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Maui | Bernedoodle | Culver City, CA | Boarding

Meet Maui! He has joined Off Leash So Cal for a few fun days of boarding! Over these next few days he will be making new friends, as we brush up a few commands that he already knows along the way.


Maui got settled in to his new temporary home as the rest of the pack welcomed him! He got along great with the other pups, as they chased each other around the backyard. We then went on a walk around the neighborhood where we brushed up on his Heel. Maui did great,  staying by my left hand side while we explored our environment together. 


Maui enjoyed an eventful day of playtime with his new furry friends! He does well with the pack, as he is very friendly. We then played with the flirt pole which is a pole with a string that has a squeaker toy attached. He was skeptical of this at first. Once he discovered it was a squeaker toy, he chased it all around the backyard!


Maui and I started our day with a stroll around the neighborhood before we went back home to play fetch & tug of war  with a few toys that he loves. He does great with bringing the toy back on cue, and shares his toys with the rest of the pack as well. Good job Maui!


Maui is a very playful pup! He has enjoyed playing with the flirt pole, tug of war and fetch while running around with the pack. He met a few family members that wanted to say hi to him, which he did great with! As he remained in a Sit position while receiving all the attention. Good boy Maui! 


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