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Cavachon - Dog Training | Lexi | Santa Monica, Ca

Lexi, a Cavachon from Santa Monica, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 1 Week Board & Train dog training program. Lexi was trained by dog trainer Fentley Houwsen in Sylmar, CA.

Welcome Lexi a 5.5 month old Cavachon, she is super sweet but has alot of energy. Lexi is here for a 1 week board and train to learn how to walk nicely on a leash and get some manners started. She is still getting used to here surroundings and learning how to settle in the crate while noises are going on around her. She is eating and drinking everything.


Pupdate 10/11/20

Lexi is still settling into her surroundings and getting used to her new routine. She has been working on settling in the crate and getting used to the weight of her collar. Lexi is super sensitive to the stim so we are keeping numbers low as we teach her what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors are not acceptable. Lexi has started to learn heel and holding her sit. She likes to wiggle alot with any physical contact so we are working on getting her to settle down and relax while being touched so she learns to hold each command.


Pupdate 10/13/20

Lexi is doing good settling into her new schedule. She has been getting fed 2 times a day instead of 3 so her 3 meal is added to her breakfast and dinner. She is learning how to hold her commands and is making progress but is very easily excitable. Lexi is doing great holding her heel position and got to try heeling through some cones. She is learning how to pay attention to where her handler is and check in for a cue that may be given. Lexi got introduced to place aswell and is going to need more time to gain confidence to jump onto things but has done well with a low elevated bed.


Pupdate 10/14/20

Lexi has not quite gotten the hanging of jumping up on her own but with help is doing good pulling herself up onto taller objects used for place work. Lexi is doing very well understanding not to rush out of her crate as soon as the door is open. She will still whine here and there when she is ready to come out but has begun to stay quite down while things are happening around her throughout the day.


Pupdate 10/15/20

Lexi did good learning how to place on a low step today. She has gotten alot better containing herself to not follow me all the time and instead stay on the step. Lexi is doing well waiting at the door before going out and coming in. She is sensitive to the ecollar stim so we are using low numbers only going up when needed. Lexi is eating all of her meals, she doesn't drink very much water but a bowl is being left with her periodically incase she gets thirsty.


Pupdate 10/16/20

Lexi did well today at the park. She worked on holding a place while it was super windy. Lexi was acting a bit nervous and energized from the wind and leaves blowing around her. Since she was acting extra perky we worked on calming her down while heeling and having her hold a sit to just observe things going on around her. Lexi worked on jumping up onto a cement, place platform and after a couple rounds she did really good jumping up by herself.


Pupdate 10/17/20

Lexi did very well today working on her heel, place, and loading into the car. She worked on loading into the car via a ramp and loved it. She wanted to run up and down it like it was a fun game into the back of the car. Due to Lexi's size right now I felt it was in her best interest to use a ramp to help her in and out of the car to make sure she doesn't accidentally miss step and hurt herself. Lexi likes to walk very close to her handlers feet so we have been working on moving her out of the way of our toes so neither of us are tripping. Lexi walked passed a dog barking at her and was startled by it so we worked or walking by that area but she did very well holding a sit while a calm dog passed her.



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