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Bear | Dalmatian | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Bear, a one year old Dalmatian, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our Two Week Board and Train Program. Due to Bear being deaf, she is very nervous out in public and timid around new people. She has little knowledge of commands, doesn’t walk properly on leash, and is reactive towards other dogs.


Bear is settling in at my home. She got to meet the rest of my pack. She didn’t show any aggression towards them. She was a little shy around them, but is slowly warming up to them. Bear definitely has some separation anxiety that we will be working on.


Pupdate 3/13/2023

Today Bear and I went to the park to work on her commands. I introduced and conditioned her to the ecollar. We practiced commands Sit, Place, and Heel. She caught on quickly to Place and Heel. We are having some difficulty with Sit, but we will keep practicing. Bear was but distracted with her surroundings which made it hard for her to focus on me and her commands. She has become more comfortable with my pack. She started trying to initiate play with with the other dogs.


Pupdate 3/14/2023

Today Bear and I went to the park to work on her obedience. We practiced more of Heel, Sit, and Place. We worked on a new command Down. Bear is figuring out her hand signals and what they mean. She caught on to the Down command pretty quickly. Her Heel is coming along well. Bear is walking much better, staying close and focusing on where I am walking.


Pupdate 3/15/2023

Today Bear and I went to Lowes to work on her obedience around distractions and to stay dry from the rain. I decided to switch her from the ecollar to a prong collar to see how she would respond. I found that the ecollar is a bit too much for her, right now, in the learning stages of her commands and hand signals. Bear is responding well with the the prong collar. Once she has all her commands down I will reincorporate the ecollar. We worked on a new command, Come to Sit. This command can be a bit tricky, but Bear is starting to get the hang of it. She was nervous when we first arrived to Lowes, but as we walked around and practiced her commands, she was able to relax. We need some more work on her duration. As you can see in the video she struggles with holding her Sits and Downs; partially because she’s nervous. The more we practice the better she will get. Bear had two potty accidents in the house today.


Pupdate 3/16/2023

Today Bear and I went to the park to work on her obedience. We practiced all her commands. We started working on her duration. Bear was a bit nervous with her surroundings, but as we practiced her commands she was able to settle down and focus. No accidents in the house, but I did notice her stool was mostly liquid. I gave her some anti-diarrhea liquid and added white rice to her meals to help soak up whatever is upsetting her tummy. It could be from the treats I gave her. I will keep an eye on it and see how she is feeling tomorrow.


Pupdate 3/17/2023

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Today Bear and her buddy, Fluffy, joined me on a shopping spree at The Block at Orange. They got to practice their commands around plenty of people distractions. She was a bit nervous, but felt more comfortable and confident with Fluffy by her side. We practiced all her commands. We tried working on her duration, but it was hard for her to hold her commands for long. The rice seemed to help her tummy, her stool is back to normal.


Pupdate 3/18/2023

Today Bear and I went to the park to work on her obedience. We practiced all her commands and worked on her duration and distance. Today I put on the ecollar to start weening her off the prong collar. Bear responded well to it, now that she understands her hand signals. She had one potty accident in the house.


Pupdate 3/19/2023

Today Bear and I trained at home to stay dry from the rain. We worked on all her obedience commands. I started teaching her how to use a potty bell, so she can alert me when she needs to go outside. Teaching to step on the bell is a bit tricky for her, but we will keep practicing until she gets it down.


Pupdate 3/20/2023


Pupdate 3/21/2023

Today Bear and I went to PetSmart to work on her obedience around distractions and out of the rain. She did very well she was focused and obedient. Once the rain stopped we went to the park to continue her training. It was pretty windy so Bear was a bit distracted with things that were being blown around in the wind. At home we more on the potty bell.


Pupdate 3/22/2023

Today Bear and I went to Home Depot to work on her commands around distractions. We met with other OffLeash SoCal trainers and their dogs, so she had plenty of dog distractions to work around. She did very well. She was definitely interested in the other dogs, but she stayed focused and followed her commands. At home we continued to work on the potty bell. I switch her over to the hanging bells because she was having a hard time understanding the push bell. She did much better and caught on quickly to the hanging bells.


Pupdate 3/23/2023

Today Bear and I went to the mall to work on her obedience around distractions. We practiced on all her commands and worked on her duration. Bear had quite a few admirers that stopped to watch her train. A couple people asked to pet her, but Bear was too shy to let them approach her.


Pupdate 3/24/2023

Today Bear and I went to the mall to work on her obedience around distractions. She did a great job! She was focused and obedient. She did get distracted by some pigeons that were walking around near by, but she still held her commands. Bear is getting better with the potty bells, starting to ring them on her own without me having to signal her to touch them with her nose.


Pupdate 3/25/202

Today Bear had an easy day of training. We stayed home and worked on her obedience. We worked on her door manners, teaching her not to pass thresholds until told. I gave her a bath so she could be nice and clean when she sees you tomorrow. She spent the rest of the day playing and socializing with her friends before she goes home. Bear can’t wait to show you everything she has learned!


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