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Leia|German Shepard|Winnetka CA|In Training

Welcome Leia! She is a German Shepard from Winnetka CA. She is friendly, curious and a happy go lucky girl. She has come to Offleash SoCal for a one week board and train to work on her social skills and everyday obedience. She tends to pull on the leash and jumps on people when she gets excited. Check back to see her progress and transformation.


Pupdate 1/24/2021

Leia is adjusting well. She did great in the car, didn’t seem to mind the crate, we’re still working on her going in and out of the crate but she learns quickly. We went on a 3 mile walk, she gets excited with distractions such as birds, dogs, people but is learning what off means. She is already comfortable on her place as you can see in these pics.


Pupdate 1/25/2021

Today Leia worked on heeling while dragging the leash. She can be stubborn but she’s making progress. I allowed her to respond to commands without the guidance of the leash but with the help of the e-collar, she’s learning what the communication means. Her appetite is normal, she’s eating all of her food in the morning and evening. She slept in a crate last night and did great, no whining and she was comfortable.


Pupdate 1/26/2021

Today Leia went on two walks, she’s doing great with heeling and off, she’s still adjusting to the e-collar but as I mentioned in the last pupdate she can be stubborn. We also worked on food manners as you can see in the video, don’t mind my dog she also needs some work. We’ll work on her duration but without the distraction of my dog. We also worked on load up. She needs to work on her manners and obeying commands but she’s making great progress.


Pupdate 1/27/2021

Today we did some more heel on a walk to start the day. We worked all commands today, we worked on place and down outside, she is doing great with commands but we’re still working on listening around distractions. We did go to Lowe’s and she is very curious and needs some help focusing. So for today we did some heeling and some sitting and down to reset her when she’s gets distracted so she’s not overwhelmed. We worked on door manners and food manners, she did much better today. She’s doing great in the crate at night and continues to make progress with her training every day.


Pupdate 1/28/2021

Every day we work on everything Leia is learning. During her feeding we work food manners, when we drive to the park, which we did today, we work on load and unload, door manners. When we do get to Lowe’s and the park it can be difficult for Leia to focus, it seems she hasn’t had much exposure to more public places. So I tend to go slowly with her because if I don’t her excitement level will escalate. As you see in the video, we do a slow heel to keep her focus and a lot of sitting and down to reset her and keep her level down as well. She is doing great for not being exposed to places like this before.


Pupdate 1/29/2021

Today we went to a more public place which is difficult for Leia, she can be nervous and unsure in new environments. She did great, we just take things slowly to help her feel better. We practiced heeling and all of her commands while at the mall, she is doing great for being under socialized and of course she’s very curious about everything. When I do reward her I try and do it at a low level because she can get overly excited as well. Overall she has made great progress and continues to make improvements every day.


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