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Freddie | Labradoodle | 5 Months | Torrance | In Training

Freddie here is a big bundle of energy with almost no limits! We went for a nice long walk this evening and practiced heeling with a prong collar. He caught on after about 5 minutes of us working. We'll be working on that more tomorrow along with basics. He ate all his dinner, and we played tug with some toys afterwards.



Pupdate 1/28/2020

We spent our morning working on sitting, and holding sits for longer durations. I introduced down, but he's not a fan of leash tension pushing him down, so I'm gonna try luring him down with treats later today.

After finishing up all our tasks for this morning, we're taking a small break before heading to a park to work on our recall, and giving toys back when playing fetch.


Pupdate 1/30/2020

Practicing our skills at a local shopping center! He was struggling to get on a bench with place, but otherwise did really well.


Pupdate 2/1/2020

Being a good boy practicing our skills in public and around the neighborhood! We started this morning with a good play session, and he ate all his breakfast.

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