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Havanese - Dog Training | Crosby | Whittier, CA

Crosby, ​ a ​Havanese from ​Whittier, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal One Week Board & Train dog training program. Memphis was trained by ​dog trainer Joey Madrid.

Crosby the Havanese is joining us for our One Week Board and Train. He is a good boy who sleeps through the night and likes his crate, but is here because he doesn't come when called and likes to nip. Watch him learn so much this week!

Crosby got to explore the yard and meet the family. He's a little anxious, but a game of chase me seemed to break the ice! He likes chasing humans as much as he likes being chased.


Pupdate 07/27/2020

Crosby had his first lesson today! He was introduced to the e collar and we worked on come sit and break! He slept through the night in his crate. He cries when he can't see someone but that's very normal! He loved relaxing next to the family by the tv. He is being picky with his food but we are working on it. He loves walks and really likes the break command!


Pupdate 07/28/2020

Today Crosby went to the park to do some training. He also made a new friend, Winter the poodle. They both worked really hard during training so they got to play hard after in the backyard. He is still picky about eating but he is successfully finishing his food now!


Pupdate 07/29/2020

Crosby is working on his place command today. We added a new place board you can see in the video. His sit is finally coming along nicely. He is still picky and only wants to eat breakfast and dinner but no lunch. We are going to keep working on it. We are also working on not bitting the leash when he's too excited.


Pupdate 07/30/2020

Crosby had a day filled with excitement and adventure! Our morning started off at the park working on all our commands with distractions. We stayed cool doing some indoor training. We finished the day off with a puppy pool party, life vest mandatory! Crosby definitely liked watching the other dogs, from the steps, rather than joining the other pups. He is still picky about not wanting to eat all 3 meals a day so I've decided to beef up the meals he does eat with some toppers and or chicken broth.


Pupdate 07/31/2020

Went to the park to add some distance to our commands. He's still super picky with his food but he is at least eating consistently and drinking lots of water. He met the neighbors lab this morning, she had to lay down for him to smell her butt. He doesn't realize he's the size of her head.


Pupdate 08/01/2020

9.5 lbs! Won't woot we gained some weight!

Got to see Winter one more time before he goes home tomorrow! He also met the neighbors cavalier, named Teddy, and we had white floofs of all sizes! [Small, medium, large]! It was really cute! Our hard work with getting Crosby to eat finally paid off as he gained half a pound from his starting weight! We worked on our final video today and got to have a bit of fun too!


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