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Chase | German Shepherd/Husky Mix | El Segundo, CA | In-Training

Meet Chase the one-year-old German Shepherd/Husky mix from El Segundo, CA who has joined us for our 3-Week Board and Train Program. Chase is an energetic pup. Chase likes to pull on the leash, and looks for things like food to pick up off the ground and although Chase does know a few commands, he is inconsistent with them. Chase is a good pup who needs obedience and consistency. Stay tuned for his 3-Week transformation!


Pupdate 11/27/22

Today Chase joined me and my family for his 3-Week Board and Train. Chase was introduced to my family, including the little ones and our family dog, Toji. Toji loves meeting new dogs and was super excited to have Chase to play with. Chase was even able to meet Nash before he goes home. Chase is super lovable and nice to everyone. When outside with the little humans, Chase was respectful and didn't knock them over. Chase was friendly with the other dogs.

Although Chase may know a few commands, I will be working to make sure that they are clear to him and that he understands each one. Chase is going to be a pleasure to work with and we can't wait to show you his journey over the next few weeks.

Tonight we will be introducing the e-collar and seeing how he responds to the levels of stimulation. I am looking to see what level he responds to such as an ear twitch or a muscle movement. I'll let him have it on for a little while so he can get used to it. We will go on a walk with it on as Chase has lots of energy and I'll want to burn up that energy before he goes to bed tonight. He will also be given some time with Toji before bedtime.


Pupdate 11/28/22

Today Chase and I headed out to Whittier Narrows in South El Monte, CA to meet up with several of our fellow Off-Leash trainers and pups. We followed up to what we started yesterday which was introducing the ecollar and a few of the commands. Chase is highly receptive to the ecollar and has nice low numbers. This is fantastic as it shows he is willing to listen and adapt with minimal stimulation. We worked on his "heel", "sit" and Chase was even willing to start working on the "place"! Great job, Chase!! I will be using a prong collar for now as he learns the "heel" as this is instantaneous input and helps him understand quickly. He did well with this tool.

I started introducing food, door, crate and car manners to Chase. He is learning so much and doing well. Just lots of repetitions and consistency will go a long way.

Lastly, I noticed that Chase is being served less than the recommended food per the bag that was provided. I am going to increase to 2 cups per serving. Also, due to his loose stool, I am going to give him pumpkin for the next few feedings instead of his wet food. Hopefully this helps! I'll keep you up to date!

Great job today, Chase!


Pupdate 11/29/22

Today Chase and I worked on his house manners. As you can see in today's video, he is still learning that a "sit" or "down" means to do that until given something else to do. The video is the actual footage of me introducing it to him and we had not practiced it yet. He is so smart! He is very receptive to the e-collar and the pinch collar with a little bit of pressure. His e-collar numbers are between 10 and 20 which is amazing! In order to get him into the "down", it required minimal downward pressure. I will continue to use this pressure as needed with a hand presentation and stimulation on the collar. Eventually, we will move away from the pinch and he will go back to the flat collar. Then it will just be downward pressure, hand signal, and stimulation with voice command. Once he is clear on this, I will remove the downward pressure and it will just be the hand signal, stimulation, and voice command. Once he has a mastery of the command "down" it will simply require the voice and hand signal. We will use the stimulation as needed to ensure that he understands the task.

Next, Chase decided to crawl under a bench I have in my house and this was fantastic! This allowed me to introduce the "under" command. We started working on the under in the house where he is comfortable and feels safe. I am so proud of how quickly he is picking up on all his commands.

Lastly, we went on a walk around the neighborhood at the pace of a three-year-old. This was awesome because Chase stayed in the "heel" in a nice calm, controlled manner. I even had my little one walk him for a few feet in the "heel". He was receptive but since he still hasn't mastered the command he was unsure of what to do when I was nearby.

We will continue to monitor his food. Should be able to figure this out in a few more days!


Pupdate 11/30/22

Last night Chase and I headed out to softball practice! Chase had a great time at Worthy Park in Huntington Beach, CA. Chase paid no mind to the flying softballs or the flying lacrosse balls from the boys' practice next door. I introduced the final command for Chase which was the "come to sit". As of last night, Chase has been taught all commands that he needs to be a successful off-leash pup! We are still working on the prong collar, for now, to make sure that everything is nice and neat. He has no problem with the collar. I am very pleased with his progress so far. After last night and today, we will start doing everything over and over again.

Today we are continuing to practice the commands. I will introduce the same black leash that I gave you at Chase's pickup. The leash I was using up to this point is heavy and puts pressure on his neck. This is ok when we first start but as we go forward, we want to minimize the pressure to zero as he is going to be off-leash and won't have any pressure. The black leash is light and gives little to no pressure when dragging behind which is as close to off-leash as we can be before going fully off-leash. I am hoping to introduce Chase to some off-leash work by the end of the week with the progress he is making.

Lastly, he is fully transitioned to dry food only from here forward. For reference, this is the food I am feeding am at the moment:

It's starting to look better but now that I have eliminated wet food, hopefully, we will see more solid changes. I might take the dinner time meal down to 1.5 cups depending on how his weight fluctuates on the new diet.


Pupdate 12/01/2022

Today Chase and my mini-trainer loaded up and headed over to Rhynerson Park in Lakewood, CA. Most of what we covered is in the above video. Some things that I did not cover in the video are that it is important to move up and down on the remote as needed. We move the stimulation levels up when he doesn't do the task. Once he does it, we move it back to his regular level which is about 10-12. Another note is that at this stage in his training, although he has been taught all the commands, he will try to cheat or take shortcuts. This is why he breaks the sit or when I tried to have him "place" on the bench he just did "under". He gets confused. He is thinking he is doing what I want him to do because he knows those tasks will remove the pressure of the prong or avoid increasing stimulation. It's perfectly normal at this point.

As you can see, he enjoys the down and hanging out while me and my mini-trainer hit the playground. Other dogs were walking around as well and Chase calmly hung out under the playground. We also worked on the "heel" with leash dragging. This is the precursor to going off-leash as I mentioned in previous pupdates. He is so nice and kind to the little ones. Great job today, Chase!


Pupdate 12/02/22

Today Chase and I loaded up and headed over to the Outlets at Orange in Orange, CA. We met up with some of our fellow Off-Leash trainers and pups. Chase has been doing absolutely amazing with his commands. There were service dogs in training, lots of people and of course his other Off-Leash classmates and he did fantastic working with all those distractions.

As you can see in today's video we worked on all his commands but we mostly focused on his extended down while in "place" and while performing "under". His "place" is great when theres nowhere to go under the raised area. He is confused or still guessing when its a bench. We tried working on this but it will take more time.

We walked around with the prong collar on but not attached to the leash. This is the beginning of transitioning him off the prong collar. He was very well behaved as if it were actually still applying pressure. We continued to build on leash dragging "heel" and Chase was doing great. We also had an opportunity to work on his greeting manners for some of the patrons of the Outlets.

I noticed that Chase starts to pant a little bit when we start working. This isn't because he is physically exhausted but rather a symptom of his anxiety being around so many distractions and having to do the commands. As discussed before he breaks the sit because he is confused but it seems like it's because he wants to come be near me. He loves belly rubs and maybe he thinks Ill give him one if he gets close. Belly rubs are only after he was a good boy! This anxiety is also why he has taken quickly to the "under" because he feels safe and out of harms way. With some more encouragement and consistency, Chase is going to continue to do phenomenal in his training. Good job today Chase!


Pupdate 12/3/2022

Today Chase and I worked on his house manners. He is doing well overall. I had him practice laying down on his cot in "place" while I had lunch. He did get up a few times in the beginning and wanted to go under the table or somewhere else where he wasn't going to have to complete the task. No worries, we had to reset him. Once he understood that he had to relax on the cot while I ate he waited for about 20 minutes without any issues. He was panting throughout but as noted in today's video and yesterday's pupdate, this is from the anxiety and anticipation of the stress. Once he has a clearer picture of what is being asked of him, he should be calmer. An example of confusion is that we normally do our training in the middle of the day or later in the evening at a park. When I had him do obedience in the house, other than food manners, he was confused as to performing the "place" command. That's no big deal as I'll continue to expose him to the various tasks at various times throughout the next few weeks.

As you can see in the video, we covered food manners. The leash was still attached in case I needed to stop him from getting to his food but I didn't need to use it. It is very important to be consistent with food manners with a dog like Chase who loves food. If you go one time without holding him accountable, it could mean a lot more work the next few times. Having him wait until given the "break" command even for one or two seconds when you're in a rush or something will go a long way in maintaining his training.

We will continue to work on house manners during the evening such as door manners, and "place" and "down" while moving about the house. This will hopefully decrease some of his anxiety and lessen his want to constantly get up and be around everyone.

His weight is doing well with the new food. He is getting plenty of exercise and activity. He has been doing well so I gave him about 2 hours of playtime with Toji today. They have a blast destroying anything they can get their mouth and paws on but I feel it's important to make sure your dogs have plenty of time to be themselves. There's a time and a place for obedience and a time to just be a pup and have fun. Chase's bed is still in one piece and he enjoys his downtime hanging out on it.


Pupdate 12/4/2022

Today Chase and I headed over to Rhynerson Park in Lakewood, CA to continue to work on all his commands.

Last night during our walk, we went the entire walk with the leash dragging even with the neighborhood dogs barking. I walked slowly, and moderately and even gave it a little jog to make sure he stayed in the heel. Chase was receptive to staying in the heel with the leash dragging the entire time. We stopped and practiced him sitting when I stopped. Then I practiced his "come to sit" without holding the leash in my hand. He does it about 75% of the way. He needs a reminder when he gets behind me but other than that, he did well with his impending off-leash work. I did leave the prong collar on for our walk but it was not attached to the leash as mentioned in yesterday's pupdate.

Rhynerson Park is full of people, pups, and distractions. There was even a horse! There are also plenty of places for us to practice all his commands. Chase is doing great and I am happy with his progress! We performed everything without the prong. Chase is most comfortable with the "under" and "down" as that's where he feels safest. We still need to clean up the "come to sit" but everything else is progressing nicely.


Pupdate 12/5/2022

Today Chase and I headed over to Whittier Narrows in South El Monte, CA to meet up with some of our fellow Off-Leash trainers and Chase's fellow pups in training. Today, we started pushing Chase to go a little further in his training. We used leash dragging just to make sure he is understanding and willing to do the tasks at a long distance.

In the video above you can see that Chase can do the "place" with a "down" and "under" to "down" without much issue. He feels comfortable and safe in these positions. As noted when I take him to Rhneryson Park, he has no issue hanging out in the "under" because he feels safe there. He has no issue hanging out in the "down" when we are nearby. However, when Chase is in the "down" in a large open area as shown in the videos above, he doesn't feel comfortable with me moving more than 25-30' away. The good news is that he isn't trying to run away but rather wants to come to me. The other confusing part for Chase is deciding to go "under" or "place" on objects like the benches at this park. You can see in one part of this video that I was trying to get him to "place" and he kept doing "under". Hopefully, we will clear this up with a lot more repetitions.

Some more good news is that today in the open field, we jogged around in different directions to make sure he would stay in the "heel". He was more than willing to do the "heel" at various speeds.

Lastly, I have started introducing some hand commands to try to help make it clear to Chase what I want him to do. I will probably use some treats this week to get him closer to the "heel" and to associate my hand with what I want him to do.


Pupdate 12/7/22

Today Chase and I loaded up and headed over to Heartwell Park in Long Beach, CA. We explored all the different sports fields such as soccer, baseball, and even the roller hockey rink and the outdoor basketball court. I think Chase is a sports fan.

The great part about today is that I initiated the off-leash part of his training. Today, Chase was approximately 85% off-leash for our time at the park. He just needed a little correcting on the heel as he likes to be too far away sometimes. When I increase his levels too much on the stimulation he will start to drift away or look for his safe place. When I see that he is about to start guessing on commands, I give him a quick "sit" and then recall into "heel". Chase did great with all his commands. He did a great "place" and is close to a clean send away to "place". His "under" the bench was good too. The hand signals to sit and stay are coming along nicely. I am still working on his ability to do the "down" anywhere. He is most comfortable doing it on tables or under things but in random areas like the grass in an open field, he will still try to come to me instead of going into the "down". He might need some puppy push-ups where he goes from sit to down then down-to-sit several times. His recognition of the commands is good and we will continue to work on them to ensure he has full mastery whether on or off-leash.

Great job today, Chase!


Pupdate 12/07/22

Today Chase and I headed over to Mayfair Park in Lakewood, CA. As you can see in today's video, we covered all the commands off-leash! Great job, Chase! He is doing better and better with his off-leash work. As you can see in the video, he was a little off on his "come-to-heel" after the "under". No big deal, as I just took one step backward and still made him do it. He got it on the next try. Next, as you can see when I went to similar benches as he just performed the "under" he wanted to go "under" despite me saying "place" and pointing to the bench. I backed up and tried to get ahead of him to get his attention before he went "under". As you can see, he went up but was skeptical so I helped out so he could overcome his apprehension. He went to the "down" on top of the bench with relative ease. Then I had him join me in the "heel" as I walked away. I stopped so he stopped and went into the "sit". Then I gave him a "break" and belly rubs ensued. Really proud of the progress he is making! We will continue to work on his off-leash work and keep pushing the distance and time he can do off-leash work. Unless we are in new areas or have to maintain off-leash rules then I foresee us doing off-leash from here forward.


Pupdate 12/08/22

Today Chase and I worked on his house manners. He sometimes gets a little confused about what we are doing. He does understand the stimulation and will start to look around to figure out what I am asking him to do. This is a good sign that he is trying to do the task. He was a little reluctant to do some things earlier due to his bathroom issues. I took him outside and once he was done he understood better.

As you can see in today's video, we continue to work on his food manners. Today was the first time I had him wait, in the down, and wait for me to bring his water and food. As I've mentioned before, he doesn't like being in the "down" in open areas and will look to come to me for comfort. When he breaks the command, no worries. We just reset him and reset the whole training until he gets it. If you notice in the video after I put the water down and then went to get the food, which is a high-value item, he was much more relaxed and calm. This is a sign that he understood that instead of sitting which he normally does, he just has to relax in the "down" and he will be able to enjoy his dinner. I don't like to add too many variables or challenges at once as it can become too confusing but this was a good way to get him started on waiting patiently while in the house. As mentioned before, I will add distractors or other things that will make him choose his food over those distractors.

If you notice also, there was no leash just the e-collar and his regular collar. I didn't use pressure to put him in the down, rather was just rubbing his back and making sure he was all the way "down" as confirmation that I wanted him to hang out in the "down". Simply using stimulation and the hand signal pointing at the ground is enough to get him into the "down". The rubbing and the petting in the proper position are positive feedback to him that he is doing the right thing.

Lastly, as we have discussed, we had to change up his food again. He had his puppy food for a little bit but that didn't work out. For dinner, he had 1 cup of white rice and two tablespoons of pumpkin mixed together. Hopefully, this helps his GI system and we can get him rolling.

Other than his food issues, he LOVES play time with Toji. The dynamic duo are always playing in the back.


Pupdate 12/09/10

Today Chase and I headed over to Rhynerson Park in Lakewood, CA for a review of all of his commands. I am getting him ready for his final exams! We reviewed everything. This means that before we left the house, he had to perform proper door manners before going outside. He also had to "load up" in order to get in the vehicle. Once we arrived at the park, Chase had to wait to be let out of the crate in the car before we started our training. Next, we walked around the park in the "heel". I walked in different directions, on and off the path, to make sure he stayed in the "heel" no matter what I did. Then, I started working on and pushing the distance for his "send away to place" command. He was a little confused at first because he didn't see the benches (in the pictures) as he wasn't sure if he was supposed to leave the "heel". Once, I encouraged him to go with my hand signals and encouraged the "place" command, Chase was willing to go from about 15-20' away. As he was getting into position I moved even further away to make sure he wasn't going to break the "place". We were able to practice this several times along the way. Next, there were perfect-sized benches for Chase to practice his "under". Boom! No problem for the Chasers when it's easy to pick one or the other. After the "place" and the "under", I would recall Chase with either the "come" or "heel" command. Chase did great on these as well! On one table where he was performing "place", I practiced the "extended place and down". Chase broke the command after about a minute the first time but then we reset and he nailed it on the second try. Now we need to practice these commands and being out for extended periods around more distractors. I am very pleased with his progress as we continue to reinforce off-leash everywhere we go!


Pupdate 12/10/22

Today Chase and I loaded up and went to Don Knabe Park in Cerritos, CA. This was a great step up from our trips to Rhyneron Park. This is because there were a lot more distractors at Don Knabe Park such as other dogs, ducks, RC cars, people fishing, and people exercising.

We made a patrol around the park and worked on all his commands. We started in the "heel". Walked our way over to some tables where we worked on his send away to "place". Chase did amazing as there was a little pup that was trying to get Chase's attention but he didn't pay it any mind and carried out the tasks. Great job Chase!

After I recalled Chase to the "heel", we kept going on our walk around the park. I was going to put him in the "under" near some benches in the video above; however, I observed a lot of duck poop and didn't want him to get dirty. We turned around and headed back around the park to find a bench that was not full of duck poop. On our way to another bench, Chase decided he wanted to go into the pond! Oh boy, that was a surprise! Chase actually got right out and we carried on our walk around the park. The good news, e-collars are waterproof!

We carried out the rest of the commands such as more send away to a place, under, come to sit, and come to heel. Chase did get confused at one point about the "under" versus the "place. If you notice, I am trying to make this clearer for him by only having him do "under" on benches that have plenty of under space versus "place" on larger, more solid objects. Overall it was a great day of training!

I did give Chase a bath when we got home and rinsed off his ecollar. Back to normal! I also gave him his food tonight and will continue to do so going forward. I have included a picture of the size difference between his old food (on the left) vs. his new food (on the right). Chase loves to eat so he had no issues with the transition back to his food.


Pupdate 12/11/22

A rare rainy day throughout Los Angeles! It's all good because last night we put in some extra work. Last night we loaded up and went to Summerly Community Park in Lake Elsinore, CA to watch some softball games and work on being around people and distractions. I was super impressed with how Chase performed with all his commands. Specifically, he waited patiently in his down when I had to get up to take care of something or had to move around because it was chilly! His "send away to place" was looking really good. We were there for a few hours and he had no issues with being off-leash the entire time. There were games going on four different fields and other pups roaming around with their pup parents and Chase paid them little to no mind. Also, you can see that we used his collar's light function in the dark pet break area. Great job, Chase!

For today, we focused on his house manners. I had him "place" on his dog cot several times throughout the day when we were eating or when the little ones were running around the house. I tried not to stay in the same room because he is so attached but he did fine for several minutes at a time without me being in the same room as him. My mini-trainers did a great job of putting him back on whenever he got up and Chase is such a good pup that he lets them and is willing to go with them. My littlest trainer often puts him in his crate and Chase goes without any fuss. Keep up the great work Chase!


Pupdate 12/12/22

Today Chase and I loaded up and headed over to Wildnerness Park in Downey, CA. We met up with our fellow Off-Leash trainers and fellow pups in training. Chase is doing so great with all his off-leash training and being around other people and pups. His "send away to place" is looking nice when he knows where to go and it's not confusing. Sometimes it takes a hand gesture and getting closer but once he knows what I am asking of him, he does a great job. I have noticed that the ecollar stimulation for Chase is very low. This is great! The one side effect is that because it is so low that he sometimes does a head shake or tries to paw at it even at a 5 or 7 level. Then when he is confused he doesn't know what to do and starts looking for a safe refuge. I try to reset him with a sit and some petting to calm him down.

Today we still did almost everything off-leash. There was another duck pond around so I clipped in my bungee cord to make sure he wasn't going to sneak in again. He showed no signs of wanting to break off the "heel" and go for a dip but it's something to be mindful of. I used counter-conditioning to ensure he doesn't think that it is ok for him to jump in whenever he wants.

Overall Chase continues to do amazing with all his obedience tasks and he can't wait to show you all his progress over the last 3-weeks!


Pupdate 12/13/22

Today Chase and I reviewed his commands in the house. This includes his house manners, door manners, car manners, and food manners. Chase is doing so amazing with all his commands! Chase loves playtime with Toji! Chase and I can't wait to show you his 3-week transformation!

Please take note of today's video on how we use all the commands. During the video I used "sit", "down", and "load up". I used "sit" and "down" for the door manners. This makes sure he understands that he can't go through the door until I allow him to go through the door. I usually use "yes" when I want to let him do something like go through the door but not be on full "break". "Break" is for when he can be a dog and do his thing. It doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants. I still watch him and make sure he is behaving. I am ready to give him an "off" if needed.

Next, we have the "car manners" where I give him a "sit" prior to opening the vehicle. Chase needs to wait until I am ready for him to enter the vehicle. I might need to open the door on his crate or move some things around to make sure he is safe in the vehicle. When I say "Load Up!" then he can go in the vehicle. To get him out of the vehicle I usually give him a "break" or "come on, chase".

Lastly, is his food manners. In order to maintain him not going anywhere, I give him a "sit". There is no need for a "stay". "Sit" means "sit. This means that he needs to wait until I give him another command such as "break". Once I give him the "break" command he can go eat his food.

All of these tasks require consistency and repetition. We will be reviewing all these during Chase's turnover this Sunday.


Pupdate 12/15/22

Today Chase and I headed over to Heartwell Park in Long Beach, CA. Chase loves being outside and exploring the world. As mentioned before, Chase is doing great off-leash. I haven't put a leash on him at all in the last week (except when we went near water the other day). He has been such a great pup! Does he get confused? Does he want to go play with other dogs? Yes and yes. But it's no big deal! I just give him a "sit" and reset him. That's all it usually takes. Sometimes it requires some increased stimulation to get his attention back but normally he likes to operate in the lower levels which is great for his training. Chase still is a little hesitant when I walk away at first and usually needs reinforcement of the command but then will carry out the task with no issue.

Just a reminder that these are the commands we are going to be going over this upcoming weekend:




(Go to) "Place"

"Come" (to sit)




Please take the time to review our previous videos to go over the commands for our upcoming turnover. This will help ensure a smooth training session and transition. Chase will want to go back to his old ways when he gets home and we need to make sure he understands that his obedience carries on with you. This will only happen with consistency from you. Chase is a great pup and structure keeps him the talk of anywhere we go!


Pupdate 12/15/22

Today Chase and I reviewed all his commands including house manners. Please see the video for today for our upcoming turnover. I think it's always a good idea to make sure you do a quick review of the commands with your pup before going to crowded places loaded full of distractions. This ensures that the pup is doing well and doesn't want to break for potty breaks or anything else. The only command I didn't cover is the "down" due to not having a bench or chair outside that he could do it on. We will go over this when we do the turnover.

Ok, so I forgot to turn my mic on! Whoops! No worries! The important thing that I focused on today was that Chase's levels should not require much more than a level 10 on the stimulation for most of your day-to-day obedience tasks. Even if he is a little confused, I usually blame myself as the trainer or dog owner for not making it clear to the pup what I want to do. I give them a second chance to demonstrate the task. I know Chase knows what to do but sometimes he still guesses. When he does get a little confused I just use another stimulation and a light tap of my hip to get his attention. Stay tuned for our upcoming trips this weekend to show how well he does out and about! I also included some video of my tiny trainer walking with Chase in the "heel" and doing the place when she asked him to. A great way to get your daily practice in with Chase is to involve the whole family. This gives Chase a chance to bond with everyone and learn that the rules apply no matter how big or small the person is. Chase is a great pup who is respectful and loving to the little ones.


Pupdate 12/16/2022

Today Chase and I loaded up and headed out to Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA to continue to acclimate him to various environments as well while also filming his final video! Chase was a little overstimulated at first. It took about an hour of being on the pier before he was calm and ready to carry out all the tasks. I had to go up on the stimulation at first because there was so much going on down there such as musicians, dancers, tourists, the ocean, and the new environment. At about the one-hour mark, I was able to bring the levels back down to where he usually operates which was fantastic! Chase has definitely become attached to my family as they joined me today and when he was confused or unsure he would immediately look for them or go to them. Once again, not a bad problem as we know that he isn't looking to run away, he just needs a reset and for the tasks to be clear. Once he was reset and calmed down with some belly rubs and petting, he was back to being the wonderfully trained and obedient Chase. This tells me that Chase needs some time to acclimate to new areas before asking too much of him. Start slow and build up to areas that have a lot of distractions and stimuli. I have done my best to expose him to a lot of different environments. You will be responsible for carrying on his training and ensuring that he is comfortable in all places. We don't avoid areas that are full of stimulus, we just use caution and watch him for anxiousness. If you are ever worried or think he's too overwhelmed, then just hook the leash back up for a little while so he feels safe and you can be clear on what you need from him.

Lastly, Chase LOVES the ocean! I didn't bring a beach towel for Chase but we did go for a cruise along the water and all he wanted to do was go in and play with my little one. He's an amazing pup and he will be home soon to show everything he has learned!


Pupdate 12/17/22

Today Chase and I headed over to Rhynerson Park for one last day of training! Chase goes home tomorrow after a successful 3-Week Board and Train. We can't wait to show you how great of a student Chase was.

While at the park we had some fun today and worked on some long-distance recall to see how far away I could get to have him come back to either the "heel" or the "come" to sit. Chase did great! He used to get up when I walked away from him in open fields. Now he sits patiently until I give him his next command. What a great pup! During some of the commands, he still was looking to my oldest training partner and part-time videographer for comfort but it's all good because with just a little more stimulation and an "off" he goes right back to work. I ran around with Chase in the "heel" and then my oldest is a cross-country runner so she took the wheel for a little bit to make sure that Chase would keep up and also stay in the "heel". He did amazing and of course, his favorite is the "break" with belly rubs!

You guys have a great fur family member and I know he's going to make you all very proud!



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