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Medici | Standard Poodle | Camarillo, CA | In-Training

This is Medici, a 6 month old Standard Poodle from Camarillo, CA here for our famous two week Board and Train program. Medici is a sweet and lovable pup who loves to play and is very smart. Medici has some behavioral issues like jumping on people and pulling on the leash. Medici also has separation anxiety and will bark for attention. Over the next two weeks, Medici will learn basic and fundamental commands to help him become the best version of himself so keep checking his PAWsome transformation!


PUPDATE 4/3/2022

Medici was excited to meet my dog!

Today consisted of Medici getting used to everything new. He was very good on the car ride to the park and also to my house. Since he is very used to the harness, he was unsure how to walk on a regular collar so he was jumping on me a lot. He was very interested in meeting my dog Mira. He did much better getting into the crate in the car. There was only a couple attention barks in the crate I have in the house but other than that, he has been calm. He had some water and ate a little dinner.


PUPDATE 4/4/2022

Medici had a very productive day today. He is getting the hang of the rules quickly which is great! He does tend to nervously pee every time I take him out of the crate in my house. He does get jealous when I let the other training pup out to go potty first before him and he barks and whines. He pooped twice today and peed as well. Today was the first time I used the e collar on him and overall he responded well to it. It did not take him long to figure out what I was asking him to do. He is getting better at not pulling on the leash although there are some outbursts like walking out of my front door. I wanted to start getting him used to greeting people and building confidence so I had my trainer play with him a little bit and he loved the attention.


PUPDATE 4/5/2022

I mostly worked on the Place command with Medici today and overall he did well. It took a couple tries to have him understand what I was asking him to do but it did not take long to do well. I have seen a dramatic change in his heeling as he walks next to me the majority of the time. He does sometimes forget which side to go on but he will get better at it as the days go on. I also worked on his Down command a little and he seemed to do it well. He peed in his crate this morning but he always poops outside. We are working on him staying in the crate while I put a leash on him to help minimize the amount of times he nervously pees. He is eating and drinking water fine.


PUPDATE 4/6/2022

Medici worked on the Place command today. He was a little timid at first but after a couple tries he felt more confident on the place cot. I went on a walk in the morning to work on his heel command as well. He gets very distracted when people are around and it is very difficult for him to focus on the task at hand. We will be working on increasing the distraction level in the next couple of days because of this. He does great at listening to commands and staying close by when there are no distractions around.


PUPDATE 4/7/2022

Medici had a very productive day today at the mall in Santa Ana. I thought he would be more overwhelmed because of the increased distractions but he did well. There were times that it seemed he was confused but he was heeling well and listening well too. We focused more on the Down command today. He was doing better at going onto different Place objects but now we are focusing our attention on staying on the object.


PUPDATE 4/8/2022

I mostly worked on Medici's Heel command and overall I am very impressed and proud of how well he has progressed. It was the first time I let the leash drag on the floor and he rocked it! Great work Medici! As I mention in the video, it is very important for him to allow him to figure things out on his own. It seemed to really help his focus and desire to do well when I was petting him as we were Heeling. He was a great listener today and I was very happy with his work!


PUPDATE 4/9/2022

I took Medici to the local outdoor mall to practice more distraction work. Today was the first day he was off leash. I felt comfortable and confident in his abilities to be off leash and he did great. He loves being pet as I walk so that helped encourage him to continue to do well but also got him to focus on me rather than a nearby distraction. Medici still needs to work on his duration commands as he gets up a lot. He is better with his potty training except sometimes he pees when he walks if he really has to go potty.


PUPDATE 4/10/2022

I worked on his Down command today, especially his duration. Overall, he did much better than the past couple of days. He worked on duration, distraction, and distance down while he was in a down command which is great to see. It is important for him to go back to the same spot where you placed him in a down command. Later, I took him on a walk around my neighborhood off leash and he was great.


PUPDATE 4/11/2022

Medici was a rockstar at another local outdoor mall today! He was heeling with me the entire time off leash. He needs to work on trying not to sniff people as they walk by when he is heeling with me. He tends to get excited when they walk close by and then he gets farther from the heel side. Sometimes I need to use the e collar more for commands like the Place command. He gets timid and unsure if the object is okay, and using the e collar allows him to get that courage. It was great seeing him completely off leash and going to and from commands with ease. There were many people at the mall that stopped us and mentioned how handsome and smart he was!


PUPDATE 4/12/2022

Medici had a productive day today at the mall. We worked on all of his commands off leash. Overall, he did well but there are some things we still need to work on. He comes when called and he sits but, as seen in the video, sometimes he takes his own path to get there. I need to stay near him during his duration commands or he will get up and move so we will be working on that. I noticed that if I praise him a lot during his duration commands, he thinks he is done so I stay silent and it seems to work. He was very antsy and losing focus in the beginning and then he went potty and did better. He can't focus completely when he has to go potty. Later, I took him to my parents house to practice greeting manners and he did well. He ducked his head a little bit when my mom tried to pet him but when the neighbors came outside he went up to them and they were able to pet him without him being shy. He went pee in his crate this morning but other than that his potty training has been improving although he still nervously pees. He got to the point in his training where he knows when the e collar is on and when it is off; when I leave it on when I walk away he does not bark for attention but when it is off, he will bark or whine.


PUPDATE 4/13/2022

I took Medici to the Simi Valley mall to practice all of his commands off leash and overall he did great. Sometimes he had difficulty going into a Down command and he would make circles around me. When he does this behavior, it is important to let him figure it out because he knows the command well. He was Heeling great with no problems and he was going onto more Place objects more confidently which was awesome to see! He did not go potty in his crate this morning.


PUPDATE 4/14/2022

I took Medici to the Century city mall to practice more distractions while he is off leash. Overall he did great! He still has trouble when kids run near him because he’s excited that they are excited! Also if a dog comes up to him he gets excited as well which is very understandable. This video Pupdate today would’ve been a great final video except when that little dog was very close to Medici. Other than that, he was Heeling so well today I was very proud of him. And his duration commands were good! He did not go potty in his crate last night but he peed randomly at the mall.


PUPDATE 4/15/2022

I went to the Northridge mall with Medici today along with another trainer and her pup. Medici was very interested in meeting that dog and sometimes he would walk ahead of me to try to take a sniff! He did great on the Place objects, even the object by the water fountain. He was great at the Down command and whenever we stopped to take a break, he would go into a Down command. He did get up from the Down command when I started to walk toward him. Practicing moving around him will help that.


PUPDATE 4/16/2022

Medici took it easy today from training and we went to the park for some fun. He has been doing so well with training. He is now able to go off leash in a park and he comes back! He wasn’t too interested in the ball but loves my dog Mira. They were playing for a little bit and even said hi to my friend that was with me at the park. Later, I gave him a bath so he smells fresh and clean to come home tomorrow! Can’t wait to show you everything he has learned the past two weeks!


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