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Labrador Retriever - Dog Training | Emma | Seal Beach, CA.

Emma, a Labrador Retriever from Seal Beach, CA completed the Balanced Canine Training SoCal signature 1 Week Board & Train dog training program. Emma was trained by dog trainer Michael Dark in La Habra Heights.

Emma, the American Style Labrador Retriever from Seal Beach, CA., is here for our one week Board and Train program. Emma, who's brother Finn, just completed the one week program, has many of the same charming tendences her brother had. Emma can be unruly at times, she pulls when walking on a leash, barks at other dogs/cats, doesn't listen to her owners, and has separation anxiety. Let's see if she fairs as well as her brother Finn.

Emma was busy inspecting the yard when she arrived. Took quite an effort to get her to sit and let me snap a decent picture. We are addressing the whiny behavior straight away; she is responding well and resting comfortably in the kennel.


Pupdate 07/13/2020

The images should look familiar to you. Same route, similar results. Emma pulled hard and early and by the first half mile stopped, and by mile one was heeling very well. Emma ate the two cups of food without hesitating this morning. She also stopped the griping in the kennel and slept till about 0530 when I could hear her chewing a deer antler.


Emma Pupdate 07/14/2020

Sort of a sampling of what we worked on yesterday afternoon/evening and this morning after the walk (shown below). Emma is doing very well indeed. Maybe ahead of where Finn was at the same time? In the video I hope you see my hands are empty and there is no leash. I'm desperately trying to give the training the least amount of E-Collar pressure as I can. We are doing tons of reps, so I'm hoping then end result is a dog that operates verbally as much as possible (trying to be considerate as to how Hannah feels towards both Finn and Emma).

Slightly shorter than yesterday, but only because the trainer is old and tired, lol.


Emma did a great job this morning walking more than half way off leash without issues. Her reaction to other canines is low, but LOVES people and more than once forgot she was walking with me, lol.


Pupdate 07/16/2020

Continuing to work without a remote, but collar on, on the same commands. Emma continues to improve, but clearly hesitates sometimes without the remote.


Pupdate 07/17/2020

Sorry for the late upload there were some camera issues today. Emma's second attempt at the weave is much better, and if you can't see she wasn't wearing the E-Collar. Emma had a big day: the 4.5 mile hike this morning, both off leash and on leash practice in the park with human and dog distractions, then a third crack at the video. She is currently playing with Oso- she'll never lose energy for that.


Pupdate 07/18/2020

AM walk this morning was very good. Emma was off leash most of the time, only back on when passing another canine. Emma walked with Oso about half the time which made for a more quiet Emma. When only heeling with me she was rather vocal.

Quick video of Emma pre-walk...she is rather chirpy as her anxiety was showing. Emma was across the parking lot from Oso and could barely contain herself to get to him.


Pupdate 07/19/2020

Oh!, it is a big lab party!!!!


Pupdate 07/2/2020

Please excuse the granny video. Emma was inside and Finn on the outside during our regular walk. They both did very well. Emma definitely controls or sets the tone as to how the walk will go. Controlling Emma is key to a successful outing. We will be heading over to the local school to see how the off leash version will look.




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