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Boo Boo | Shih Tzu | Simi Valley, CA | In-Training

Meet Boo Boo, a 2 year and 2-month-old Shih Tzu from Simi Valley, CA! He has joined us for our famous 2 Week Board and Train Program. Boo Boo comes to us after his sister Bambi who has now completed her 2 Week Board and Train Program. Boo Boo has similar bad habits such as running out the front door, leaving concern for his safety. Boo Boo has his moments where he likes to steal food away from the little children in his home. He will then snap at you while you try to take away the food he isn't supposed to have. Boo Boo will benefit from learning basic obedience and proper manners. Stay tuned for his two-week transformation!


Pupdate 7/10/2022

Boo Boo did very well on the drive home and is spending the day getting used to his new environment. He does bark here and there when he can hear us in the other room but can’t see us. This is to be expected since he does have an attachment to being by a humans side all the times. He did great meeting the other pups but wasn’t yet ready to engage in playtime.


Pupdate 7/11/2022

Boo Boo worked on his come to sit command today. Similar to Bambi, he was resistant to the leash pressure and would bite the leash. He would also try to jump on me in efforts to not follow through. The process remains the same with consistency. We also want Boo Boo to come to our right, loop behind us and sit on our left. As we practiced repetitions Boo Boo was showing small signs of improvement.

At our residence Boo Boo seems stressed as he does not have the same liberties as he does at home. Boo Boos’ separation anxiety (not being at a human’s side 24/7) is resulting in him barking and pawing at the crate door. He did whine throughout the night last night. During those times Boo Boo had two pee accidents inside the crate as well. As you can see in the photos provided, we placed the Thunder Shirt on him to see if this helps calm his nerves a bit. The pink collar has also given his fur a pink hue.


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