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Beau | English Creme Golden Retriever | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Meet Beau, a 8 month old English Creme Golden Retriever from Los Angeles, CA. He is joining us for our 2 Week Board & Training Program. Beau has every trait you can imagine a puppy would have. He is lovable, joyful, and full of energy. Beau needs help with basic obedience and leash manners. Beau tends to pull heavily on leash and pay no attention to any command or his name when he is distracted. Beau is very friendly and will try to greet a person by jumping. During his stay, he will focus on Basic Obedience, Leash Manners, and Greeting Manners. Watch his transformation in the next 14 days!


Pupdate 7/18/22

Beau was able to settle in with his new trainer, he was pretty calm entering Cristian's home, and spent the night well adjusted with only a minor cry or two for attention. Beau went into training today and worked on his come to sit command and engaging more on his actual name since he doesn't listen when called for. He was a bit clumsy at first but with the help of Cristian, Beau was able to figure out what he wanted when asked. There were some distractions and dogs around at the park but Beau kept his composure and focused more on his obedience thanks to the help of his handler.


Pupdate 7/19/22

Beau went to a park in Yorba Linda today to work on his walking manners, learning heel which is to walk right beside his handler. He would pull at times to get onto the grass but being redirected by his handler he adjusted and was starting to understand what the task was. Beau does still get easily distracted with his surroundings, but by using those distractions in these new surroundings he's introduced to, he was able to maintain his heel command.


Pupdate 7/20/22

Beau went to El Monte for training today. Beau's priority was to stay in an Extended Sit while keeping his focus on his handler. There were minor distractions going on as in birds, cars passing by, and his handler making movements to instigate Beau to get out of his command but he did pretty well. After a couple of repetitions his handler decided to let go of the leash to make this practice more of a challenge but all Beau wanted to do was lay down instead. Beau is on his way to being a good boy!


Pupdate 7/21/22

Beau went to the local Home Depot in Anaheim today. Today's focus was distractions and noises since Cristian had noticed Beau can be somewhat fearful of noises he isn't aware of or can't see and will bark or start to go away from his handler. During Beau's walk around Home Depot he had no problem staying calm and was working on his obedience while people were shopping and grabbing stuff from the shelves. He did really well going back and forth the store multiple times, being placed into a sit or down with the variety of distractions presented to him. He also got to work on his greeting manners with employees who asked to say hi to Beau and did a good job not jumping at all during that time.


Pupdate 7/22/22

Beau went to The Block of Orange today with his handler. Today's focus was heel, greeting manners, and extended down. Beau also showed a fear of noises coming from behind him, people running behind him, making him a little uneasy during his training. Beau's handler had practice with the other trainers of OffLeash to create situations for Beau to work through, but with time he will get better at having a positive experience with this specific type of situation. Beau focused on his extended down but he was getting up at times after Cristian would try to be distant from him but with repetition they were able to execute their goal for the day. The other trainers with OffLeash also had their dogs act as distractions and it didn't bother Beau at all!


Pupdate 7/23/22

Beau went to a park in Fullerton today. Beau’s exercise today was a 1 hour walk throughout Hillcrest park; going up and down the incline/decline roads and path. Beau was easily maintaining his heel and had very little distraction to bother Beau. After some water and resting Beau went into training practicing his come to sit and extended down with some more distance to challenge Beau. He does pretty well with his come to sits but he will walk too far back trying to place himself next to this handler. As more repetitions happened Beau was placing himself closer to Cristian. Beau seems to be having a good experience learning something new everyday!


Pupdate 7/24/22

Beau had his daily exercise and worked on his food manners with his handler. Beau will be inside his crate and wait patiently to eat but out of the crate he is always jumpy and willing to just go for his bowl. Cristian has been working with Beau on this since he's been brought to his house and with the practice they had together Beau can be more calm and patient upon getting his food. At one point in this session Beau can be seen being patient while his handler is trying to instigate Beau to go to his bowl, but only does it when he is given his break command.


Pupdate 7/25/22

Beau went to a park today in La Habra Heights. Beau started his leash dragging training and did well going around the whole park, he also practiced off leash walking because his obedience has been better with everyday passing by. The only problem is that Beau will keep some distance being a slow walker but he was redirected to stay close to his handler. Other things practiced today were extended down & sit, come to sit, and place commands. Beau also worked around the other trainers dogs being sat next to them to see if he can hold his composure. He did good for most of that session only getting up twice from his down to say hi to the other dogs.


Pupdate 7/26/22

Beau has been working on his Door Manners since the day his handler picked him up. Beau has shown a lot of progress treating each door the same, with patience. Beau is attached to a leash in case he walks out during the training session. Since he's had practice he understands his boundaries with any door through basic obedience with the use of sit & down . Beau only got up once from his sit but was redirected by his handler.


Pupdate 7/27/22

Beau went to the Citadel Outlets in Commerce today. Beau did really well being off leash while being in a busy environment. Beau kept to his handlers side going back and forth through the Outlets. We also practiced extended down with distance to see if a busier area would challenge Beau, but he did really well. Beau also got compliments on how well his patience is for pictures!


Pupdate 7/28/22

Beau was focusing on his place command getting inside of a vehicle. Beau would want to go around the car if he has the chance but once he was redirected he did well off leash getting in and out of the vehicle. We also practiced with the leash attached to keep him safe and to provide any assistance as needed if his attention was off his handler. He was also given the come to sit command to keep him focused and engaged.


Pupdate 7/29/22

Beau went to Citadel to focus on his Off Leash Obedience. He did really well with the amount of people who were shopping today staying close to Cristians side. Beau was able to do his extended sit, down, and place at any part of the Outlets. Beau had some guests who wanted to greet him and with the permission of his handler they were able to say hi to Beau, receiving comments such as what a good dog or look how calm he is.


Pupdate 7/30/22

Beau spent most of the day getting exercise, going for his daily walks early in the morning and later in the evening. Later on in the day Beau got to spend some time with Hunter, Cristian's personal dog. They have spent a lot of time separate from each other but are in each other's presence. After a couple of days of getting to know each other they were best friends the moment they engaged with each other. Hunter is used to younger pups and will submit to them to make them feel comfortable, letting any pup know he is their friend. Beau loves to spend every minute he can with Hunter playing and burning off any excess energy he has.



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