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Mia | American Labrador | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Meet Mia! She’s a 3 year old yellow American Labrador from Los Angeles, Ca. She constantly pulls on leash when out on walks, gets overly excited when meeting/ seeing other dogs, she also needs to get her basic obedience down! Mia is a super sweet girl who is extremely friendly and ready to train! I can’t wait for everyone to see her progress.


Pupdate 8/1/2021

Mia and I got to know each other today! She is such a sweet friendly girl! We went to a park to introduce the e-collar to her, she did amazing. She did try to pull me a couple times but I quickly corrected her. We’re going to be working on her heavy leash pulling. We then went home where she got to explore her new surroundings. She hasn’t gone potty outside or had an accident inside. She’s doing awesome. She didn’t want to eat all of her dinner but that’s normal considering she’s in a new environment. We also had to cut our training session short since she over heats quickly. Over all she’s doing amazing her first day.


Pupdate 8/2/2021

Mia and I started our day by taking a long structured walk around my neighborhood. She tried to pull me a couple of times but i corrected her and she walked at my side the rest of the way. Mia is doing really good but she needs some confidence building. I’ve slowly been introducing her to place, to sit on random objects. At first she was opposed to going up on anything but slowly she’s getting the hang of it. We finished our day by going to Hacienda Park to meet up with other Offleash trainers. Mia barked at a couple dogs but I quickly corrected her. She has been working on sit, heel and come to sit. She’s is doing amazing and she’s so sweet. She hasn’t eaten any of her food. I put pieces of cheese to try and get her to eat but she just ate the cheese. I even left her bowl in her kennel for a bit to give her more privacy since she is a nervous girl but she didn’t touch her food at all.


Pupdate 8/3/2021

Mia did amazing today! We started our morning with a long structured walk where we worked more on her heel command and her off command. She is doing great at her place! She has a lot more confidence than she did when I first met her! We went to Rynerson park we here we practiced more heel, come to sit and place! She’s doing amazing. She did get distracted and barked at a couple dogs but we’re working on that. She didn’t want to eat her kibble so I had to resort to mixing her food with cheese. She ate all of her food! She went potty outside and finally pooped! She also hasn’t had any accidents at home. We’re also working on food manners.


Pupdate 8/4/2021

Mia did great today! We started our morning with another long structured walk. She isn’t pulling anymore. She does get distracted by other dogs and try’s to bark at them still but she’s doing amazing correcting herself. I pushed her a little past her comfort zone today and exposed her to different animals such as ducks, birds and other dogs. She also worked around kids playing at a playground and people playing basketball. She is a little nervous to be a round a lot of people and sometimes will try and bark at them if they’re playing basketball or running. Over all she’s doing great on her commands! We practiced a lot of come to sit, heel and place! Shes more comfortable to jump up on random things now. She ate all of her breakfast and dinner which is great. She also has had no potty accidents.


Pupdate 8/5/2021

Mia went to Home Depot where we worked on all of her commands! She did really well, she wanted to bark a couple of times at loud noises but over all she did great! She is still very nervous out in public but she’s working through it! She is still distracted by people but we’re working on it more and more. She ate all her breakfast and dinner but I still have to add a melted piece of cheese or else she won’t eat her food. She has had no potty accidents! She‘s such a good girl!!


Pupdate 8/6/2021

Mia and I went to Home Depot again to practice working around distractions! She’s doing so much better than before. She still wants to go up to people to see what they’re doing and loses focus. Over all she’s doing great. Today we practiced a little Offleash and she did really well at that and a little bit of down. She hasn’t had any potty accidents in the house and has gone potty outside. She is also getting better and being more patient during meal times, when I open a door or when I load her up in the car. She ate all of her breakfast and dinner.


Pupdate 8/7/2021

Mia did a great job at El Dorado Park where there was a lot of distractions. Other dogs, kids and people were play sports and running around. She did get a little needy towards the end of training and started barking at me. We then then went to The Block at Orange where we met up with another trainer and her two pups. She did great walking around and ignoring people but it took her a while to get used to walking around other dogs. She’d try to go over to them or bark at them. She does have a lot of anxiety so she started barking non stop at me when another handler was handling her. She wanted to come back to me. Over all she did good. No potty accidents and she’s eating all her food.


Pupdate 8/8/2021

Mia did amazing today! She is getting the hang of all of her commands and her Offleash walking is great where there isn’t many distractions. I took her to Citadel Outlets today to work around distractions again and she did amazing. She tried to bark at a couple of dogs but we worked on ignoring them. She is doing better every day. We’re still working on down and durations but she’s doing great. She’s getting into the habit of barking at me now, I just ignore her when that happens because I know she wants attention but I don’t let her win. She’s slowly getting the hang of the go potty command.


Mia did such a good job today. We did training at home. we practiced a lot of door manners, and food manners. We also worked on duration and down. She’s still not comfortable doing down unless she’s tired. She’s a really excited pup so working on door manners was very hard for her! But over all she’s doing amazing! She ate all her food!! She’s also had no potty accidents and is doing great in the go potty command.


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