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Bowie| 7 Months Old| Golden Retriever| Long Beach, CA| In Training

Pupdate 12/20/2019

Bowie is settling in well! We spent the afternoon exploring the backyard and getting to know each other. We rested for a while after playing in the backyard, and then went for a walk around the neighborhood this evening. He definitely loves to tug while walking, we're gonna start working on leash manners asap! Overall, he's doing great, definitely very excited with all of the new surroundings.


Pupdate 12/21/2019


Pupdate 12/22/2019

Goody boy during a training session this morning. We went for a walk to work on leash manners, and after breakfast worked on basics. Bowie's favorite thing to do was "place". He loved hopping up on the place cot, though we need some more practice sitting still on it. We also introduced "off", a correction for jumping up or mouthing.


Pupdate 12/23/2019


Pupdate 12/24/2019 Goofy boy hanging in the backyard today. We went for a decent walk around the neighborhood this morning to work on heel, and then practiced our basics with a longer duration. He's eaten all of his food today and we're hanging out watching a movie this evening.


Pupdate 12/25/2019

Pupdate 12/26/2019 Bowie's been having a blast with all the excitement from the holidays. We stopped by my families house to drop off some presents, and it was a great opportunity to work on holding "place". He has a much easier time staying down for a longer duration on a physical object- whether it's a blanket, or a bed. The physical boundary is a good reminder for him. Tomorrow we're going out to work on his heel in public and get those basic commands solid.


Pupdate 12/27/2019

Pupdate 12/28/2019

We spent our last evening together at an outdoor mall practicing our good manners and receiving lots of affection from passersbys. Bowie still struggles a little with his manners meeting new people, especially if they approach him excitedly. I've been making him sit or lie down while greeting new people & receiving pets so he won't be tempted to jump up. He's gotten a lot better with the mouthing, and stops when corrected. We had a long day, so when we got home he got a peanut butter Kong as a reward for all his hard work.


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