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Dalmatian - Dog Training | Dottie | Lake Elsinore, CA

Dottie Dalmatian from Lake Elsinore , CA went through Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train dog training program. Dottie was trained by dog trainer Katie Lapin in Los Angeles.

This is Dottie, a 7 month old Dalmatian who is a sweet playful pup from Lake Elsinore. She is here for our two week Board and Train Program to focus on basic fundamental obedience so she can be a well rounded pup for her mom and dad. Dottie jumps on anything she can get to but especially on people and the kitchen counters. Dottie also needs to work on her speaking voice as she is a very loud barker and usually barks at the door when the doorbell rings. Follow our journey to make Dottie pawsome!

Getting use to all the new smells


PUPDATE 11/2/2020

Dottie kept wanting to kiss my head while I was taking the picture so this weight is approximate


PUPDATE 11/3/2020

Getting use to her new friend! She did very well


PUPDATE 11/4/2020


Pupdate 11/5/2020

Doing great on Place there Dottie!

Practicing doggie social distancing

Working on her duration Sit

We worked on weaving through poles to help her Heeling


PUPDATE 11/6/2020

Very interested in the kids playing football but she did great staying in command


PUPDATE 11/7/2020


PUPDATE 11/8/2020

Nick White loved taking pictures of Dottie!


PUPDATE 11/9/2020


PUPDATE 11/10/2020


PUPDATE 11/11/2020


PUPDATE 11/12/2020


PUPDATE 11/13/2020


PUPDATE 11/14/2020


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