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Moose | Maltese Mix | Rosemead, CA | In-Training

Everyone meet Moose, he is a Maltese mix from Rosemead, joining us for our Two-Week Board and Train. Unfortunately, Moose had a rough start to life and was very sick, and was not socialized during those crucial puppy months. He now has a lot of insecurity around new people and new dogs. It takes a long time for him to get used to a new person, males more so than females and he is very vocal about his fears. He is a sweet boy who loves to cuddle and be with his family and they just want everyone else to see how great he can be! I can’t wait to see how he grows these next two weeks!


Pupdate 12/06/20

Moose had a stressful car ride, he was not a fan of being abducted by a strange lady and was not afraid of letting me know throughout the car ride home. However, once we got home and I let him see me play fetch with my dog he seemed to relax and let me take him out of the crate! Then we went for a little walk to get to know each other and that solidified that I was an ok human that was now allowed to pet him! Yay. He then saw my mom and I was instantly chopped liver. However, he let me teach him some commands for pets, and then we went for an evening walk to meet my dog and he let me put on his sweater! He is definitely not a fan of my boyfriend but we are going to try to work on that. He did not want to finish his food but he did eat a little bit. I also learned he really likes the treadmill! He went on it and loved walking fast! It seemed to build his confidence and he was so proud of himself he would jump off then get back on for praise!


Pupdate 12/07/20

Moose had an exciting day today! He met my nephew and we went to a new park! Today was his first e collar lesson after getting to know each other. He did fantastic and was very eager to learn! He was a little uncomfortable at the park but working at a fast pace and lots of praise when he was relaxing helped him learn come to sit with lots of men playing football near us! He didn't seem to care about my nephew which was good he was able to work with him monkeying around. He was not a fan of my brother but that was expected. He did not finish his breakfast but did eat all of his dinner!


Pupdate 12/08/20

Moose learned a lot today. We worked on come to sit, he starting to understand it means to sit near me so we are working on the exact spot I want him to sit, he's very close though. We also added place objects and a tiny bit of distance and duration. We started our heel foundation and did some socializing by meeting some of my other pets. We also taught down, he is not a fan of that command which I definitely understand why, it's a very submissive command that is really hard for dogs in general. With the help of his food and treats, we were able to make some headway! We will still take it slow for now. Today he ate all his food and is now boyfriend neutral!


Pupdate 12/09/20

Moose had a busy day today. Going to two new parks! He began his work with distractions. Working around my nephew and my dog, that he has already met. He also began working on door manners and not barking at the door, he was not a fan of that. We also started to work on puppy push-ups! He ate all his food and because we began adding extra walking, he got an extra meal today.


Pupdate 12/10/20

Moose worked really hard today! We worked on our loose leash walking and adding duration and distance to place. He also met my dad and went for a walk with him. He wasn't a fan at first but we are working on it! He ate all his food and is working on his puppy push-ups!


Pupdate 12/11/20

Moose went to the park today with some other dogs! He worked on his recall and place with distractions. He is not a fan of being told where to be in regards to other dogs but we are working on it. He also got to work on his anxiety by working with another trainer. He ate all his food but tomorrow I'm going to give him an extra meal.


Pupdate 11/12/20

Moose worked on duration place today to a new Netflix series. He got to work with my bigger dogs as distractions. He met my dog Sergeant for the first time and that helped build his confidence on the place cot. He also worked on door manners with the leash dropped! He ate all of his food and he got an extra meal as well fue to the amount of walking we did!


Pupdate 12/13/20

Moose had an exciting day today. Going on lots of walks and working on dropping the leash! He has a lot of anxious energy so before each walk we used the treadmill to help burn his initial energy. He also worked on him staying in place while I worked other dogs, increasing the distance and distraction between us. He is also learning to wait patiently for his food and get in an out of his crate on command. Due to the amount of walking he got a lot more food today.


Pupdate 12/14/20

Moose had a productive, exciting day at the park. He got to make some new friends and work on heeling. He also worked on place with lots of distraction. He worked with my nephew today and we also worked on being polite around my brother. He ate extra food today, going to get some weight on him but he does have a lot of anxious energy for a little dog so walks and the treadmill are very important for his training.


Pupdate 12/15/20

Moose had a good day today. Working on adding distance to his puppy push ups and off leash heeling to my dads house. He was not a fan of seeing him but did not growl, progress. He is eating double the amount of food to keep up with the amount of walking we are doing. He also worked on his out of sight duration place while I was doing house work. The we walked to the nearby park and ran around burning of some steam and we walked past some football players that he seemed to not care about.


Pupdate 12/16/20

Moose had a great day today! He worked on his off leash heel at the park and around the neighborhood. He worked on adding distance to his puppy push ups and weaving. We also worked with him around men.


Pupdate 12/17/20

Moose spent his day socializing at the park working around people. He worked on his heel, down, and food manners. He worked around other dogs and walked around the park ignoring kids running around. He also worked on his crate manners and played fetch!


Pupdate 12/18/20

Moose had an exciting day working around people at an outdoor mall! He worked around other people, dogs, and lots of didn't distractions. He ate all his food and met new people, when my family came over to visit. He greeted them right away!


Pupdate 12/19/20

Moose had a busy day! He went to the park to work on his weave poles and duration down. Then we went walking around a food fair, social distancing, to work around more people and other dogs! He said goodbye to my dogs. He played fetch, said his goodbyes, and, got his final snuggles before he goes home tomorrow.


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