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Cyrus | German Shepherd | Los Angeles - In-Training

Cyrus, a 1 year old German Shepherd, has joined Offleash SoCal for our 2 week board and train program. Cyrus has had previous training before, so he know his obedience commands, now he is working to become off leash trained. His favorite thing to do is play fetch. He does have some habits that need to be fixed. Cyrus is a bit protective of his owners and will bark or charge towards new people that enter his home or while they are out in public. He also has some separation anxiety that we will be working on as well. Check in to see Cyrus’s progress!


Pupdate 4/27/2020

Today we went to the park to work on his commands and reintroduce him to the E-Collar. He is doing great! He hasn't shown me any of his guarding or protecting behavior. He hasn’t barked or lunges at any of my family members or anyone that comes over. He is a bit unsure at first but then goes over and greets them. Cyrus is having a lot of fun running around and playing with all the doggie friends.


Pupdate 4/28/2020


Pupdate 4/29/2020

Today Cyrus enjoyed a long morning walk, worked on his off leash obedience, and had some fun running around with all his friends. He is great with his training, still working on his anxiety in the car. Cyrus still hasn't shown me the charging at people, but he did bark once at someone (which they were wearing a mask) but I corrected him and he stopped.


Pupdate 4/30/2020

Cyrus did awesome today with his off leash training! Today we practiced off leash heeling with my aunt and her dog Blue being distractions. Cyrus completely ignored Blue and followed by my side the entire time.


Pupdate 5/1/2020

Cyrus saying good morning to the rooster and the hens. Today we went a 4 mile walk, completely off leash.


Pupdate 5/2/2020


Pupdate 5/3/2020

Cyrus working on his door manners. His training is coming along well. We are still working on his anxiety when left in the car and his growling at people when they walk by as I'm sitting down.


Pupdate 5/4/2020


Pupdate 5/5/2020

Cyrus and it went to the park to work on commands.


Pupdate 5/6/2020

Cyrus loves hanging out with his buddies. Went back to the park today when it was a bit cooler to work on commands.


Pupdate 5/7/2020


Pupdate 5/8/2020


Pupdate 5/9/2020


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