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Bailey | French Bulldog | Los Angeles, CA | In - Training

Meet Bailey! A loving and playful 11 month old French Bulldog from Los Angeles, CA. Bailey has joined our 2 week Board and Train Program to work on her Potty Training, Greeting Manners, and Confidence Building. Stay tuned for her 14 day transformation!


Pupdate 5/15/2022

Today, after Bailey got settled in, we worked on introducing her to the prong collar and E collar. The prong collar is a communication tool that I use to guide Bailey in the direction I want her to go by creating a pressure path with the leash. I apply leash pressure and the second she follows it, I release that pressure. After a few tries Bailey got the hang of it. The E collar is a communication tool as well reinforcing everything so that she can eventually be off leash. When I guide Bailey with the leash I stimulate her with the E collar. There are different levels to the E collar and the levels needed depends on her environment. If she is distracted we go up 4-5 levels. Bailey followed my direction quite well and was able to Come to Sit by my left side which is how we begin her walks.


Pupdate 5/16/2022

Bailey and I focused our work today on her Heel command, as well as her Come to Sit with her Extended Sit. Heel is the action of Bailey walking by my left side, turning when I turn and sitting when I stop walking. We practiced first on the concrete which is less distracting. I made frequent turns with her, reminding her to Heel every time I was about to turn to give her a heads up. If she doesn’t turn with me I apply a leash pop in the direction I want her to go, combined with stimulation of the e collar. While we were on a walk Bailey did not go potty but when we got home I walked her to the potty area in the backyard and although it took her some time, she was able to go. I marked this with a Yes and rewarded her as soon as she went. Good job Bailey!


Pupdate 5/17/2022

Bailey and I went on a trip to Wilderness Park! We Heeled to the park and trained with loud distractions. There were gardeners mowing the lawn and using leaf-blowers right next to us. Initially Bailey was unsure of the environment, especially around the leaf blower! After working through it she began to ignore it and focus more on the training. We emphasized our work on her Come to Sits, as well as introduced her to the command Down and Extended Place. Bailey is able to hold her Extended Place and Down for a minute each consistently. We will keep proofing everything she knows around distractions.


Pupdate 5/18/2022

Bailey and I went on a field trip to Mother’s Beach today! There were multiple dogs, kids running around on the playground and crowds of people that we were able to practice around. We worked on all of the commands that Bailey has learned so far such as Come to Sit, Heel, Extended Sit, Down and Place. Bailey has become consistent with her Come to Sit, she hardly needs any guidance with leash pressure to Come and Sit by my left side. Her biggest distraction was another dog during her Come to Sit. Initially she wanted to go to the dog instead. I put the E collar up a few levels and she fought the urge to pursue the dog. We then worked on her Heel which she has become consistent with as well. I reward Bailey whenever she voluntarily offers me eye contact which encourages her to be attentive to me. There was a childrens obstacle course that I introduced Bailey to. We worked on Place on top of a wobbly board. This is great for confidence building and also teaches Bailey balance. Her Extended Sit and Down has reached 2 minutes today which is the goal that we have for her. Now we will continue to build off this with more duration, distance, and distractions. Bailey’s potty training has been improving, she now feels comfortable enough to go while we are out training.


Pupdate 5/19/2022

Bailey and I worked on proofing all of her commands at The Citadel Outlets today. We had the chance to work around other trainer’s dogs which could be a big distraction. Bailey was able to hold her Extended Down and Sit today for 2 whole minutes with distractions and distance! I was able to walk all the way to end of the 15 ft leash while she stayed in position until I released her with the cue Break. Bailey is very attentive to me during training which is exactly what I am looking for and leads me to believe she is ready to start her Off Leash work! Amazing job Bailey!


Pupdate 5/20/2022

Bailey and I ventured out to The Block of Orange today! There were plenty of distractions there like reactive dogs, crowds of people, food, noises and more. Bailey was very attentive to me while we Heeled around the outlets with the leash dragging. Her biggest distraction was a reactive dog that passed by her. I Cued Off to Bailey and she stopped paying attention to the other dog. Once we got home I let Bailey run around with my other Board and Train dog Franklin. She also had the chance to meet my personal dog Bear and practice more off leash work in the backyard. Great job Bailey!


Pupdate 5/21/2022

Bailey and I worked on her Off Leash work today in Brea. We worked with the other trainer’s dogs using them as a distraction. Bailey Heeled around the other trainers dogs and at times fell behind. I added stimulation from the E collar which helped her follow through with her Heel. She has been able to hold her Extended Sit and Down for two minutes. We will continue to build distractions for her Off Leash work.


Pupdate 5/22/2022

Bailey and I worked on proofing her Off Leash commands some more at the local park. There were a lot of distractions at the park to test Bailey around. We started by working on the least distracting area of the park. Bailey was very consistent with her commands from the start, staying by my side and checking in with me frequently. I make sure to stop walking and call Bailey’s name whenever I feel like there is a distraction that might take her attention away. Bailey responds well to her name, looking at me right away. I always reinforce her commands with a big yes and a lot of praise. She now automatically sits whenever I stop walking and automatically sits at the door before I open it. She also knows to hold all of her commands until I release her with the cue Break. Great progress Bailey!


Pupdate 5/23/2022

Bailey and I worked on proofing all of her commands today Off Leash around the other trainer’s dogs. Bailey has become consistent with all of her commands while adding distance, duration and distractions. She can hold her Extended Sit and Down for 2 minutes minimum while around distractions. I am able to walk over 15 ft away from her while she stays in position and her Come to Sit is right by my left side ready to Heel. I reward Bailey randomly when she looks at me during her Heel to build engagement. She has gotten the hang of going potty when I take her out now. The key to this is keeping her on a consistent feeding schedule and schedule of when to go out. Dogs are creatures of routine so as long as that is consistent she will be consistent!


Pupdate 5/24/2022

Bailey and I worked on her Off Leash work some more at the Beach today! She has the chance to work on Greeting Manners around new friendly people and stayed in the Down or Sit the entire time. She stays by my side during the Heel and sits automatically when I stop walking. We practiced Place on very small, tall objects today and she did well with the challenges! If she struggled to go up I would help her intially to build confidence in herself. Her potty training has been consistent as well and she hasn’t had an accident in her kennel since the second day she was with me. She is learning to hold her pee and knows I will let her out shortly after eating. She has caught on to our routine which is exactly what I am looking for!


Pupdate 5/25/2022

Bailey and I proofed all of her commands today while at The Home Depot. At first she was spooked by all of the loud noises that were near her. After some desensitization and working her near all of those fearful noises, she began to feel more confident. She successfully stayed near me the entire time and held all of her commands until I released her. Her potty training is consistent. At times it takes a little long for her to go but some playtime usually helps speed up the process of her going when I let her out.


Pupdate 5/26/2022

Bailey and I worked on everything she has learned so far at the Block of Orange. There were plenty of distractions to work her around like reactive dogs, crowds of people and people on skateboards. Bailey was not phased by any of the distractions and stayed by my side the entire time. She held all of her commands for a minimum of 2 minutes and waited for my release. There were friendly people who said hi to her so we used it as an opportunity to practice her Greeting Manners. She fought the urge to jump on them and stayed sitting. She automatically sits for the door when we are going out which shows me that she knows the door is a boundary. Great work Bailey!


Pupdate 5/27/2022

Bailey and I went on a field trip to the Santa Monica Promenade today! We had the chance to work on all of her commands and manners as well. She received a lot of attention from friendly people which was a great opportunity to work on her Greeting Manners. Bailey did well with fighting the impulse to jump on new people and sat the entire time. We have also been working on her door manners and food manners. Bailey knows to wait for my release to exit any door and to eat her food. This requires impulse control which she has learned. Her potty training has improved, she is getting quicker with peeing as soon as I let her out. I always offer her a lot of praise after she goes to encourage her to keep doing it right away.


Pupdate 5/28/2022

Today Bailey and I enjoyed our last day together and walked to the park. We practiced all of her commands with distance and distractions Off Leash. Bailey has performed all of the Extended Sit, Down and Place commands for a minimum of 2 minutes. Her Potty training has been consistent. She goes out at 7 a.m ever day then eats at about 7:15. She then usually goes potty during training around 9 a.m. She eats her last meal by 2 p.m. Feeding early is better so she doesn’t need to go at night. I remove the bowl of food 30 minutes after feeding. This teaches her to eat when fed and helps me predict by what time she will go after eating. I recommend getting a kennel that is a size big enough for Bailey but not too big. An intermediate size would be best to prevent her going potty inside the kennel. The kennel will help with the potty training. She can be sent inside the kennel after eating to prevent any accidents in the house. Dogs do not like to soil where they rest. She then can be taken out every hour or so until she goes. Once you see that she has gone she can have freedom to roam the house.

Bailey has learned rather quickly the routine of her eating and potty breaks. As long as that routine is consistent her potty training will be too. Thank you for letting me work with your furry friend!


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