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Jelly | Standard Poodle | Valencia, Ca | In - Training

Meet Jelly! An 17 month old Standard Poodle from Valencia Ca, she is here attending our One Week Board and Train program. Jelly is a happy rambounchous pup that has a ton of energy! With that much energy comes a lot of excitement when meeting others which leads to jumping and pulling on the leash. Over the next week Jelly and I will be learning all of our manners in and out of the house, along with obedience proofed in different setting and environments! Tune in the watch Jelly's program over the next week!


Pupdate 3-3-2023

Today Jelly and I went to the local park in San Dimas Ca, to get some training in the late afternoon. Today we focused on engagement along with leash pressure for “sit” “down” and “heel” commands. Upward leash pressure for “sit” and downward leash pressure for “down”. Jelly responds well to the leash pressure, later today I will be introducing the ecollar tool to Jelly. 


Pupdate 3-4-2023

Today Jelly and I went to my local Home Depot in San Dimas Ca, to get some training around distractions! Today we focused on paring all of the commands to the ecollar tool. Teaching Jelly what the ecollar stimulation means along with using leash pressure from the prong collar to help. We also worked on holding positions around people. Overall Jelly did a great job picking things up!


Pupdate 3-5-2023

Today Jelly and I worked at one of the neighborhood parks by my house as well as in my house to get some training in, today we focused on impulse control around other pups. At first, when Jelly would see another pup, she would pull like crazy and bark at times. Today Jelly and I are learning to coexist next to other pups learning that just because another pup is around, it doesn’t mean it's playtime. We also worked more on all of her obedience commands around other pups, learning to work through distractions! I’ve also started to add fresh pet into Jelly’s meals to help her eat, she would refuse to eat if it was just dry kibble alone. 


Pupdate 3-6-2023

Today Jelly and I met up with some of the OffLeash members at a local park in Glendale Ca, to get some training alongside each other and the pups! Today we focused on working along side another trainer and pup, at first Jelly would be very distracted by the other dogs no matter the distance she would pull and at times bark at the other pup. We started to work on holding positions along with our “come” command around another pup, teaching Jelly to coexist and work along side other pups and trainers. Just because another dog is around, it doesn’t mean its play time! 


Pupdate 3-7-2023

Today Jelly and I had a session at Home Depot and at the park as well! Today we focused on our “place” command along with holding our “down” positions out in public and next to another dog. Jelly has a fully understanding of all the commands now, now its just breaking through her stubbornness. Overall Jelly is coming along really well!


Pupdate 3-8-2023

Today Jelly and I went back to Home Depot to get some more trining in, tomorrow we will be proofing our obedience at an indoor mall. Today we focused on all of her commands loose leash, at times dropping the leash and relying more on the ecollar tool for communication. Coco has a clear understanding of all the commands, now its just proofing them with more and more distractions. 


Pupdate 3-9-2023

Today Jelly and I worked on our in home door manners, along with a field trip to the Montebello mall for some more training! The first part of the video is Jelly working on her “door manners” having her “heel” to the door then “sit” and “down”, along with holding her position as I open the door. The same thing with entering the home have Jelly hold a “sit” and “down” command at the door before entering. During our session at the Montebello mall, we focused on proofing all of her commands along with her holding her place command for long periods at a time around distractions at the mall. 


Pupdate 3-10-2023

Today Jelly and I went shopping with my sister at Target! During our trip to target we focused on proofing all of her obedience commands in a public setting. Jelly is doing a lot better at holding her positions around kids and moving objects. At first she would be very interested and start fixating. Whenever Jelly started to fixate, I  would just give her the “off” command along with a tap from the ecollar tool to communicate with Jelly that fixation is a bad behavior. Overall Jelly is doing a lot better, the next few days Jelly and I will continue to proof our training and start prepping her for her big day on Sunday! 


Pupdate 3-11-2023

Today Jelly and I went to our local Lowe’s in San Dimas Ca, to further our training before our big day tomorrow! We worked on all of Jelly’s commands out in public although Jelly has completed our one week board and train program, she still has a lot to learn. One thing Jelly will need consistent training on is her holding positions out in public, which will teach Jelly to be calm and relaxed out in a public setting. Overall Jelly has a clear understanding of all of her commands, and with consistent training and guidance Jelly will get better day by day.

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