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Daisy | German Shepard | Los Angeles, Ca | In-Training

Meet Daisy! A seven-month-old German Shepard from Los Angeles Ca, is here attending our Two Week Board and Train Program! Daisy is a happy, loving playful pup that just wants to please her owners. Daisy is a sweetheart that loves affection, unfortunately, Daisy is misunderstood and has a mild case of reactivity towards other dogs, it's not all the time, but it is unpredictable. Over the next two weeks, Daisy and I will be working on, on and off leash obedience, daily manners in and out of the house, and reactivity. Daisy and I will also be proofing all of her obedience commands and manners in and out of the house daily, around different settings and environments! Tune in to Daisy's blog daily to keep up with our journey!


Pupdate 5-28-2023

Today Daisy and I went to the local park by my house in San Dimas Ca, to get some more training in! Today we focused on our engagement along with leash pressure seeing what she knows. Overall Daisy is a smart pup and knows her sit, and down already. Later on in the evening we will be working on intro to the ecollar tool! Just teaching her what the feels is and how to properly shut that stimulation off! Daisy at the park today did show her reactivity towards other dogs, another Shepard had walked through the park and Daisy was very fixated along with barking, we will definitely be working on her reactivity daily. Upon picking up Daisy I did notice she did have a prong collar on, after taking it off, I did notice the links were damaged and bent. I immediately took it off of her to avoid injuring her neck. Overall Daisy is a sweetheart and I can’t wait to see what she’s got in the tank! 


Pupdate 5-29-2023

Today Daisy and I worked on our ecollar conditions, yesterday evening we had our first session and she was able pick up the stimulation and what the meaning meant very quickly! So today I added more distractions, we utilized my neighbors husky behind the gate as distractions as well as the loud cars passing by on the street next to us. During our session today Daisy had did an amazing job on responding to the Ecollar stimulation, at times I did have to help guide her down by using some leash pressure and stimulation from the ecollar paired together. Daisy was also able to do a great job on leaving the dog alone when being asked to do so. Overall Daisy is a super smart pup and is picking things up very quickly! 


Pupdate 5-30-2023

Today Daisy and I worked on our door manners, along with pairing the stimulation with the leash pressure for her commands. Daisy at first was struggling a bit with holding her down command. After showing her the same thing a couple of times she started to pick up, that ever time she gets up she will feel the stim with the leash pressure as well. Daisy has an understanding of the  Ecollar stimulation but we are still working on making sure she has a solid clear understanding of it. It may take a few days but we will be working on the same thing over and over again, along with adding more distractions to our training! 


Pupdate 5-31-2023

Today Daisy and I went to our local Lowes in San Dimas Ca, to get some more ecollar training with distractions around us! Today we focused on following through with commands utilizing the ecollar around distractions from forklifts and people shopping around. Daisy and I also worked on her holding her positions along with slowly adding distance in between, which she did a great job on! Daisy and I also worked on having her get on moving objects like the shopping carts, at first she was very hesitant on getting on. After luring her on with food a couple times, she started to get a bit more confident and comfortable on there! Overall Daisy did a great job today!


Pupdate 6-1-2023

Today Daisy and I went to the Santa Monica Pier, to meet up with some of the Offleash Socal members to train alongside our pups! While at the pier there were lots of distractions like people and their dogs walking by; as well as lots of birds flying and walking around us! Today we focused on training around other dogs and really focused on her reactivity. Teaching Daisy how to properly relax in a public setting. Overall, Daisy did a great job today working around other dogs! I did notice is that she tends to react more to smaller dogs and animals. Daisy girl did a splendid job today!


Pupdate 6-2-2023

Today Daisy and I went to visit my goddaughter in Rancho Cucamonga Ca, during our visit we trained as well, today we focused on socialization around other kids and bikes! Daisy did a great job at hanging around the kids and allowing them to give her lots of love! Along with socialization, we focused on holding positions around the kids and following through with the heel, sit and down commands around distractions! Daisy at times does get overly excited, whenever she does she will try to jump. It’s okay to get excited and happy, what is not allowed is jumping on me or another person. It can cause her to knock people over, whenever she does I simply correct her with the ecollar on a slightly higher stimulation just to let her know that is a unwanted behavior and put her back into a sit or down. Overall Daisy did a great job on hanging around the kids as well as wanting affection from them at times. 


Pupdate 6-3-2023

Today Daisy and I worked on holding our positions around my family at the dinner table as we ate. As well as holding her positions around other parts of the house to work on her in home manners. Daisy was also able to hold her place position while others walked by and hung out right in the other room. Daisy is a super sweet pup! She loves affection from my siblings and grandma! Overall Daisy girl did a great job working in the house this evening with me!


Pupdate 6-4-2023

Today Daisy and I worked on our off leash obedience in my backyard. We focused on mainly using the ecollar tool to communicate, along with verbal as well. Today we worked on her obedience around my other personal dog. Daisy was able to do a great job working around him. At times she will try to ignore the stimulation and just lay down on the ground. Whenever she decides to do so I would simply just bend down and reset and ask for the the come command. Daisy did a great job heeling around  another dog along with holding positions at times when asked to do so. Along with the sit, down and heel commands, we focused on her place command as well. Overall Daisy did a excellent job working around my other dog and showed zero reactivity. 


Pupdate 6-5-2023

Today Daisy and I went back to the park by my house to get some off leash training in alongside some distractions from a off leash dog at the park and other animals around as well. Today we focused on all of her off leash commands, along with the off command to break her fixation on the off leash dog running around us. Daisy is a good pup, you just need to make sure you have her attention. As soon as she gets fixated on another animal or dog, her body language will change and she will need a higher stimulation from the ecollar tool to break that fixation. In the video you can see me give her the off command along with a stim whenever she gets fixated and her attention is not on me. It’s okay for her to look, but it’s not okay for her to be fixated. When she’s fixated her mindsets turned into an animal and not a pet anymore. Overall we just need to keep a close eye on Daisy and break that fixation whenever it happens. The more consistent we are with that, the better she will be and learn to relax in public.


Pupdate 6-6-20223

Today Daisy and I went for a long walk around my neighborhood, working on our structure walking along with some holding positions around another dog behind a gate. During our walks we focused on our heel command making sure Daisy doesn’t not go past my knee and to match my pace, along with making sure Daisy doesn’t get distracted on our walks and to stay focused on her job which is the heel command. Daisy did a great job on being off leash , she behaved really well and did a great job on her off leash transition! We will continue to add more and more distractions to our training!


Pupdate 6-7-2023

Today Daisy and I went to Lowe’s in San Dimas CA, to get some training in around distractions from the equipment there along with the shoppers shopping around. Today we focused on showing all of Daisy’s off leash obedience. Daisy at first needed some time to warm up, that’s why I did some heeling drills in the beginning to get her to follow my side. After that we started to focus on her place command along with her holding her positions at a distance as well. Daisy was able to follow through with all of her commands with ease regardless of the loud forklift that was behind us. Tomorrow Daisy and I will be going back to Santa Monica Pier to proof our training more! 


Pupdate 6-8-2023

Today Daisy and I went to Santa Monica Pier to proof our off leash obedience! Today we focused on Daisy holding positions around people walking and birds flying around us, along with proofing all of her other commands. When we first got to the pier I noticed Daisy didn’t want to walk on the grey platform, she was very hesitant to get on it and at times walk very uncomfortably. With that being said I worked with her a lot on the platform and getting her desensitized to the weird feeling. Other than that, Daisy had did an amazing job around the heavy distractions that were around us. I’m proud of her and I can’t wait to show you guys her progress! 


Pupdate 6-9-2023

Today Daisy and I went to the Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia Ca, to get some more off leash training in! Today we focused on working heeling through traffic along with holding her place  next to people and kids she’s not familiar with. Daisy no longer has any reactivity towards any human, only towards small animals, such as small dogs and squirrels. Overall Daisy will need a lot of micromanagement for the first couple of weeks consistently to drill it into her and make it a new normal to just ignore certain triggers. Overall Ms Daisy girl had did a great job today!

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