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Merlin | Bernese Mountian Dog | Arcadia, CA | In Training |

Merlin is joining the OffLeashSoCal’s clan for our 3 Week Puppy Program. This fluffy ball of energy is 4 months old and every bit of a baby shark. He loves to bite and tug, as he is still teething. Within the next three weeks we will take this pup and turn him into a well groomed young man, with the confidence to know the correct commands. Stay tuned for Merlin's magical adventure.


Pupdate 04/12/2020


Pupdate 04/13/2020

erlin has officially completed his first actual day of training. He is already doing so much better on the leash, and now I am able to control his jumping. This little guy is going to eat and sleep so great tonight.


Pupdate 04/14/2020

Merlin was able to get some great training in while practicing social distancing at Lowes today. Lets just say he was very excited to take the picture loading up in the truck.


Pupdate 04/15/2020


Pupdate 04/16/2020

This little guy is learning his commands quickly. He knows that he has to sit every time before we walk through a doorway, and wait to be called. Oh did I mention this pup can sniff out any bit of kibble left on the floor in my kennel room. I call him my vacuum.


Pupdate 04/17/2020


Pupdate 04/18/2020

t was a puppy play date, as today was the last day Roko and Lux are here for their board and train. Merlin is so photogenic he is always smiling for the camera.


Pupdate 04/19/2020

Merlin has been putting in some work for his first week of training, and it shows already. This little guy is growing so fast not only his body, but his mind as well. He has worked up quite an appetite and is focused on his food.


Pupdate 04/20/2020


Pupdate 04/21/2020

Before Merlin’s bath.

During his bath.

All clean time to get brushed out and air dry.


Pupdate 04/22/2020


Pupdate 04/23/2020

Merlin got some pawesome training it today, as he learned how to heel through the cone zone. While we were taking breaking in between the cone drill Merlin enjoyed down on place in the shade.


Pupdate 04/24/2020


Pupdate 04/25/2020


Pupdate 04/26/2020

Merlin kept begging me to go down the slide. So I caved in and we had a lot of fun working on his agility’s. For only being 5 months old he is a pretty coordinated young pup.


Pupdate 04/27/2020


Pupdate 04/28/2020

Merlin helped me work on my truck today and got some great exposure. He was around an air compressor, air drills, and other tools. Merlin‘s best command is place.


Pupdate 04/29/2020


Pupdate 04/30/2020


Pupdate 05/01/2020

Merlin is just about ready to go home. We enjoy our daily encounter with the mail man. Merlin loves his place cot.


Pupdate 05/02/2020

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