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Boy | Pocket Bully | Menifee, CA | In-Training

Meet Boy! He's a 4 month-old Pocket Bully from Menifee, California who is here for our Three-Week Puppy Board and Train program. Boy is a smart, playful puppy with a lot of energy! He also chews on anything and everything and will potty everywhere. Over the next twenty-one days Boy and I will work on his crate and potty training, basic obedience, including loose leash walking/heeling, manners, and building Boy's confidence while exposing him to new environments. Stay tuned for his transformation!


Pupdate 3/6/2022

Boy has trouble controlling his excitement and will pee if you try to pet him or reach for his collar. He will also pancake to the ground. He rode in a crate in the van and whined a little bit but then stopped. I took him to a shopping area to walk around. He was curious and over excited, and he would pee often. We did some clicker training where the sound of the clicker is followed by food. After a number of repetitions Boy started making the association that click = reward. We worked on luring into a sit and did some engagement. Each time Boy would make eye contact I would click and provide food. He picked it up fast! Boy gets very excited when he sees people and tries to run up to everyone. We will continue to do engagement in public and work on having Boy remain calm in busier environments.


Pupdate 3/7/2022

Today we worked on my property. I started with engagement and rewarded Boy for eye contact. When he made eye contact I would mark with "yes" and move back while rewarding with a piece of kibble. Boy wasn't super motivated for his kibble, but he did follow through with what was being asked of him. Sometimes I would reward multiple times while moving in different directions, and sometimes it would be one reward with one piece of kibble. Boy socialized with a small group of dogs and did well with the female dogs and male dogs that were neutered, but he did not do well with the other intact male puppies. He showed more dominant behavior by growling and attempting to pin the other puppy on the ground.


Pupdate 3/8/2022

Boy and I worked on engagement (eye contact), place, down, and come to sit. We walked around the property and Boy was rewarded for staying by my side. If he got out of position I would help him find "heel" and then mark and reward. He does not pee anymore when I reach for his collar, but he does still lower his body to the ground.


Pupdate 3/9/2022

Today we did some engagement in front of Starbucks. Boy has a short attention span and would try to run up to people. When he would look at a person without moving towards them, I would mark and reward with kibble. He doesn’t have the attention span to learn commands in distracting environments so I will continue to teach him on my property, and take him for walks to expose him to different stimuli. I noticed because of the way his body is structured that Boy waddles. He doesn’t appear to be sore or in pain but sometimes it looks like he puts more weight on one side of his body than another. I've offered him meals three times a day but he is not overly interested in his kibble.


Pupdat 3/10/2022

This morning we worked on loose leash walking, Boy’s duration sit, and down, on my property. He socialized with a small group of dogs in the afternoon. Then we went to a pet store and walked around. Boy tried to run up to people but it was easier to get his attention and have him come back to me. He had access to his kibble but left half of it.


Pupdate 3/11/2022

This morning I did Boy's nails. He was squirmy but we worked through it and I marked and rewarded when he was calm, even if it was for a second. After that we went to a shopping area to walk around and work on Boy's commands. I worked on luring him into a down on the place bed, and he did really well! Boy is showing more focus and engagement in our sessions.


Pupdate 3/12/2022

Today Boy and I walked around the boardwalk. There was a lot of foot traffic and Boy did okay passing people. I used a slip leash that works as a halti to teach him to move with the pressure of the leash. Without it, he was going in every direction. Boy received a lot of attention and compliments. When I would stop walking I would use the leash to guide him into a sit. Boy did pretty well!


Pupdate 3/13/2022

This morning we went to the Carlsbad Outlets to work on Boy’s commands in a new environment. I’m using air dried meat treats and see a big improvement in his engagement where there are more distractions. He does try to go towards dogs he sees and when there is a dog that’s barking he will freeze, growls, and try to go in the direction of the noise. I’ve been marking and rewarding when he looks at dogs to help him make a positive association with seeing dogs. Boy was ready for a nap after our walk and all the mental stimulation.


Pupdate 3/14/2022

Today we went to the Harbor and worked on Boy’s duration sit and down. People walked past us with their dogs, and it was difficult for Boy to hold his position. He was able to remain in place half the time, but he is still learning. In the afternoon, Boy socialized in the run with a female puppy and was very playful with her. He is tired by the end of the day.


Pupdate 3/15/2022

Boy is showing more motivation, focus, and engagement with each passing day! He is motivated to work for the freeze dried treats and meat roll in a way that I wasn't seeing with the kibble. He met three new people today, and while he was excited, he did not have an accident, and kept a more upright body language. Previously he would drop to the ground or roll over in a more submissive manner. We worked on luring him onto a feed bowl, and then rewarding for taking small steps while his front paws were on the bowl. This teaches rear-end awareness, which most dogs don't have, and helps with heeling and turning with us. We started with the right side and then did the left. Boy did really well with this!


Pupdate 3/16/2022

Today we went back to a shopping area and worked on Boy’s extended sit. He is doing much better holding the position so I’m now spacing out his rewards. Boy did well with most distractions but did bark at a dog that walked past us. I did notice a couple of small pimples on Boy’s chin, which could be from him rolling around in the dirt and rubbing his face in his blanket. I’ll keep an eye on this and update with any changes.


Pupdate 3/17/2022

Boy and I went to the beach and worked on loose leash walking in a very distracting environment. He is doing much better in environments that have lower distractions but had trouble focusing at times when there was a lot going on. He is still young and needs to take in (with his eyes) the world around him, and sometimes that means just going somewhere and sitting versus trying to move through the environment. I decided to work in one area with him instead of walking him up and down the boardwalk. He is doing much better overall!


Pupdate 3/18/2022

Boy and I worked on engagement and read end awareness in a shopping area. I lured him on to a feed bowl and mark and reward for each step he takes counter clockwise. Boy is doing very well with this!


Pupdat 3/19/2022

Boy and I went to the mall to work in a new environment. He was really well behaved inside the stores and received several compliments. We practiced greeting manners, and he is doing better with this but still gets excited at times. Very happy with the progress he has made!


Pupdate 3/20/2022

Boy and I went to a busy park in Temecula and worked on his extended sit and down. There were scooters and skateboarders flying past us, which would make Boy pop out of the down position. When he would pop out of position before being released, I would say "no" and guide him back into position using the leash. He usually wouldn't pop up a second time.


Pupdate 3/21/2022

Today we went to a local park and worked on Boy’s commands. We focused on heeling, place, his extended sit, and his extended down. Boy did really well and maintained nice focus throughout our session!


Pupdate 3/22/2022

Boy and I worked on his come to sit and heeling at the park. There were two soccer games going on behind us and people sitting and making noise just off camera. Boy held great focus through the out the session and completed all of his commands!


Pupdate 3/23/2022

Today I took Boy to the beach and to Lowe’s to work on loose leash walking in a new environment. He did really well! Boy does a good job of making eye contact in the heel position and is getting better at seeing dogs without having a negative reaction. He was tired after our walk and will sleep well tonight!


Pupdate 3/4/2022

Boy and I worked on his down at the outlet mall. He is loose leash walking nicely. When we see birds and he wants to chase them I use the “off” command. If he sees another dog I mark and reward to make sure he makes a positive association with seeing other dogs. I’ve noticed a difference in his reaction to dogs. He has definitely improved and is not trying to go after them!


Pupdate 3/25/2022

Boy and I worked on his final video at the beach. He was able to pass dogs, and although he wanted to chase birds, the “off” command deterred him from going after them. Boy did very well in his program! He gained confidence around dogs and was able to learn new obedience commands!

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