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Hugo | Miniature Bernedoodle | Marina Del Ray, CA

This is Hugo, he's an 8 month old Miniature Bernedoodle from Marina Del Ray, CA. He's a happy, snugly boy who is here for a two week board and train program because he mouthy, pulls, doesn't come when called, and needs general obedience outside. I can't wait to show you what he learns in two weeks!


Pupdate 06-28-2020

Hugo's first day started off with a neighborhood 1 mile walk to get acquainted. We learned that skateboards and bikes are a little scary but we will work on that! We concord his uncertainty of the place board. He was not a fan of eating his dinner but that's totally normal! Overall he did really great for his first day. He enjoys overseeing the building of dog beds. What a cutie!


Pupdate 06-29-2020

Hugo's first official day of learning! He started off facing those allergies again but we noticed his eyes clearing up during the day. He was so happy to be out romping around the park during his command breaks. He's still being picky with his food but he will do anything for some cuddles and treats! I can't wait to keep working with him!


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