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Koda | German Shepherd | Temple City, CA | In‐Training

Meet Koda! He is a 7 month old German Shepherd from Temple City, CA. He is here for our Three Week Board and Train program because he is a major puller, very mouthy, barks at strangers, and overall is a handful to manage for his owners. He is a very sweet, smart, and motivated pup! Stay tuned for his 21 day transformation!


Pupdate 09/05/2021

Mr. Koda did awesome his first half day with us! We primarily worked on getting to know eachother, exploring our new surroundings, and getting introduced to his recall command. He is eating and drinking normally, kenneling up fantastically, and is beginning to get all kinds of comfortable with me! His stool is a bit soft, but particularly for German Shepherd's in New places this is not concerning. Overall he is doing just great!


Pupdate 09/06/2021

Mr. Koda is making so much progress! We spent the whole last portion of our last lesson today with his leash dropped during his Heel command! He slept great, is eating and drinking normally, and is even learning to take his food from me gently. We have been working with his food in a lot of his lessons to get him a bit more focused and attentive to me and it's working great. He is such a fun pup to work with!


Pupdate 09/07/2021

Check out this smart boy dragging his leash as Home Depot! Koda needed quite a bit of structure and reminders at first since there was just so many new things going on at Home Depot but he quickly adjusted and started doing wonderful! We worked through not walking up to strangers, focusing with loud noises, and maintaining a Sit when getting attention from new people. He is still going to need another session or two to work through the really scarey stuff like the automatic Halloween decorations!! I was so proud of all his progress today!


Pupdate 09/08/2021

Koda went to a shopping center for his main lesson today! We worked on his Place command a bunch to help him get used to the higher level of distraction and he did awesome! He is slowly getting more and more confident in his commands and coming out of his shell!


Pupdate 09/09/2021

Koda got to finally make friends with the other pups in the house! He really enjoyed running around with both Nico and Maui today after he worked hard at his lessons! He was pretty unsure at first and his hackles raise really easy but with more exposure and everyone giving him space when he started to get a little too amped up he got super comfortable and had an absolute blast!


Pupdate 09/10/2021

Koda went to the mall today! It wasn't super busy but it was a great out in public spot for Koda! He did absolutely awesome! I was so incredibly impressed with him. He did the entire lesson dragging his leash. We got some distance with all his stationary commands and walked by quite a few people and food distractions. He is coming along so fast! He did get a bit scared of the thunder yesterday evening, but eventually he got used to it and settled down. He is eating, drinking, and potty-ing normally. Overall he had an awesome session and even got some extra play time with the two boys as a reward!


Pupdate 09/11/2021

Koda took on quite the challenge today and rocked it! We went to Irvine Spectrum in the peak of the evening weekend madness! We worked on a bit of everything and while Koda was a little over stimulated here and there we worked through it and he was ignoring distractions like a champ! He definitely still needs a ton of reminders of what else should be doing and is a bit nervous but the more time we spent out the more comfortable and out of his shell he got! We also practiced greeting manners (maintaining a Sit while strangers come up to sat hi) with some impressed bystanders. Koda was getting compliments left and right for how well behaved he was, I am so proud of him!


Pupdate 09/12/2021

Koda had a great lesson at the Duck park today! We practiced a bit of everything in the new and different environment and Koda even helped teach a new trainer some things! He is doing really great. His stool has completely firmed up, he is loving his kennel time (he will literally open the door for himself!), is eating and drinking normally, and is having a blast playing with Nico as reward for working so hard!


Pupdate 09/13/2021

Koda was a busy boy today! We worked at a big park with a ton of not so greatly behaved pups and then helped train some new trainers together. After a long nap in the kennel on the car ride home we got to do some more socialization with Nico. Now that Koda is completely out of his shell, he has decided that his favorite game is to try to mount Nico. While Nico doesn't get particularly bothered by it, many other dogs will not react well to it at all. So we have been working on teaching Koda what is and isn't appropriate play. After some nice play/pool time he got to practice some duration Place with his best buddy Nico and then we worked on his food manners! He is now not only waiting for permission to eat but is beginning to be able to disengage from the food when asked as well.


Pupdate 09/14/2021

Koda is starting to look so sharp! He was turning all kinds of heads at Home Depot today. We worked on building up his duration and distance within his commands. He is really starting to get more and more confident with every day. The two clips combined are actually a great example of what this difference looks like. His ear position, head position, and breathing change once he is inside because the level of noise, movement, and general stimulation is so much higher he is less confident. When we first started he had that demeanor everywhere we went and know its happening less and less!


Pupdate 09/15/2021

Koda hit a major milestone today at Huntington Beach Pier! He did his first bit of completely OffLeash work! He had really come such an extraordinarily long way in the past week and a half and I can't wait to see how much more he is going to grow in the second half of his training. He is going to start drawing crowds with how sharp he is! He practiced a little bit of everything and got a break to play in and experience the sand. He was enjoying it until it started sticking to his nose!


Pupdate 09/16/2021

Koda went to Hollywood Blvd today! He did awesome! He was a bit distracted at first and it was a ton more distractions then he has seen before but he handled it like a champ after warming up. He is doing just amazing!


Pupdate 09/17/2021

Koda did amazing today! We opted for our main lesson to be in the evening so Koda knows he had to listen even at night! He did the whole lesson completely OffLeash! He was introduced to his last command "under" which is go under and object and stay there. He did awesome! He also got a ton of appropriate pets from strangers today including a little boy who was just over the moon to be petting a "German" Shepherd because he speaks German "too", haha!


Pupdate 09/18/2021

Mr. Koda did amazing at Fashion Island in Newport Beach today! He did his session. OffLeash and had people asking me questions about training left and right! He truly is such a smart, sweet boy, and he is an absolute joy to work with.


Pupdate 09/19/2021

Can you find Koda in all the pictures!?!

Koda conquered some extreme distance work offleash in the neighborhood today! He is doing so awesome and is just a blast to have out with me now! I love seeing how much confidence he has developed and how much calmer he's becoming in public. He is still eating, sleeping, and using the restroom normally. All in all he is doing great!


Pupdate 09/20/2021

Koda did awesome today! He had so many people comment on him when we were at the out door shopping mall today! He is getting sharper and sharper! He is going to be so excited to show off all his skill to his parents this weekend!

Pupdate 09/21/2021

Koda went to the mall today! He practiced his duration Under along with another trainee. Yapping and over excited pups were walking by the table constantly but Koda could care less! He happily hung out and just experienced the world while we ate lunch. He also got a long walk around the neighborhood to practice his Heel and then got to have some extra long play time with Nico! They are just the best of friends now. It took quite some time to get Koda to understand that mounting Nico isn't and appropriate social behavior but once he figured it out he ended up with a best friend who plays with him endlessly!


Pupdate 09/22/2021

Koda went back to the Huntington Beach Pier today to show off his OffLeash skills! He practiced a bit of everything and did fantastic. He is such a happy boy these days and is so much fun to have out with me!


Pupdate 09/23/2021

Mr. Koda had a very busy day today! We started off the morning at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and then did another session at Home Depot. Koda is doing so well and is such a sweet and happy boy. He has become a little bit attached to me throughout the training (he is my best little buddy!) So today we worked on having other people work with him a bit to help him work through some of that attachment. Being comfortable being left with a stranger for a few moments is one of the CGC test requirements!


Pupdate 09/24/2021

Koda went to Irvine Spectrum today and did amazing! We worked on getting some footage for his final video. He has come such a long way and is going to be so happy to show off to his parents!



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