• Haley Giwoff

Geronimo | German Shepard | Torrance, CA

Updated: Apr 20

This is Geronimo the 6 month old German Shepard from Torrance, CA. He is very friendly, energetic, and sharp but he jumps on people, is pretty shy with other dogs, and has a bit of anxiety. He is with us for our two week Board and Train program. He is going to learn so much in the next 14 days!

Pupdate 04/12/2020

Geronimo is all settled in! He had an upset stomach on the car ride home but has been happy and exploring since he got here. He had a blast checking out all of the toys in the backyard and is pretty tired from the days events. He was pretty vocal in the kennel at first but has been steadily calming down. I am excited to get to see how this guy does tomorrow in his first lesson!

Pupdate 04/13/2020

Geronimo is doing awesome! He has a healthy appetite, slept through the night in the kennel, and is catching on super fast to the E-collar. We did a couple lessons today with his video from the last. He learned the basics for his recall, off, break, and heel today. He is a sharp boy!

Pupdate 04/14/2020

Geronimp had a busy day today! His first lesson included working with his food and some neighbor distractions. He did awesome for day two! We are still working on the fundamentals for Heel, Come, Off, and Sit. Then after a good nap we did some socialization with one of his temporary foster siblings, Nico. Geronimo came on very strong and it took quite some time to get him to be calm enough to play with Nico. He also has quite a few play habits that could get him into trouble, ie. humping, trying to dominate. However, with some guidance and a close eye Geronimo got to have a long and fun play session!

Pupdate 04/15/2020

Geronimo had a very long day. We did three separate training lessons along with a few play sessions, and he is incredibly tired! He worked primarily on his Heel and his Sit today getting those a bit more refined. He is getting less spazzy everyday!

Pupdate 04/16/2020

Geronimo is coming along! He worked on his "Place" command. This command is to get up on top of something raised and horizontal and stay there. This can be something easy like this green cot or something a little more challenging like this light post! He was pretty scared of getting up there the first few times but eventually it was easy for him! Putting him on top of unfamiliar or difficult things helps him build his confidence. He now has the fundamentals down as of today!

Pupdate 04/17/2020

Geronimo worked in front of home depot today and did awesome! He generally would be trying to go up and say hi to just about everybody, and boy did he want to! However, after getting him acclimated and giving him a little direction he refrained and did great. His Heel and Sit are super clean and he has come a long way in 5 days!

Pupdate 04/18/2020

The big man is coming along! His session was cut a bit shorter today due to his leg issues, but he still practiced some Heeling and some Placing before we had to call it. He gets more and more impressive by the day!

Pupdate 04/19/2020

Geronimo didn't do much today, he is resting his shoulder. He is still limping a bit as of his last potty break, and is a little stir crazy from not being allowed to run around a ton today. We will have to see what he looks like after another day of rest!