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Lexi | Chocolate Lab Dog Training | Buena Park, CA

Lexi, the Chocolate Labrador from Buena Park went through the 1 week Board & Train dog training Program. Lexi was trained by Sheena Chavez in LaHabra, CA.

Lexi Introduction Video

We are working on Lexi's heel and focusing on getting her to no longer pull.


Who says we can’t work and play?

Look at these great door manners! Plus learning she has to wait until released for her food, Good Lexi!

Lexi has a great beach adventure today!

Lexi did great while working on her heel with distractions, heeling going down stairs, and meeting a stranger without any jumping!

Lexi loves her new big brother

Such a well balanced dog (p.s. that’s a hotdog on her nose)


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