them whenever he wanted to and not when he is supposed to. Once Muncy gets more familiar with the ecollar tool, then we will start reinforcing his behavior around distractions. Overall Muncy is doing a great job at responding to the paired pressures from the ecollar and prong. 


Pupdate 1-3-2023

Today Muncy and I worked on the driveway of my home, to get some training in before the rain started to come down on us. Today we worked on all of his obedience commands. Slowly started to add duration for his commands such as “sit”, “down”, and “place”. Muncy is a fast learner, he is responding to the ecollar stimulation quickly and most importantly understands what the stimulation means. I started to fade out the leash pressure from the prong and slowly use the ecollar more and more. 


Pupdate 1-4-2023

Today Muncy and I went back to the park to get some training in while the rain had stopped for a few hours. Today we focused on his duration for his positions, making sure he’s able to hold his positions such as “sit” and “down”. Along with adding distance in between him and I, Muncy did a good job at holding his positions, I started at 5ft distance, then slowly added more and more ft in between him and I. Every time I add more distance, I would go in and reward him either with pets on the head of a small treat before I added more distance in between us. We also practiced on holding his “down” command next to my person pup Kisa. 


Pupdate 1-5-2023

Today Muncy and I went to my local Home Depot near my house in Glendora Ca, to get some training with the shoppers. Today we focused on using the ecollar only, we took the prong collar off so no more pressure from the leash, only utilizing the ecollar stimulation for communicating. Muncy did a great job! He seems to understand the stimulation pretty well, one thing he does is that he tried to avoid the ecollar stim by trying to rub his neck on the ground. Whenever he decided to do that I use the “off” command as well as pairing the stimulation on a higher level to correct that behavior. Overall Muncy did an awesome job working with the distractions that were around us. 


Pupdate 1-6-2023

Today Muncy and I went to my local park to get some training done earlier in the day, before going to a local mall to get some more training done alongside the shoppers. Today we worked on all of our obedience commands alongside another board and train pup! Muncy thinks every dog that’s he sees is there to play with him, so this was a perfect distraction for Mr.Muncy! We worked on having him home his positions alongside Riggins, teaching him to hold him composure and to relax. Overall Muncy did a good job for his first time working alongside another dog side by side!


Pupdate 1-7-2023

Today Muncy and I went to a local park in El Monte Ca, to get some training in! Today we focused on building Muncy’s confidence up, along with teaching him the “place” command on different objects. At first, Muncy was very hesitant about placing on top of the table, he didn’t know he was able to jump up on top of it, and he needed help and guidance to show that he can do it. After me physically helping him up, he started to pick it up on his own and got up without any help. Having him up on the tables and elevated surfaces helps all with his confidence, it shows him that he’s able to overcome different problems and it allows him to feel more confident higher up. Just because Muncy learned to get up onto tables, it does not mean he is going to do so at home, whenever we are teaching Muncy to jump up on to lunch tables out in public parks, he is only allowed to do so whnever we give im it "place" command to do so, not whenever he decided to, this teaches him proper structure. Overall today Muncy did a good job at learning something new!


Pupdate 1-8-2023

Today Muncy and I had a training session on my driveway, we used my neighbor who was out taking down Christmas decorations as distractions for Muncy. Today we focused on his transition to being off leash, we mainly focused on his “heel” command and “down” command only having the leash dragging next to me. I noticed Muncy does get a bit stubborn at times whenever being asked for the “down” command. Whenever he decided to be stubborn, I simply just use the ecollar tool and slowly go up in stimulation until he complies. Overall Muncy knows what “down” means but just at times, he can be stubborn which is normal. Next week we will be introducing the “under” command! The “under” command comes in handy whenever we need Muncy to get under the table to bench to avoid blocking the walkway for others. 


Pupdate 1-9-2023

Today Muncy and I had a session in my front yard, we took advantage of early morning before the rain had started to get our session in. Today I focused on Muncy’s “place” command while I cleaned up the yard. We worked on his duration for the command, teaching him to hold that command until i “break” him from his job which is staying on the cot. We did that in different parts of my yard, which he did well. At first, he would get off after 20 seconds, as soon as he would get off I would utilize the ecollar stimulation and say “place” until he got back on the cot. Once he got back on the cot the stimulation completely goes away. Muncy did a great job at figuring it out, after about two to three corrections from the ecollar he was able to stay on for more than 3 minutes which is a huge improvement! Per our email conversation Muncy will now be recieving 1 1/2 cups per meal to help with his weight.


Pupdate 1-10-2023

Today Muncy and I went to a local Lowes in San Dimas Ca, to get some training in. Today we focused on showing you how to properly reinforce him holding his “sit” command. Take space away while utilizing the ecollar stimulation at the same time as you repeat the command “sit” over and over until he follows through. Muncy has a habit of trying to scrap the ecollar indicator on his neck on the ground whenever he wants to get rid of the stimulation, whenever he decides to do so, I use the stimulation on a higher level and use the “off” command to get him to stop that behavior. We also focused on his “come” to sit command as well as proofing his heel, sit, and down commands as well. Overall he did a good job today!


Pupdate 1-11-2023

Today Muncy and I went to the local park by my house in San Dimas Ca, to get some training alongside my personal pup Kisa! They are both still pups with a lot of energy and excitement, whenever they get together they love to play nonstop! This was a perfect opportunity for Muncy to learn that, whenever he sees another pup regardless if he has met the pup before or not, he needs to still follow through with commands whenever he’s in a playing mindset. I had the pups play for a bit before I put them both on their “place” commands, once they were both on a place command, I started to work with Muncy! Muncy has an attachment to the place cot, he loves it! He loves to go on it and relax! You could say it is his favorite command. With that being said, I do not allow Muncy to get too attached to the place command, he still needs to be able to perform other commands near the cot without going to it for comfort in the middle of a training session. Also whenever Muncy gets tired and lazy he likes to start laying down whenever being asked to perform other commands, I do not allow Muncy to create a bad habit, as soon as he decided to get lazy, I simply just reset the rep and ask for the command over and over until his laziness/stubbornness goes away.


Pupdate 1-12-2023

Today Muncy and I went to Home Depot early morning to get a session in after we went to the park to get some more training in! Today we focused on Muncy’s “Under” command, it’s something newer the Muncy but it’s nothing he’s never done before. The “Under” command comes in handy whenever we need Muncy to go under to table or chair to get out of walkway. Muncy did a great job at understanding what the “under” command meant as well. We also proofed all of his other obedience commands as well, which he did awesome on! 


Pupdate 1-13-2023

Today Muncy and I went to a local park in La Mirada Ca, to get some training in alongside the other OffLeash Socal trainers and their pups! Today Muncy and I focused on working off leash alongside other dogs that he isn’t familiar with, teaching him that every pup he sees does not need to be greeted. Also to teach Muncy that just because other dogs and distractions are around, doesn’t mean it’s time to play, it is also time to work. Having him hold his positions is a job for Muncy to do! Which he did awesome at! Working alongside a new dog he has never met! Due to Muncy constantly shaking his head from the ecollar, we switched out the contact points and added a comfort pad to help distribute the stimulation evenly. I also have noticed, Muncy has developed a little sore on the back of his neck, it formed due to Muncy scratching at the ecollar and at times rubbing his neck on the ground, because of the friction from him constantly trying to avoid the stimulation it formed a small sore. It doesn’t bother him, his energy level is still the same and his food consumption hasn’t changed at all. I will continue to keep an eye on it every day and continue to add ointment daily to help it heal. Overall Muncy did an awesome job today at the park, he is a pleasure to work with!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to send me an email. 


Pupdate 1-14-2023

Today Muncy and I worked on our obedience commands inside the house! We also worked on our food manners! Teaching Muncy to only eat when we give him to “break” command, and to not just eat everything he sees. Along with the food manners, Muncy and I focused on holding our place command for 5-10 minutes at a time around different parents of my home, first in my room, then in the living room in front of the tree. Overall Muncy is doing a great job, later on tonight we will be going to Home Depot to get some more training in!


Pupdate 1-15-2023

Today Muncy and I went to the local Home Depot to get some training in! Today we focused on all of his off leash commands, including his “come to heel” command, which he did great on! During the middle of our session their was a forklift that drove past Muncy and I while I had him hold a “sit” command, Muncy seemed uninterested and was able to stay calm and composed, even though a big moving foreign object was moving past him making beeping noises. Tomorrow Muncy and I will be taking a field trip to a field trip to the shops of Montebello to gets some more training in!

Update on his spot:


Pupdate 1-16-2023

Today Muncy and I went to the shops of Montebello to proof all of our obedience commands, along with working on long-distance “under” commands. During our session, Muncy break command and start running with a kid that was running past us. As soon as he did that, I simply went up on the stimulation level. High enough to stop him right in his tracks. It needs to be a high enough level to get Muncy's attention back on us, having that stimulation be more distracting than that distraction. Showing Muncy that behavior is not okay whatsoever because he can be running off towards anything like the street, cars, etc. Overall besides that, he did a great job on his “under” command.


Pupdate 1-17-2023

Today Muncy and I worked on our off leash manners at home! We focused on Muncy’s door manners along with his car manners as well! During our door manners, I simply walk Muncy up and have him hold his “sit” command while I open the door and walk outside first. He is supposed to hold his position until I give him further commands. Muncy isn't allowed to just barge in the house anymore, he needs to hold his sit at the door before leaving or entering the home. With his car manners, it’s essentially the same thing, once we walk up to the car he needs to hold a sit before we give him the “load up “ command for him to enter the vehicle.

Update on Muncy’s spot: Due to excessive scratching and rubbing his neck on the ground, the friction from the collar strap had made the spot worse, and now it is bigger. I am changing his ecollar strap to a bungee strap to help prevent the frictions of the strap irritating his spot more, i am still putting ointment on daily morning and night cleaning it as well.


Pupdate 1-18-2023

Today Muncy and I had a relaxing day, early morning we met up with the team at a local Home Depot to get some training alongside other dogs, we focused on Muncy holding him positions around other pups and shoppers. Later on in the afternoon Muncy and I went to the local park by my house to get some exercise in! We are going to keep it light and let Muncy’s neck heal as much as possible.


Pupdate 1-19-2023

Today I gave Muncy the day off from work aka training, I wanted to give him a break and also to allow his neck to heal. Today I got a video of the pups playing while I did some yard work. Muncy has a full understanding of all of his commands from heel, sit, under, down to holding commands for long periods of time along with recalls to heel and send to place command as well. Muncy and I can’t wait to show you guys what he has learned tomorrow morning!

Update on spot : started to harden and scab up, at times reopens due to it being on the crease of his rolls on his neck. Left side started to scab up didn't want to lift hair and reopen spot.

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