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German Shepherd - Dog Training | Geronimo | Torrance, CA

Geronimo​, a German Shepherd from Torrance, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train Program. Geronimo was trained by dog trainer Haley Giwoff in Costa Mesa, CA​.

This is Geronimo the 10 month old German Shepherd from Torrance, CA. He is very friendly, energetic, and sharp but he jumps on people, is pretty shy with other dogs, and has a bit of anxiety. He is with us for our two week Board and Train program. He is going to learn so much in the next 14 days!


Pupdate 08/16/2020


Mr. Geronimo or Ox got reacquainted with the old digs! The backyard has changed a bit since the last time he was here and he has been pretty excited to have more space to run around and new things to jump on and off! He did get car sick again on the way home but is all cleaned up and dry now. He has had a bit of kennel anxiety, but nothing to major, and he ate all his dinner like a champ! I can't wait to see what he remembers when we start lessons tomorrow morning!


Pupdate 08/17/2020

The big man didn't forget everything I taught him, haha! He slept like a baby through the whole night in his kennel and woke up ready to go this morning! He still has quite a bit of kennel anxiety during the day, but nothing abnormal. We did a reintroduction to his E-Collar and sped through the normal day one basics pretty quick this morning. Then this evening we worked on a little bit of everything, he is a little rusty but is going to be where we left off in no time! He has gotten so big and is still such a puppy!


Pupdate 08/18/2020

Ox man is working hard! He has a lot of anxiety and a ton of energy and is learning to calm his impulses and focus. Today we worked on a little of everything and he is starting to remember what all the commands are. He is always a little hyper active at first but is getting into "work mode" quicker and quicker each time he comes out. He had a lot of kennel anxiety last night and throughout the day, but nothing to extreme! He ate both his meals with zeal and overall is doing great!


Pupdate 08/19/2020

Geronimo worked at the park today! He even had a very well behaved long haired German in the distance as a distraction. He is always a little chaotic coming out the gate but he did so well that some passersby even commented on how well behaved he is! He has had another rough day with his kennel anxiety, but its natural for that to take some time.


Pupdate 08/20/2020

Mr. Ox is working hard! We did some work cleaning up his recall and Heel and then went on an evening walk around the neighborhood. he did most of the walk dragging his lead! He did break his Heel slightly once because the leash dragging a leaf startled him! He knows all of his commands as of now and we will spend the next week proofing him out of those types of fears!


Pupdate 08/21/2020

Mr. Ox worked very hard in front of the ducks today! We worked on going into Sits and Downs away from me along with some high distraction Heeling and some Come to Heel. He is looking better and better everyday!


Pupdate 08/22/2020

Ox is coming along great! We worked on his Heel, Down, Sit, Place at a small shopping center. He had some people and dog distractions and while he was a little anxiety ridden at first but quickly leaned on everything he has been learning to get comfortable! His weight has been going down slightly for the past few days (only .7 pounds) most likely due to his lack of appetite in the mornings. So I added some extra food and some cheese to his dinner and will do so in the morning, just to make sure he maintains his weight.


Pupdate 08/23/2020

Geronimo is doing really well! We did an evening session where we practiced a little of everything and then followed it up with a night socialization session with Nico! Geronimo is very over enthusiastic and not great at reading cues that he is overwhelming other pups. So we did a very long session with Nico, first working on getting him to approach Nico calmly, back off when Nico got stiff, relax and remain calm when Nico was moving around, and then finally once he was giving Nico enough space and approaching calmly Nico rewarded him by initiating play! Geronimo was so excited and the two of them were zooming around the yard too fast for me to follow with the camera and having a blast. Geronimo did end up getting a bit too enthusiastic and had to be dialed back down a bit after trying to mount Nico, but over all he has a really great socialization session and made tons of progress!


Pupdate 08/24/2020

Geronimo is looking good! He filmed a little instructional for Dad about his Recall. This video is intended to give you a light introduction to what his recall looks like, how to practice it, and get a feel for how I use the E-collar to achieve it. I will be going into more detail with you during your lesson but feel free to email me any questions you have!


Pupdate 08/25/2020

Mr. Ox went hard today! We worked on some puppy push ups (going from a Sit to a Down and back up to a Sit). We went to a shopping center and did some duration Sits and Downs and then worked his Heel around some new sights and smells. He is getting a little more confident every time we go out!


Pupdate 08/26/2020

Geronimo had a really good day! We worked on an instructional video for his Place command, some puppy push ups, and then Mr. Ox held a Place command for 2 hours during my Zoom class! He is such a sweet boy and I am so proud of how far he has come over the past week and a half!


Pupdate 08/27/2020

Geronimo is doing great! We will be filming all the parts of his final video over the next two days! We filmed an instructional on his Heel today and he did a Duration Place while I was in class. Over all he is such a breeze to work with these days, I almost can't believe he is the same dog!


Pupdate 08/28/2020

This guy worked on his final video today and did awesome! He is going to be so excited to see Dad this weekend!


Pupdate 08/29/2020

Mr. Geronimo is all packed up and ready to go home! Getting to finally finish this guys training was so much fun and we are going to miss him loads! He is such a sweet boy and now that he knows his stuff he is such a joy to take everywhere!


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