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Pit Bull - Dog Training | Leo | Hawthorne, CA

Leo,​ a Pit Bull from Hawthorne​, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Three Week Puppy Board & Train dog training program. Leo was trained by dog trainer​Haley Giwoff in Costa Mesa, CA​.

This is Leo the 3 month old Pittbull from Hawthorne, CA. He is a HUGE love bug and playful puppy. However, he has a lot of separation anxiety, play bites to much and to hard, doesn't have any of his basics down, and needs some help with his confidence. He is with us for a Three Week Board and Train program. I can't wait to see how much this little man is going to learn over the next three weeks!


Pupdate 05/10/2020

Leo boy is getting all settled in! So far he as been quite the little angel, he was great on the car ride over, super happy to explore the backyard, and has been napping in his kennel for the last two hours! He has had a little kennel anxiety, but that's totally normal and expected. He is such a sweet boy and is so excited to get to meet his two new four legged friends Nico and Archie!


Pupdate 05/11/2020

Leo did pretty great last night! it took him a bit to settle down for bed and he did wake up needing to go potty once, but all in all that is stellar for a puppy his age that hasn't had much kennel training! He got to meet Nico today, he is a little shy with him but is starting to come out of his shell. We worked on his recall with just leash tension today, since that was already a lot for him. He was a little hesitant/scared at first but quickly got over his fear and started coming to me like a champ! He is eating all his food and, while he sometimes lets a drop or two out in excitement when getting out of the kennel, he is happily going potty in the backyard. He is such a sweet boy! I can't wait to see how much he is going to learn in the next couple days!


Pupdate 05/12/2020

Mister Leo is such a quick learner! He got introduced to the E-collar today now that he is comfortable with the leash and is already doing his recalls with out needing help from the lead! He met his temporary foster brother Archie today and they are best buds! Leo really loved having a pup his size to wrestle around with. He is getting better in the Kennel already, didn't make a single peep last night until needing the potty in the middle of the night. His recall lessons and playtime with the boys had him almost falling asleep on his feet!


Pupdate 05/13/2020

This guy is picking things up so fast! He is quite well adjusted to the E-Collar and we are doing well with his recall and his Sit. We did a pretty long socialization session this evening so Mom and Dad can see his play style, He is pretty good for a little guy! You can see he is a little overwhelming for Archie here and there and likes to climb on top of him/occasionally try to mount him so we are working on his manners. He is doing pretty stellar in the Kennel, eating great, and is coming out of his shell more and more by the hour!


Pupdate 05/14/2020

Leo worked pretty hard today! We did lessons practicing his recall, continued building the basics for his Heel, and introduced Place and Down! He is tanked out in his kennel. He slept through the night for the time with out any potty breaks. Over all he is coming along!


Pupdate 05/15/2020

Leo is coming along! We worked more on his Come, Heel, and Sit commands today. He got pretty spooked when a vocal neighbor dog got territorial from behind his screen door. So Leo really wanted to go back inside to the safety of his kennel, but he worked though it like a champ! His heel isn't perfect yet but it gets tighter and cleaner with every lesson. He slept through the whole night with out whining for a second day in a row. His appetite is still strong. He is such a happy guy!


Pupdate 05/16/2020

This guy overcame his fear of the A-Frame during some confidence training today! Playing "king of the hill" to see who can stay on top is now a favorite game of his. We worked primarily on Place, Sit, and Come today and he is coming along! He slept through the night and has been an angel in the Kennel! It's his last day to hang out with mister Archie, who is going home tomorrow morning, so they got extra play time today. He is becoming a more appropriate player every session! He didn't try to mount or clobber anybody even once today!!


Pupdate 05/17/2020

Leo worked primarily on his no lead direction Heel today. We worked on encouraging eye contact, speed changes, and some turns. We also worked a bit on getting Leo comfortable away from me exploring some! It worked a bit too well, he spent a good chunk of the lesson wanting to get ahead of me, but he worked through it and was Heeling sharply by the end. He is now Peeing on command only in appropriate places, volunteering to go into the kennel all on his own and playing very well with Mr. Nico!


Pupdate 05/18/2020

This boy is tanked from all the hard work he put in today! We worked on a little bit of everything with him today and his is coming along! These were from our lesson on getting a bit of distance/duration with his Place command. He is kenneling absolutely fantastically these days, eating a ton, and getting more and more confident outside/with Nico everyday!


Pupdate 05/19/2020

Leo had several lessons today, we worked a lot on gaining some distance/duration with his Place and Sit commands. He is still eating, kenneling, and going potty well. We filmed a confidence building dinner session with him tackling the A-Frame and Catwalk. He is completely tanked for the evening!


Pupdate 05/20/2020

Leo is working hard! We focused on his sit today getting some distance and duration! He is really starting to love working for his food and gets so excited to come out of his Kennel to do his commands. He is such a pretty boy!


Pupdate 05/21/2020

We did a few different lessons today and worked on a little bit of everything, but finished off the day at a park! It was definitely a bit more challenging for little Leo with all the new smells and commotion, but he still did awesome! At the park we worked on his Heel, Sit, and a bit of Place. He is getting more comfortable and more inquisitive in new places every day!


Pupdate 05/22/2020

Normally today would be a picture day but Leo had his first day meeting his training foster brother Lucky and I couldn't be prouder of how confidently and appropriately Leo played with him off the bat! He didn't try to mount or dominate a single time and was even giving Lucky space when he was getting overwhelmed. Also he got introduced to the kiddie pool today which at first he was quite scared of getting in but after just a little coaxing he not only got in but loved it. He goes in there of his own accord and loves retrieving toys off the bottom and generally just shoving his whole face under the water for the fun of it. Our lesson today was on Sitting, Heeling, and Downs. His Heel is coming along great and he auto Sit's pretty much anytime he wants something. He still struggles with Down a bit more than the other commands so that will be our focus tomorrow!


Pupdate 05/23/2020

Hopefully you guys can hear the audio well enough, I left it in so you could hear the commands. Leo was working on his Sit's and Downs today and is looking sharp! He is a smart boy and growing so fast everyday!


Pupdate 05/24/2020

Leo has the most gorgeous smile! He went with me to Petco to pick up food for his foster brother Nico and even got to pick out a new toy for the house! He spent the entire session attached to my belt needing barely any direction. He was a little timid of the shopping cart at first but quickly adapted. We also did some more work on his Sits and Downs in the backyard after an afternoon nap!


Pupdate 05/25/2020

Leo is working hard to be ready for Mom and Dad! He had a couple lessons today with the last one focused primarily on his Place command. He was a little scared of the box and it's noises at first but it's no big deal to him now!


Pupdate 05/26/2020

Leo working in front of Chipotle! He is so much more confident in new places than he used to be!, he is a little rock star now! He is automatically falling into obedience with out direction so often these days. He has learned and grown so much in the past two weeks!


Pupdate 05/27/2020

Leo worked in a small shopping center today. Just about everyone who passed commented on him or tried to get his attention! This made it pretty hard for Mr. Leo because he desperately wanted to say hi back to all of them. Which I am so proud of, but he does need to learn to stay in his commands non the less. He is such a happy little camper these days!


Pupdate 05/28/2020

This guy conquered his fear of stair today! He was very hesitant when we started walking up to them but all it took was a "Heel" with a little leash tension and he was all over those stairs! We practiced distance with his Sits/Downs at the top of them and having him recall down them to me. He is such a smart boy!


Pupdate 05/29/2020

This pretty boy got to work on his final video today! He is such a sweetheart we are going to miss our little Leo hugs! I can't believe tomorrow is our last day with this pup the time with him really flew by!


Pupdate 05/30/2020

It's almost time for Little Leo to go home to Mom and Dad! He had his last play session with these two today and they sure are going to miss each other and we are going to miss him!

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