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Mack | English Bulldog | Fallbrook, CA | In Training

Welcoming Mack to the Off Leash family as the newest pup to join the two week board and train program. Mack is here to learn some general manners. He loves to invade personal space whenever food is involved and can be very difficult to manage on the leash. He is going to be learning some fundamental commands to give his owners a better control over some of his behavior.


Pupdate 02/01/21

Big guy was pooped after a long training session today. We worked on teaching him the heel command. Since he wants to walk at his own pace and try to lead our walk, we start with this exercise where I am constantly changing pace and directions. This teaches Mack to pay attention to me as I move instead of making his own choices.


Pupdate 02/02/21

Mack on our long talk today. This guy gets tired pretty quickly so we have been having multiple training sessions quick and to the point through out the day. He is starting to understand that pulling on the leash during our walk results in uncomfortable corrections from the collar.


Pupdate 02/03/21

Mack working the place command. This command is critical for his training because it is the foundation of teaching him "stay". Mack is very much wanting to jump up and follow me anytime I begin to step away so we are starting small and building our way up. I believe with more practice we can improve. Working on food manners. Had to tell him "off" a few times for jumping up on my girlfriend when he first met her. He immediately stopped. I instructed him to sit and then told her she could continue petting so long as he continues to hold a sit.


Pupdate 02/04/21

Mack and I practiced working on all of his commands today. We have been putting extra work into the down command and heel commands. Mack wants to lead the way so we are dedicating some extra miles to teaching him to follow instead. We walk by another friendly bulldog during our neighborhood walk in the morning and they are so funny when they pass eachother they want to be friends definitely. We have been working on door manners at the house aswell. Making him sit and hold by the door as I walk in and out. Good improvement today.


Pupdate 02/05/21

Mack out working his commands around Kylo my dog. Mack gets easily distracted by other pups so getting him to hold his commands around other pups has been quite the task. After some practice he begins to understand that he needs to ignore Kylo until free time at which point they can play together.


Pupdate 02/06/21

Mack out working on heeling through poles today around distractions at a park. Mack was so focused on the kids playing soccer and other park goers that I had to constantly correct him to keep his attention. Use of the leash was necessary to keep him involved in the exercise.


Pupdate 02/07/21

Mack out at the park today. It was busy with kids playing by the jungle gym and Mack was very interested in them. We spent some time just walking around all the commotion and practicing him focusing on heel instead of the kids or other pups walking.


Pupdate 02/08/21

Mack was able to go off leash today. We walked around off leash using the E-Collar to correct him back to his command when he would get distracted by things on the floor. If he stopped to eat anything off the floor he would get an "off" and he respects that command enough to immediately leave it alone. Good progress from the big guy today!


Pupdate 02/09/21

Out on our night walk this evening. Mack took a walk along side my dog Kylo where he focused on his heel command instead of trying to play with Kylo. We worked on some in home manners practicing him holding place while I ate some dinner. He tries to release himself without the break command so tI ake him right back to the place cott and show him he has to stay there. Any whining or begging for food results in the "off" command.


Pupdate 02/10/21

Mack out off leash heeling some more. He is getting better at stopping and sitting when I stop now that he is paying a bit more attention to me.


Pupdate 02/11/21

Handsome man out off leash working his commands. Mack has been making big improvements in his off leash heel.


Pupdate 02/12/21

Big guy doing food manners. He is definitely fighting every instinct he has to hold any command around food. The collar is an absolute must and using his command " off " is necessary when I am eating my own food around him. Moving him to one of his commands to keep him occupied after is the best route.


Pupdate 02/13/21

Mack spent some time working his commands around my cat Kino. Mack really is interested in the cat and if left to him, he would LOVE to chase him. We have to use the collar to correct him at a high level telling him "off" if he decides to chase the cat. Secondly we want to redirect him away from the cat and to one of his commands. He is definitely a stubborn boy but if he we hold him accountable he is easy to manage. We also worked at Lowe's out in public off leash!

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