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Dixie | American Yellow Labrador | Manhattan Beach, CA | In - Training

Meet Dixie, the yellow American Lab from Manhattan Beach! She is here for a two week board and train, and will be training along side her sister Daisy! She loves to snuggle and is always happy when meeting new people. Even though she is great in public, she still struggles a bit with leash pulling, and not listening to basic commands. Stay tuned for Dixie’s 14 Day transformation


Pupdate: 5/2/21

Dixie's 1st lesson went well! We worked on her recall and spent some time getting to know each other. she is very sweet and loving, with the sweetest face ever! but she still struggles with pulling on walks and has some difficulty listening to basic commands. After a few reps of recall and heel, she started to get the hang of it. We will work towards making it better! stay tuned for tom


Pupdate: 5/3/21

Dixie is such a sweet girl! She was super excited to see her sister Daisy at the park! We got to work on some recall commands, while her sister was a great distraction. Today’s recall was better than yesterday’s which is a great sign! She also got to meet a new pup-face today named Soup! Dixie also had healthy stool, and wasn’t to interested in breakfast but ate all of her dinner! We are still working on the pulling during walks, the recall command has been helping with her walks. Tune in tomorrow for more fun!!


Pupdate: 5/4/21

Dixie is such an easy going girl, She's ready to go anywhere! Today we went to Twinkle Park and Focused on getting that recall down! She also got the chance to play with her sister Daisy, said hello to soup again, and met a new pup-friend named Nico! She ate all Of her dinner and had healthy stool. Stay tuned for tomorrows lesson!


Pupdate: 5/5/21

Today Dixie worked on some great distance duration sit, and distance come to sit. (video coming soon) And she also got a chance to relax at lazy dog, where she really enjoyed the down command. She took a stroll through the mini plaza in West Covina with her sister Daisy, and friend Nico! She had Healthy solid stool, and ate all 2 1/2 cups at dinner. stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure


Pupdate: 5/6/21

Today Dixie worked on the basic commands throughout the Long Beach Pike. She was able to meet up with her friend Nico. She is doing very well on her place command, she is doing great with her confidence building everyday is a work in progress, stay tuned for tomorrow's adventures.


Pupdate 5/7/21

Dixie had a blast going to the pier today! We worked some of her confidence building, with some major distractions! It was definitely asking a lot of her to maintain focus with so many squirrels running around on our walk towards the pier! We are still working on ignoring the squirrels, but she did great walking on the pier! Today I offered her Lunch , about 1 1/4 cup she ate all , she also ate 2 cups at dinner. Tomorrow will be starting early stay tuned!


Pupdate: 5/8/21

Dixie had a great day today she was able to carpool with her sister Daisy around the city. They started off strolling through Fashion Island and was able to work through there basic commands with major distractions. We are really working on cleaning up her heel command as well as her confidence with place command. Today was an extra special day, Dixie was able to load up into the car all on her own! This is a huge step for Dixie because I’ve been trying to communicate, and help convince her to just jump, today she did GO Dixie!!! Stay tuned for tomorrows lesson.


Pupdate: 5/9/21

Dixie had an easy day today, she was happy to see her sister Daisy and Best friend Nico! They got a chance to play, and run, and be a dog! We went to grab some lunch on the patio, where all the lovely mothers kept saying how cute and well trained she is! She did such a great job at staying in place while getting that attention! She’s also getting better and better at loading up in the car! Everyday is a work in progress!!! Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s Pupdate!!


Pupdate: 5/10/21

Today Dixie did some window shopping! We got to stroll around Cerritos mall, and was able to showcase her skills with confidence! We got so much attention and she did an awesome job at maintaining focus until told to say hello! We also worked Off Leash, and i was sooo proud to see her right by my side! Everyday I see more and more improvements ! Go Dixie GO!


Pupdate: 5/11/21

Dixie brought her baby (teddy bear) along for the ride today, she is doing so well at listening, and looking for the next direction. This morning we went walking though the streets of Downtown town Los Angeles and worked on some distance duration commands! She’s so smart, and catches on quickly when making corrections to the commands given. Later on in the day she got a chance to have some girl time with her sister Daisy on Hollywood blvd, and catch up on life. So many people mentioned how well behaved they are, and how good they looked! It was another good day for Dixie, come by tomorrow for more adventures and fun activities!


Pupdate: 5/12/21

Daisy and Dixie had a great day hanging under the sun, and off leash! They did so well listening to commands and they look great when working together! They got a chance to show off their skills in front of a celebrity family, super exciting! Dixie had nice healthy stool, and ate breakfast and dinner today. She is definitely starting to get used to the routine, and looks for to the Morning walks! She is such a happy girl! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pupdate!


Pupdate: 5/13/21

Dixie is doing so good at listening to commands, she has come so far since day 1! We’ve been working near high distractions and she has been doing really well and paying great attention to the commands given! Here’s a-little sneak peak on her final videos! Be sure to check out tomorrow’s Pupdate, you won’t want to miss it!!


Pupdate: 5/14/21


Pupdate 5/15/21

Dixie now knows the basic comm down, and understands the job it give . She has been a good girl, and a quick learner, definitely going to miss having her around! She is now off Leash completely and is ready to show the world her new commands! She ate all of her meals and have healthy stool. Keep an eye out for Dixie’s Final video !!

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