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Jo-Jo | Labrador | Manhattan Beach | In Training

This is Jordan or Jo-Jo the less than a year old Labrador from Manhattan Beach. She is a happy, sweet and energetic girl. She is coming to us for a two week Board and Train because she loves everyone and everything a little too much! She is so excited about people, smells, and dogs that she can't contain herself. She jumps all over people, bolts out the front door and car, barks to tell everyone whats up and generally has little to no focus unless there is food involved. She is such a happy ready to learn pup and is going to be an absolute pleasure to train. I can't wait to see how far she is going to come in two weeks!

She is such a cutie!


Pupdate 03/29/2020

Little Jo-Jo has gotten all settled in at the new digs! She is definitely a chatty spunky girl. We did a get to know eachother/introduction to the E-collar session at the park and she did awesome. She has been pretty chatty in the kennel particularly when she was the last one in line to get her dinner! She does settle in pretty easy though as long as she doesn't feel like she is missing anything exciting. She scarfed down her whole dinner and even tried to eat a moth in her post dinner potty time!


Pupdate 03/30/2020

Miss Jo-Jo slept through the whole night in her kennel great. She was a bit to excited about morning potty/play time to eat all of her breakfast and was really vocal about wanting to be let out. She finally got to meet her two new playmates Nico and Teddy in an early afternoon play session. Everyone got along great! She wasn't the most interested in the two boys unless they started playing with each other, but would always join in when they did. Her initial interest in the boys was a bit over excited which can be overwhelming for other dogs, so we worked her through approaching them calmly to start. Once everyone got to know each other she was an extremely appropriate playmate. She is doing awesome!

Miss Jo-Jo did great in her first lesson. We worked primarily on getting her used to the E-collar and starting her recall and heel. She got some big cuddles when she did a perfect recall straight to me no hesitation with the neighbor dog barking at her from his front door. She is such a happy girl!


Pupdate 03/31/2020

Jo-Jo is still eating all her food and sleeping through the night. She was pretty chatty when she was first put to bed but calmed down after a bit.. Jo-Jo was a little stubborn during her lesson today, it was pretty hot out, but she still made some great progress! Our primary first goal is her recall, because she is such an energetic and happy girl teaching her to focus is one of the first big challenges. She is getting quicker and quicker with her responses. I can't wait to see how fast she starts picking everything up!


Pupdate 04/01/2020

Momma Jo-Jo worked on her heel and recall again today. She isn't used to having a flat collar of any kind on and is still getting used to it, but is making progress every lesson! She had several neighbors ooo'ing and aww'ing about how cute she is as big distractions today and handled it like a champ! She is still pretty chatty in the Kennel but is making good progress there too!


Pupdate 04/02/2020

Jo-Jo made some awesome progress today! Even in the few minutes I was filming you can watch her heel getting tighter and her getting better at filtering out distractions. We had several people with dogs and kids on bikes going past us the majority of the lesson an while Jo-Jo was a little over stimulated at first, she really started to nail it towards the end of the lesson! She was working hard today and is pretty tanked. She is really starting to get used to the whole system and I couldn't be prouder of the little momma!


Pupdate 04/03/2020

Jo-Jo is coming along! Her heel is starting to look pretty good, she drags behind here and there. Today we introduced the concept of Place. This is a command that tells her to get onto a raised horizontal surface, like the bed pictured above, and stay on it. we worked on getting a bit of distance from her while she is on it as well as keeping her up there longer and longer. She even had to stay on it while the neighbor dogs and their owners were walking about in the parking lot. She wanted to get off and go say hi really bad but she kept herself in check!


Pupdate 04/04/2020

Jo-Jo had quite the challenge today! She went to a small shopping center that initially was incredibly distracting for her. There are multiple restaurants with their doors open and smells of food all around, but Jo-Jo learned to handle it all like a champ! We worked primarily on her heel and getting that tight and solid with all the distractions but she also got some great practice with her sit. She is still having her moments in the kennel and is still getting used to the collar, but overall she is making tons of progress!


Pupdate 04/05/2020

Jo-Jo reading up on the OC announcements at the grocery store! We primarily practiced Jo-Jo's sit, since there were a lot of people coming in an out of the store that thought she was really cute. We worked on her maintaining her obedience even when she wanted to go say hi. She is really coming along fantastically. She can't wait to show of her skills to her family!


Pupdate 04/06/2020

Rain and Covid didn't stop us from making some great progress today! We did a very tough lesson, staying on place despite other dogs, toys, and treats as distractions! She had a pretty hard time at first, but got the hang of it and was super tired at the end. She ended up taking a nap on place for a couple hours after! After her nap she went with me to Home Depot where Jo-Jo made a ton of progress! She has a hard time not running up and saying hi to everyone but did a great job today! We wiped our paws before heading home and scarfing down dinner!


Pupdate 04/07/2020

We worked on Jo-Jo's least favorite command a bunch today, which is Down. She is such a busy girl she doesn't love being told to relax in one spot for an extended period of time! She made a ton of progress today though! She can be a pretty stubborn girl, but with enough patience she always figures things out!


Pupdate 04/08/2020

The little mamma did awesome in her parking lot session today! We worked primarily on her distance Sit's and Down's. She had some really big wins today staying in her commands even with me far away or "not" paying attention to her. It was difficult for her at first to not follow me, come out of her commands when she got bored, or maintain them when I was praising her from afar but she got it down by the end of the session! She is super motivated by praise and is easily excited, which when timed right makes her an awesome student!


Pupdate 04/09/2020

Little Mamma working on her distance place skills! She has come a long way in the past two weeks and is almost ready to go home and show off. She is such a sweet and happy girl!


Pupdate 04/10/2020

JoJo filmed her final video today! She has come a long way in two weeks and is looking forward to cuddles with mom. She has one more day until she is home bound!


Pupdate 04/11/2020

Jo-Jo's last day with us! She got an extra long evening play session with the boys. I'm sure she is excited to go home, but these three are going to miss each other!


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