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Guinness | Labrador Mix | Monrovia, CA | In-Training

Meet Guinness! A Two year old Labrador mix from Monrovia, California. He is here because he is reactive to other dogs and pulls the lead that makes it hard for his owner to take him on hikes. He is a sweet and smart boy and is here for our On leash One week board and train program. Stay tuned for his Seven day transformation.


Pupdate 05/28/2021

Today me and Guinness started to get to know each other! In our first lesson we worked through several dog distractions and he did fantastic! Once we got home we did a nice relaxing walk around the neighborhood and introduced Place command when we got back home. We also worked on going in and out of kennel nicely and hand fed him to start building a strong foundation of attention and respect between us. So far he is eating great and doing awesome in the kennel and I can't wait to do his first "full" day with him tomorrow!


Pupdate 05/29/2021

Today Guinness and I took things slow by building his understanding and foundation for his basic commands! He started learning Heel, Recall, Down and Sit with very low to no distractions to avoid getting overwhelmed! He did extremely well and caught on very quickly! He is such a good dog and cant wait to see what the next few days bring! Stay tuned!


Pupdate 5/30/2021

Today Guinness and I worked on strengthening on his Heel, Place, Down, and Recall while adding distractions and distance! He did extremely well with all the people near by and staying calm! I'm super proud of his progress in the past few days and cant wait to keep building off of his work and growing his confidence! Stay tuned for more to come!


Pupdate 5/31/2021

Today Guinness went to the Grove to continue mastering his commands while still remaining calm around other dogs! He did extremely well and has come so far in the past few days! So Proud of Guinness! We also did some short walks around the neighborhood and practiced some recall while it was quieter! Keep it up Guinness!


Pupdate 6/1/2021

Today Guinness went to Hacienda Park to work more on getting him more comfortable with other dogs while having him still perform all his commands! He did AWESOME with his Place command while having other dogs walking around him and remaining calm! I'm super proud of how far he is coming along in his training and cant wait to keep building his confidence around other dogs! Keep it up Guinness!!!!


Pupdate 6/2/2021

Today Guinness went to Rodeo Drive to work on proofing his commands in a new location with different smells, people, dogs and sounds! He performed awesome and stays very calm and listened to all that was asked! Here is a sneak peek at his door manners at my place! He has come SO far in just a week and is such a sweet pup!


Pupdate 6/3/2021

Cant believe its been a week! time flies by so fast when you're having fun! Guinness has been such a joy to work with and teach! We went to Westfield Century Mall to work on his final video! He was such an amazing dog and has come so far during his stay! I'm gonna miss him so much but he's very excited to show off his skills tomorrow!!! Great job this week Guinness!!!

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