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Golden Retriever Training | Leo | Santa Monica, CA

Leo, a Golden Retriever from Santa Monica, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal Board and Train Program. Leo was trained by Megan Cameron in Studio City, CA.


Meet Leo, a vibrant one-and-a-half-year-old Golden Retriever hailing from sunny Santa Monica, California. Leo has embarked on our One Week Board and Train Program with a focus on refining leash manners and mastering commands, especially "leave it."

Despite his endearing and friendly nature, Leo, at times, struggles with staying focused and following through on basic commands. Leash walking is a bit of a challenge for him, as he tends to pull, fight, and nibble at the leash in his eagerness to explore. While Leo has a foundational understanding of some commands, he can easily become distracted.

Leo's sociable demeanor extends to interactions with both people and fellow dogs. Like any true retriever, he has an affinity for picking up items with his mouth, but persuading him to let go is a challenge. Join us for our one week adventure as we work with Leo to enhance his training and ensure he becomes the well-behaved companion he has the potential to be!


Pupdate 01/28/24

Today was filled with multiple training sessions for Leo, ranging from parks to the comfort of home. Upon Leo's dropoff, I assessed his skills—while he showed a basic understanding, following through took a moment, and he had a tendency not to hold commands for an extended period.

On our journey back, coaxing him into the car was a bit of a challenge, but once he got in, he settled into the crate. Back home, Leo took a break before diving back into training. We started by the house to minimize distractions, introducing commands like come to sit, heel, and leave it.

The come to sit command involves Leo circling on our right side and ending up on our left in a sitting position. This not only sets the stage for a smooth transition into the heel position but also ensures he doesn't bounce back when recalled. While Leo initially needed guidance, he's grasping the concept of circling and sitting on the left side.

Later in the day, we replicated the training session at the park. Leo, captivated by the array of scents, required some leash guidance to stay on track. Our "off" command, signals him to leave distractions. Upon reengaging with me, Leo received ample rewards through play and praise.

We also introduced the ecollar which I've attached a video below explaining more about it.


Pupdate 1/29/24

Today, our outdoor training at a park near LA went well. Leo showed improvement, walking calmly near other dogs and people, though he tired quickly. He needed occasional reminders for the heel position but responded positively to commands like sit, down, and come to sit.

Back home, we introduced the "place" command, where Leo requires extra encouragement to use his back legs and get onto the cot. Overall, he's making progress with some additional encouragement. We've been doing multiple short sessions to help build up his stamina.


Pupdate 1/30/24

Today, Leo and I engaged in multiple training sessions at the park, where he successfully navigated interactions with other dogs, kids playing, and adults walking by. His progress in heeling is notable, and while he still requires guidance for the "come to sit" command, we're actively working on enhancing our command durations. We also went over his leave it command along with his down command. We have an implied stay in all commands. Our focus today also extends to refining his place commands, particularly improving his understanding of using his back legs to get onto elevated objects.


Pupdate 1/31/24

Today, we practiced all commands, primarily focusing at working around the park and we also had some time to train in a plaza. Leo's stamina is improving, though there's room for further development. While his heeling is advancing, occasional reminders are necessary to maintain proper positioning. The progress in his place command is evident, requiring less guidance and more encouragement. We've begun introducing duration to his down command, addressing instances of him popping up by promptly putting him back in. Although his come to sit command has shown improvement, occasional distractions still pose a challenge in more stimulating environments.


Pupdate 2/1/24

Today, despite the rain, we navigated the weather to explore a new plaza and enjoy a park. Leo's progress is notable in his place as he shows increased willingness to place on top of objects. Our focus includes expanding the distance and duration of commands, with successful strides in sits, though reminders are still beneficial for downs. We also continued working on our basics, such as food and door manners.


Pupdate 2/2/24

Today, we took advantage of the dry weather and dedicated our time to working on Leo's final. Our chosen spot was the Santa Monica Pier. Leo initially resisted following commands, especially during the initial stages. However, after consistent repetition and working with other trainers, he gradually became more responsive. He was exposed to numerous distractions such as carnival games, crowds of people, and other dogs. We went through all his commands, achieving success in maintaining a sit and down with both duration and distance. Leo's heel command showed significant improvement, and despite a slow start, his come-to-sit command eventually met our expectations. Notably, his place command has progressed, with Leo showing more enthusiasm for jumping onto place.


Pupdate 2/3/24

Today, we dedicated time to fine-tune Leo's commands. We were able to take advantage of the beautiful weather for morning hike. We practiced his commands repeatedly, navigating through the park and a nearby plaza. Additionally, we had some fun on the playground. We also continued working on his manners in the house. While Leo showed improved cooperation, occasional gentle reminders were necessary to ensure consistent follow-through.


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