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Biscuit | Mini Golden Doodle | Irvine, CA | In-Training

Meet Biscuit, a 11-month puppy from Irvine, CA. She is joining us for our 2 Week Board & Training Program. Biscuit has normal puppy behavior such as jumping on most people she has engaged with which is not a well-mannered behavior. She does not know her boundaries and has a habit of pulling on the leash like most puppies. She is potty trained with pee pads but as a team we will change that habit and teach her to go outside. She does know some of her basic commands Over the next 2 weeks she will adjust to a well-behaved pup for her family. Check out her 2-week transformation!


Pupdate 7/3/22

Biscuit is settling in today with her handler. She let out a couple cries for attention but stopped after 5 - 10 minutes and was able to relax at her temporary home. She spent most of the time smelling her surroundings becoming familiar with her new setting. She will start her first day of training tomorrow! She was given the recommended amount given to us by the owners. Biscuit will get half a cup of her kibble and 2 tablespoon of her Whole Food Ingredients.


Pupdate 7/4/22

Biscuit has been progressing at a fast rate, she has been practicing her come to sit, place, and down command. She has been able to maintain her commands for up to a minute. Even with her handler giving space to test whether or not Biscuit will get up from those commands, but she's been doing great! She has been able to learn her heel command which is to stay closer to her handler not pulling as much, but we will pull through these next couple of days.


Pupdate 7/5/22

As Biscuit kept practicing her sit command, Biscuit's handler decided to take the next step and use the door which can be tricky for some dogs as it can be a trigger, threshold etc. Biscuit had no problem maintaining her sit command and kept her attention to her handler, not wanting to run away by any means. You can see in her body language she wants to listen and understand what is right and what is wrong to do. Now that she has practiced this once , it is important to note that this will develop in a way we're Biscuit will learn to never want to pass a door until asked.


Pupdate 7/6/22

Biscuit went on a pack walk today in the morning with her handler and other trainer's with their dogs as well. She had no problem being around the dogs and was able to stay in her place command while her handler was distant from her! She is very good at maintaining her sit & place command when asked. Biscuit had a mother and her child come up to her and asked if it was ok to say hi, her handler gave them permission and Biscuit did not jump but rather lay down for a belly rub. She is getting better at being able to not jump as much on leash so far !


Pupdate 7/7/22

Biscuit went to the local Petsmart today with her handler. She didn't have too much trouble practicing her commands when asked in the store, as time went by she was getting used to the distractions around her so she was able to listen better with the repetitions of heel, sit, place, and down. The only problem sometimes was the come to sit but she did well after many repetitions. Overall experience today was fun!


Pupdate 7/8/22

Biscuit was doing very good today at Huntington Beach. She was very comfortable being around crowds of people. She was distracted by birds around her but other than that people and dogs were not the issue today which is good. Biscuit's heel is gonna need more practice with the variables of smells and new places she's being exposed to. She kept wanting to adventure off at times but it wasn't too much of a problem. She also worked on her manners today not jumping on anyone who asked permission to say hi.


Pupdate 7/9/22

Biscuit went to the local park in Fullerton to work on her heel and place command. She did well and even had some obedience training on her manners. 5 people asked permission to say hi to Biscuit and all she did was want to lay down for them and get belly rubs. We also worked on semi-off leash walking and she did pretty good, so with the next couple of days coming up she will start her off leash walks.


Pupdate 7/10/22

Biscuit went to Brea today to focus on her down & heel command. She did really well staying closer to her handler and executed her down command without hesitation. She started to work on her leash dragging also and it turned out very well seeing the effort this past week that's gone by. She will be ready for more leash dragging in the upcoming days with new environments!


Pupdate 7/11/22

Biscuit went to a park in Downey today and worked on her leash dragging walks, working towards off leash walking. She was doing really well, the only trouble that was noticeable was that she got excited with birds and wandered off towards them but was redirected by her handler. After an hour she was tested to see how obedient she was towards off leash walking and she did really well walking around the park in Downey, even doing multiple laps!


Pupdate 7/12/22

Biscuit was focusing on her place command getting inside of a vehicle. She did well off leash getting in and out of the vehicle. We also practiced with the leash attached to keep her safe and to provide any assistance as needed if her attention was off her handler. She was also given the down command to keep her more situated in the car. This practice can also be affiliated with being in a crate providing her with a space to be in.


Pupdate 7/13/22

Biscuit went to the Outlets of Orange today to focus on extended down, off leash walking, and greeting manners. She had a good amount of people who asked permission to say hi. With their help her handler was able to focus on keeping her still so she wouldn't raise her leg or tumble over since she had that type of reaction being approached. Biscuit can now successfully hold a seated position while being greeted with some guidance from us.


Pupdate 7/14/22

Biscuit spent most of the day getting exercise, going for her daily walks early in the morning and later in the evening. Later on the day she got to spend some time with Hunter, Cristian's personal dog. They have spent a lot of time separate from each other but are in each other's presence. After a couple of days of knowing each other they were best friends the moment they were engaged with each other. Hunter is used to younger pups and will submit to them to make them feel comfortable, letting any pup know he is their friend. Biscuit loves to spend every minute she can with Hunter playing and burning off any excess energy she has.


Pupdate 7/15/22

Biscuit went to the Citadel Outlets to work on her off leash obedience around distractions. She had no problems executing her commands when asked. She maintained her sit and down command being distant from her handler with the distractions around her. Biscuit also worked with other trainers to see if she can listen to anyone besides her personal handler and she did great.


Pupdate 7/16/22

Biscuit was focusing on her food manners today. She doesn't like to eat outside of her crate when asked, she is used to eating inside her crate when her handler isn't around. The goal was to have Biscuit eat inside her crate when asked by her handler without having to leave her sight. She was able to stay in her down command when asked with minor distractions going on. When she was signaled to eat it took her some time to walk into the crate but eventually completed the task.


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