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Golden Retriever - Dog Training | Leo | Santa Monica, CA

Leo, a Golden Retriever from Santa Monica, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 3 Week Board & Train dog training program. Leo was trained by dog trainer Wyatt Harris in Ontario, CA.

Welcoming in our newest pup in training, Leo! He an extremely loving 2 year old Golden Retriever who will be spending the next 3 weeks learning fundamental commands to improve his obedience. His mom wants to have more control over his sometimes overly friendly behavior to strangers, teaching him on and off leash manners. We are so excited to watch him progress! Stay tuned.


Pupdate 11/09/2020

Teaching Leo the place command today went well! He is understanding he is supposed to hold the command until hearing his release word "Free". Eating all of his food and having a good time playing with my dog Kylo today.


Pupdate 11/10/2020

Leo out working in the field today. He got to practice all of his commands around some light distractions. He was very interested in the squirrels and the kids playing soccer. We did lots of heel practice around them working on getting him used to ignoring distractions like that.


Pupdate 11/11/2020

Working the heel command today. Leo is learning to match my pace and direction changes quickly. He gets distracted by things we walk by which requires low level correction with the E-Collar to get his attention back on the command.


Pupdate 11/12/2020

Cooling out on our walk this evening after a very eventful day. Leo has been working hard on all of his commands! Tightening up his heel every day.


Pupdate 11/13/2020

Leo out working on his commands around other dog distractions. My dog Kylo and Leo have been enjoying some playtime after hard working training days.


Pupdate 11/14/2020

Learning the load up command. Practicing waiting patiently until being commanded to load up rather than just hopping in the car at will.


Pupdate 11/15/2020

Happy birthday to this happy boy! Out working our commands at a park today doing some off leash work. On his second birthday, Leo is showing off his off leash obedience!


Pupdate 11/16/2020

Leo doing some off leash heel. He requires E-Collar correction to keep him at my pace otherwise he gets excited and starts trying to walk ahead. With some more practice he will begin to stop doing that and just follow my lead.


Pupdate 11/17/2020

Leo weighing in at 67.5lbs this evening! He is a healthy boy who has been eating all of his meals in a hurry. We working on all of his general off leash commands today and worked on getting him to focus even when he is in play mode.


Pupdate 11/18/2020


Pupdate 11/19/2020

Working along side his partner in training, Kaiser. Getting better at focusing while fighting off the urge to play with other dogs.


Pupdate 11/20/2020

Pooped after a long pack walk with Dredd! They really wanted to play at first but with a little bit of E-Collar use I got them to focus on the heel command and complete our walk.


Pupdate 11/21/2020

Working on weaving through cones off leash paired with building distance in his send away to place and then down from a distance. He is progressing well in both catagories considering on day 1 I couldn't take a step away from him without him breaking his command.


Pupdate 11/22/2020

Out enjoying our off leash walk this morning. Leo is doing well off leash but gets distracted by dogs that bark at us from the otherside of fences along with certain things we come across on our walk, naturally he wants to smell them and check things out. When this happens I use the E-Collar to regain his attention and get his focus on the commands and not his surroundings.


Pupdate 11/23/2020

Today we visited a friend at a park who brought his dog along with him. Leo really wanted to play with Cooper at first and so did Cooper but we practiced his self control and completed some off leash training first. Leo was certainly interested in play time more than work time but with the use of the E-Collar we are able to get him to focus on his commands and hold them even around other tempting dogs. Of course I let him have some fun after our work was done. Well deserved.


Pupdate 11/24/2020


Pupdate 11/25/2020

A little bit of well deserved play time with my dog Kylo after some hard training! Leo absolutely loves playing keep away with the tennis ball while Kylo absolutely loves chasing after him. They are going to miss eachothers company definitely!


Pupdate 11/26/2020

Leo getting in the holiday spirit! Happy Thanksgiving from this loving boy. He definitely enjoyed all the smells of all the good food around the house and was overall a very good boy around my niece and nephew.


Pupdate 11/27/2020

Off leash heeling through Lowes with Leo today. It was relatively crowded but Leo did a great job at ignoring other people during our walk, even the ones who were trying to get his attention saying how cute he is! Very impressed with Leos progress in the heel department because he struggled with it at the beginning he has certainly improved quite a bit!


Pupdate 11/28/2020

Working through the weave poles today! Leo was rusty at first but got into it quickly and figured out how to do it perfectly with some practice.


Pupdate 11/29/2020

Practicing some off leash down from a distance today at a new park with some light distractions. He really wanted to play with some of the dogs walking by but held his command like a champ! Getting ready for turnover with Mom in the morning


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