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Greyson | Australian Cattle Dog/Husky | Monrovia, Ca | In Training

Greyson, a 1 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Husky Mix, has joined Offleash Socal for our 2 week board and train program. Greyson is a happy-go-lucky boy who loves to play with every dog he meets. He gets easily excitable and distracted by his surrounding that he doesn’t listen to commands. He pulls on the leash when walking, specially when trying to get to other dogs. Greyson has joined us to work on his obedience, impulse control, and learning how to be relaxed and calm. Check in to see Greyson’s progress!


Pupdate 6/15/2020

Greyson’s first day of training. Today he was conditioned to the ecollar and practiced the come and sit commands. He caught on very quick. He still barks a little when in the crate but he is starting to get use to it.


Pupdate 6/16/2020

Greyson working on a new command today, Place. Place is a great command for building confidence as well as teaching him how to relax and be calm. I think this might be his favorite command so far. Greyson did a great job on his second day of training!


Pupdate 6/17/2020

Greyson practicing the heel command. He did very well, but is easily distracted. His Anxiety is very high (Panting, whining, barking) but we are continuing to work through it. He does well with the heel because he’s moving, but when asked to sit or down it’s hard for him to be still. That’s when he becomes anxious.


Pupdate 6/18/2020

Today my boss worked with Greyson again. We are trying to work him through his anxiety. Greyson is doing well understanding commands, he knows what we are asking and he will do the command, but his anxiety is making hard for him to just focus and hold a command. I would have liked to start working on Greyson being off leash, but i don’t find it possible or safe at this time. After our training session, I decided to take Greyson on run, to see if that would help drain some of his energy and anxiousness. It did help a little, until he saw dogs then he would jump, spin, bark and yelp to try and get to them. But i made him work through it. My goal is for him to learn how to relax and be calm and have all his obedience commands down so he can pass his canine good citizen. Below is a list of the what Greyson needs to pass on the CGC test.


Pupdate 6/19/2020

Today Greyson worked on all his commands and extending the duration of him holding commands. He is getting better, still whines and barks but as intense. It could be that we practiced at home instead of out in public, he was more comfortable. He even listened and followed commands with all his buddies running and playing around him. we will be going back out in public to see how he reacts and help him to relax out in public


Pupdate: 6/20/2020


Pupdate: 6/21/2020

Today Greyson practiced some of the commands that are required for his CGC Certification. He does well with no distractions around, but it’s really hard for him to focus with the distractions. in the video you can see how reactive Greyson becomes when he sees another dog, which makes it hard to allow him off leash. This is the biggest hurdle we are trying to work through. Greyson is doing better in the crate, he no longer barks and sleeps quietly throughout the night.


Pupdate 6/22/2020

Today Greyson and I worked on commands with dog distractions. We met up with one of my friends and her Pit Bull, Blue, and they helped Greyson get through his excitement and anxiety. It did take a while for him to get over not being able to run up to Blue, but he did it. For the CGC test he needs to be calm when distractions appear and when greeting someone with a dog. For this reason, Greyson is not able to be off leash. He is doing a lot better, in the video you can see, even though he is barking, Greyson stays by my side in a heel. Once he calms down and his energy level goes down, he listens very well. We will continue to do this, so Greyson will be ready to pass his CGC Test.

Morning meal: 11/2 cup - ate most of meal

Night meal: 11/2 cup- ate all of meal


Pupdate 6/23/2020

Today Greyson and his buddy, Jameson, joined me for lunch at my family's restaurant. Greyson is doing better with holding commands. He whined a little, but stayed on his place cot the entire time. After lunch, we practiced commands and went for a walk in the neighborhood. I was pretty proud of him today, he heard a dog barking on the other side of a fence that we were walking by and he ignored it. Last week this happened and he jumped, spun, barked, and tried to get to the dog on the other side of the fence. I am very proud of Greyson and the progress he made so far!


Pupdate 6/24/2020


update 6/25/2020


Pupdate: 6/26/2020



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