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Brixton | Pitbull Mix | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Meet Brixton! An 11-month-old Pitbull Mix from Los Angeles, CA who is joining us for our 2 Week Board and Train Program. Brixton had previously completed a 1 Week Board and Train but started to have some issues following through with his commands out in public and pulling on the leash. He occasionally jumps when greeting other and always is in a playtime mode. Brixton will work on freshening up all of his commands and now work towards the goal of being off leash! Stay tuned for his 14 day transformation.


Pupdate 8/21/2022

Brixton took a little time setting into his temporary home this morning. He roamed around the yard, checked all the fruit trees, and did a couple zoomie laps. Brixton was reintroduced to the commands as we had previously introduced them and did very well. We have adjusted the contract points on the E-Collar, and it is making a difference in how Brixton feels and responds to the E-Collar.


Pupdate 8/22/2022

Please listen to the audio on the video for information about his Come to Sit command.


Pupdate 8/23/2022

In the first part of the video we used an around the snout leader with Brixton to aid in his pulling. You can that it almost immediately stopped pulling and was walking in a much better Heel. We then switched him over to a standard leash and you can see the that he no longer pulls. Brixton often veers out of position, sticks his nose to the ground or falls behind. We would like him to learn to match our pace no matter how fast/slow we are walking and regardless of what distractions may be around.


Pupdate 8/24/2022

Please listen to the audio on the video for information about his Place command.


Pupdate 8/25/2022

We took a trip to a local park to work on Brixton’s commands. There were plenty of distractions such as other people/children, dogs and ducks. Brixton was very intrigued by the ducks at first but was able to work through those distraction with our assistance. It is important that you pay attention to his body language and provide him with reminders of the task at hand. Brixton was working off leash and did really well overall. As long as we do our part Brixton follows through much better.


Pupdate 8/26/2022

In the video above you can see Brixton practice all of his commands off leash. He only makes very little and minor mistakes but knows exactly what we are asking him to do. We always give Brixton an opportunity to do some problem solving to follow through with the task. When he is out in public with distractions, he does need helpful reminders from us so he can continue to succeed. Reinforcement and consistency are a must.


Pupdate 8/27/2022

Today Brixton and I hiked up above our home to a point where you can see North towards the Hacienda Country Club and South into La Miranda and Torrance/Palms Verde. Brixton does quite well heeling along off leash occasionally slowing to investigate a new smell.

During the hike it gave me an opportunity to really see Brixton’s prey drive at work. Brixton chased a lizard, some birds, and a cat. He will respond to the E-Collar but at high numbers. His behavior gives me pause when considering the areas that he can be off leash in.


Pupdate 8/28/2022

Brixton worked inside of Lowes today. He did not like the animated Halloween decorations. He began pulling on his leash towards them and was barking at them. When working throughout the store Brixton didn’t mind the loud noises, such as the carts being pushed, going on around him.


Pupdate 8/29/2022

We took a walk down to our local Starbucks. Once we got there Brixton enjoyed a puppuccino which he absolutely loved! Our neighborhood has relatively low distractions and Brixton does well on his daily walks off leash as he has adjusted to the area. Whenever we are nearing a major street, we always place a leash on Brixton to be safe.


Pupdate 8/30/2022

When we first arrived at the park it was very difficult for Brixton to focus. He was looking in every direction, even though there were very few people around. The park is large with a neighboring school, dog park and where people often come and go. So, Brixton was likely consumed with all the scents nearby. In the video, when people and other dogs pass you can see Brixton hyper focuses and moves out of position. Immediate reinforcement is required so Brixton understands what is and isn’t allowed.


Pupdate 8/31/2022

Brixton was much more distracted at the park today than yesterday. He wanted to run up to all the other dogs around, even though they were at a good distance from us. Brixton did well in holding his positions away from the distractions. He was a bit excited when asked to come and often would run right past me. When he does this, we immediately follow through with the command so he can complete the full ‘come to sit’.


Pupdate 9/1/2022

We worked in the park with other dogs in close proximity. Brixton did well at this location as the park is more mellow. He has worked with the other pup before, so he was calmer and more comfortable around him.


Pupdate 9/2/2022

Brixton and his friend Dodger worked on off leash heeling together around the park. It is fair to note that Brixton, when given direction, can and will choose to do as the handler asked despite the distraction level.


Pupdate 9/3/2022

We worked on Brixton’s house manners. These include crate manners, door manners and food manners. For car manners we would like Brixton to go in/out of the crate in the car on command. He sometimes takes his time coming out of the crate which isn’t a bad thing! As long as he doesn’t push his way out. Door manners we want Brixton to sit/down and wait before going in/out of any doorway. Even if it is left open. Food manners work similar to door manners where Brixton must sit/down and wait to be released to get his food. The same rule applies for treats too!



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